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Wintersday Sharing Event 2006

As you may be aware, there was a significant earthquake in Taiwan on December 26, 2006. Fortunately damage to the region was not substantial. However, many players in that part of the world lost their Internet service, and they therefore were unable to attend the Wintersday Finale on January 1st.

Players in other parts of the world learned of this situation and asked if they could donate to a Wintersday Gift collection begun by ArenaNet staff members. So Wintersday Gifts were collected from players in North America and Europe, and were then presented during a mini-event that took place in Kamadan and Lion's Arch on the Taiwanese Servers on January 28, 2007. ArenaNet Community Team members Gaile and Andrew met with players to distribute gifts, and then triggered a fireworks show with a present drop. And as a special surprise, the Wintersday hats appeared in the participants' inventories, too.

Players from all over Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao have sent their thanks to those who contributed to making the event special, who shared gifts, and who sent warm wishes. Here is the thank-you note from Taiwan.

Pay it Forward Event-The Feedback from players in TW/HK/Macao

Note from NCTaiwan: The players all were impressed by the event and felt grateful for your kindness. After the event, they shared the screenshots with each other. They all loved the Conga and felt happy to meet GG in the game.

The Forum:

Character Name Expression of players' appreciation
鷹尹 May Dwayna be with you! And here is your "red envelope"
*This is a Chinese convention. We give a red letter with some cash inside to bless other people.
The Spring Festival couplets:
*The Spring Festival couplets will be posted on the front door during the New Year.
In English:
Left side: all the night. keep your eyes. for the experience point.
Right side: broken the body. damaged your health. just level up.
Above the door : why not Guild Wars
Mk仔 Thank you to those who donated the gifts. I love you all!
輝夜風暴 Thanks for your concern. I feel so warm that a bedquilt is not need anymore! I couldn't participate in the event that day, but I hope I have a chance to join you one day.
Toxicshadow Tw Thanks for giving me Guild Wars. Thanks for giving me a world. Thank you for infusing your passions, support, kindnesses and dreams into the game world and bringing us so much.
艾色斯光靈 Though we are in different places around the world, your care connects tightly with our hearts in the game.
Thank you my friends. (Or should I say my in-game opponents? ^^)
島基者 Thank you so much, this winter won't be cold any more just because of you.
Hope the earthquakes like this won't happen again.
奇蹟之海 Thank you so so so much. I think there will be tears in my eyes when I use the mouse to open the prizes. Really! Thank you!
.........The love has warmed our territory. ........
魔之謙 Thanks for your gifts~! And I love you all and GW
La Hostility Thank you all. I owe you much.
Vera Firefox Thank you ArenaNet and all the GW players around the world. You have reminded us through your generous gestures that although GW may be a competitive game, we still care for and treasure each other. As small a community as we are feeling the warmth, not because of the donations, but the kind hearts behind it.
Thank you!
紫陽月讀 Thanks for your love and care. Thank you!
Limp Bizkits Every cloud has a silver lining. I thank you an awful lot.
風涯淚雪 We feel so touched that there are not many Taiwanese players playing GW, but you guys still care about us.
歐蘭 I've played many online games, but I can meet so many players who are so zealous, sweet, and care about each other only in GW world. Thank you for your kindly behaviors. This winter, because of the warmth you offered, I don't feel cold anymore. Thank you all!!
獅頭船長 Thank you for your kindly mind. My foreign friends in GW, you let the winter here became warm!!
狂龍易世 This event did prove that GW is an online game for every player around the world. I want to say thank you to the players from other countries, GG and Andrew. Hope we have chance to meet again sometime.
殘風醉 Thanks for holding this event. I think only in GW we can see such a friendly event. And thanks for 2 special guests from ArenaNet to share gifts.
Thank You Very Much
And Hope To See You Again :)
雷將 "Thank you very much! Though it's cold recently in TW, but because of you, I don't feel cold anymore.
PS:I love the Conga! XD
非我有 I deeply appreciate the gifts. I love you all!I love Guild Wars!Kisssss~
Asaki RC Thank you so much for the gifts.
PS: Finally had chance to meet GG. Conga is really good!
雨似雪 I appreciate that there were so many players around the world who shared their love and care with us. You warm my heart.
My companion in the same guild didn't have chance to collect the gifts at the original wintersday event. Instead this time he feels so happy to get 4 hats. And I got the hats again at this time, even though it made no difference to me, but I still can feel your love and passion. May everything be well with you.
無聲狂嘯 Thanks for your gifts!I've already cried several time in front of my computer!
Thanks to the players around the world, GG and GMs from NCT.
暗夜白影 Thanks for being thoughtful of players in TW/HK/Macao. I want to thank you for warming my heart. Thanks again.
千代同學 Thanks for being so unselfish.
Your gifts can bring us uncountable goodness and warmth.
黑色輓歌 Thanks to all players around the world for being thoughtful of Taiwanese players who could not enjoy the Wintersday event. I feel grateful that you collected so many wonderful gifts for us. Fortunately, I was startled by the seriously shaky screen only. :Q
暴風雨 Oh Oh it's touching >"<
You are all nice guys. Q____Q
宮燈兔 Thank you very much, I feel so touched.
God bless u
赤焰影 Thanks to you for your unselfish donations. I feel so grateful. I have nothing to give out but only my appreciation.
戴洛 Thanks to all players around the world for your considerations. I think it would happen only in the game world of GW.
In addition, I'd like to say thank you to NCT and ArenaNet to hold this event. Thank you!
大頭孟 Thanks for your considerations. Such warmth I can feel only in GW. Communicating to other players in different countries via GW is truly shown that GW is really an international online game.
綾香 This event is really so touching. When I was told about this event by NCT members, I suggested that maybe you can give away the hats as the gift. When it did happen, I felt so happy. After all the hats represented this special holiday in the game, players here definitely have to participate in such a great event.
After triggering the event in Kamadan, we felt surprised that there was still one additional event in Lion's Arch. GG and the translator both are so cute.
I have to say that the Conga is so great. And we played the small Conga by ourselves in Lion's Arch after this event.
  (≧ε≦; )*:..o○☆*
We got your considerations. Thank you!
無名 Thanks to all players around the world!!
This event let players who didn't have chance to participate before get more than one gift. Your love can fill everything satisfactorily.
無名 Thanks for your gifts!I've already cried several time in front of my computer!Thanks a lot ~!!!
無名 Thanks to all players.
Thank GW and enable me to play such excellent game.
Hope that this love is not merely in the game
Can be around all corners in the world too
sorry my English is very poor
無名 ^^ It's great to see so many players shown in the Taiwanese servers. Thank you for holding this event.