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Guild of the Week: Forgotten Goddess (FG)

Forgotten Goddess (FG) was formed during the October 2004 World Preview Event. Currently home to 35 players, this guild focuses on having fun, and unlike some guilds, FG is willing to potentially sacrifice a high ranking on the guild ladder in order to allow all of its members to experience guild-versus-guild combat.

The guild, which is based in France, is a prominent member of the French Guild Wars community. Recently, FG was instrumental in initiating and organizing a large tournament for French guilds with the help of French fansites. The tournament was a huge success, with 41 guilds participating. (The tournament results can be viewed here.

Strategy: Cooperative Play

There are two types of cooperative players in Forgotten Goddess: those who play for their own enjoyment, and those who play to unlock options for PvP characters. Few FG members are interested in locating rare loot drops or purchasing the special armor types. Instead, members often prefer to see how far they can get while their characters are under the influence of Dwarven ale.

As most members have completed all of the missions multiple times, they don't usually need to set up a plan ahead of time. Instead, they deliberately make life harder for themselves by such actions as rushing off solo and bringing back large groups of enemies.

Strategy: PvP Play

Currently, FG members prefer spending their PvP time in guild-vs-guild matches, where they do not have to worry about multiple opponents making temporary alliances. FG makes use of TeamSpeak for these matches, which are led by a designated target caller and strategist. This is often, but not always, the same person.

The guild uses the same build basics for teams of eight, with two Healing Monks and one Protection Monk. The remaining five characters are adjusted to suit the build. One of their recent builds uses physical damage enhanced by a variety of skills. In this particular build, two Warriors utilize axes and shields to deal damage with Penetrating Attack and the Strength of Honor Enchantment spell. As Warriors are not normally a priority target for guilds, these characters can make use of skills such as Frenzy to enhance their damage-over-time.

A Necromancer enhances the damage potential of the Warriors, using the skills Order of Pain and Weaken Armor. Lingering Curse is used to hamper enemy healing efforts. This character also utilizes corpse exploitation skills to deny enemies the opportunity to chain-cast Putrid Explosion to inflict large amounts of damage.

An Elementalist with Earth Magic skills is used in a defensive variant of the build, employing skills such as Ward Against Elements and Ward Against Foes. In an offensive variant, the Elementalist is swapped out for a Mesmer, for interruption and more damage.

The build also includes a Ranger, whose primary job is to run the flag and thus insure that FG maintains a morale advantage. For obvious reasons, this character usually equips two speed-enhancing skills. FG believes that by controlling the flag and the morale boost, it can gain a steadily increasing advantage as it inflicts deaths on its enemy. For this reason, FG members are willing to suffer a few deaths of their own to defend or retake the flag.

PvP Quick Tips

When participating in PvP battles, FG members offer the following tips and strategies:

  • Maintain a calm mental outlook. Do not allow fear or defeatism to influence your decision making. A solution is more likely to be found with a positive outlook.
  • Keep an eye on which skills your target is using at all times. Be ready to use an interrupt skill immediately. If using Blackout, use it immediately before switching targets; your own skills will recharge while you are moving.
  • Do not argue or discuss strategy during a match. Even if the strategist's decision is wrong, it is better for the team to continue to move as a team rather than to split up. Take the time to discuss strategy after the fight.
  • Player morale is just as important as character morale. Find ways to keep your team members thinking positively.
  • Be prepared to use the NPC rush that takes place at the 45-minute mark. This is where NPCs rush the center of the map and use the "Victory or Death!" spell in order to annihilate one another. Play well at this time and you can potentially turn a loss into a victory.
  • Avoid worrying too much about your Priest where applicable. Concentrate instead on taking out your opponents efficiently to eliminate the need for resurrection.

Member Profiles

Meet some of the members of Forgotten Goddess.

Handle: Sendaï
Location: Versailles, France
Gaming Background: RPG
Preferred Character: I can play a Monk or a Ranger, but I definitely have more fun with an interruption Mesmer.

Handle: Prism
Location: Belgium
Gaming Background: RPG and FPS
Preferred Character: A Ranger or a Mesmer, but I can play all kinds of characters if needed for PvP.

Handle: Le Jugement Dernier
Location: Belgium
Gaming Background: RPG, FPS and MMORPG
Preferred Character: Ranger or Elementalist.

Handle: Trichelieu Leclerc
Location: France
Gaming Background: RPG and FPS
Preferred Character: A Monk/Necromancer.

Handle: Faith Bone
Location: France
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Monk (Healing and Protector), most of the time.

Handle: Arcoss Angel
Location: France
Gaming Background: FPS and MMORPG
Preferred Character: A Healing Monk.

Handle: PeF
Location: France
Gaming Background: FPS, RPG
Preferred Character: I mainly play a Healing Monk, although sometimes I'll play a Protection Monk or an Elementalist with wards.

Handle: Ouikka La Chnikov
Location: France
Gaming Background: RTS, FPS and MMORPG
Preferred Character: I mainly prefer a "brutal" damage dealer, especially Warriors. I can't stand skills that need more than ten seconds to reload.

Handle: Francoise Ladouce
Location: Paris, France
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Mesmer/Warrior (Interruption).

Handle: Ta Maman Qui T Aime
Location: France
Gaming Background: RPG and RTS
Preferred Character: I can't play Warriors; must be my noob side.