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Guild Wars Community Day 2004

July 9th 2004 - Page Two of Three

Our guests joined us Friday morning at the ArenaNet offices. They were all looking forward to spending the day and evening totally immersed in Guild Wars. So we began with a tour of the offices where Guild Wars is being made, starting with our reception area, resplendent with our massive poster art from the E3 2003 trade show.

We then visited the large common area of the main suite, where the walls are filled with concept art of all kinds. Numerous artists’ views of Ascalon, Kryta, and places not yet revealed are pinned to nearly any flat surface. Next was a stop at Character Corner, another large wall covered with all sorts of creature, item and character art.

We continued our tour, taking a winding path through the circular design that makes up the ArenaNet suites. We began with a visit to the many work areas of the Animation and Art Departments, turned the corner and walked past the QA and Community offices and down a long hallway to the Programming and Design areas, the Level Design Department, and the business offices.

After visiting each of the dozen work areas and half-dozen offices and then stopping off to offer the guests their choice of a tasty beverage in the kitchen, we settled in one of the large conference rooms. The next order of business: An interview with ArenaNet Co-Founder Patrick Wyatt. The Q&A involved questions that ran the gamut, from load and mission instancing to the founders’ Blizzard past and Guild Wars future, to guild features and much more.

And with the conclusion of the meeting with Patrick Wyatt, it was time to go for our surprise lunch. Now, if you’re a first-time visitor to Seattle, what better place to enjoy a fine meal and to get a real appreciation for the Puget Sound area than to dine 500+ feet above the city at the Sky City Restaurant of the Space Needle? Ten of us ventured to Sky City, including the five guests, ArenaNet Co-Founder and Programmer Patrick Wyatt, World Designer Jess Lebow, Level Designer Tami Foote, Game Designer Curtis Johnson, and Community Relations Manager Gaile Gray.

After lunch, we visited the Observation Deck to take a few photos and get a last look at Seattle from above. We enjoyed another pleasant ride back to the office in the limo, which incidentally came complete with personal air conditioning controls and a spiffy multi-colored interior lighting track. Upon arrival we were all set to begin the afternoon’s scheduled Designer Round Table.

The Space Needle is located near the center of the city in a large campus known as Seattle Center. Seattle Center was the site of the 1962 World's Fair and in addition to the Space Needle, also houses the Pacific Science Center, KeyArena, the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, and several theatres and exhibition halls.

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