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Guild of the Week: Sg Knights (SKs)

Formed concurrently with the official release of Guild Wars, Sg Knights (SKs) is relatively young compared to the more established guilds in the gaming world. However, what they lack in age, they more than make up for with their passion. The "Sg" in the name Sg Knights is short for Singapore, and it reveals the main prerequisite for joining the guild: being from Singapore.

SKs members hold true to a core philosophy that players should enjoy all aspects of the game, without exception. To do this, they regularly test new and unconventional builds and experiment with clever tactics and target calling. They also avoid conforming to "Flavor of the Month" builds, which typically hinge on a single gimmick because they feel that these type of builds compromise teamwork and originality. SKs focuses largely on team camaraderie. The guild members know teamwork is crucial to succeeding, especially in competitive PvP. SKs members believe in adapting to new situations and learning from failures. Following both hard-fought wins and painful losses, the team takes a break to discuss the battle, determining what went wrong and what can be improved upon. By continually changing and updating their strategies, the team avoids stagnation and stays on top of things.

Sg Knights has come a long way since its humble origins as a newbie guild. Now with 100 members, SKs prides itself on being the largest guild in Singapore. Its members endeavor to be good sportsmen at all times; they never taunt or grief anyone, and they help new players to the best of their ability. In this way, SKs hopes to impress not only on the battlefield, but off of it as well.

At present, Sg Knights is predominantly a competitive PvP guild. Every day, they compete in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings and in guild battles. It is not unusual to encounter two or even three teams from SKs in a single night. That does not mean, however, that they neglect the cooperative aspect of the game. When needed, the members organize groups to assist guildmates in cooperative play, and at the same time, they try to introduce new players to the use of tactics and voice chat, which can then be carried over to PvP.

Members in the guild have become fast friends over the past five months, facilitated in large part by the fact that SKs is a local guild. Their close proximity to one another allows for guild gatherings and dinners, which has helped bond members together, putting faces to the voices heard nightly over the voice chat server. Guild Wars is the first game the SKs members have played together, but it will definitely not be the last. Not just a PvP team, but a closely knit group of friends, Sg Knights hopes to be together for a long time to come.

PvP Strategy

Pre-Fight Planning
Before jumping into PvP play, SKs members spend some time forming their party and deciding on their build. It isn't unusual for this to take them over an hour, because the process includes gathering enough people for a solid team as well as deciding upon individual roles. It's important that each individual build is discussed in detail so all members understand the roles they are to play. While the time spent on this might seem excessive, SKs members believe that sufficient preparation is a must when competing seriously.

Target Calling
SKs members feel that target calling is absolutely crucial, as is having a good caller. A good caller ensures the best possible co-ordination of skill usage and team movement. If you don't have one, you have to train one! Selecting targets and deciding when a judicious retreat is in order are two tasks the team assigns to the caller. This player will be the one drawing on the map, directing the movement of individual players in special situations like feints and flag capturing, as well as doing the countdown for attacks. The other players simply have to trust the caller to lead them.

Originally, SKs thought a build was the key to success in GvG. The members believed that a good and solid build was bound to flatten all opposition. They found this proven wrong, however, when they squared up against one of the top Korean teams. Although individually the other team's skill was not as great as many guilds that SKs had faced, these opponents made up for it with their tactics.

After losing to the Korean guild a couple of times, SKs incorporated some of the tactics that they have observed into their own builds. They devised a build made up of two self-contained teams, meaning each team is able to do damage, heal, and retreat when required. However, the build is flexible enough that the players can still choose to fight together as an eight-player team—and they can do so efficiently if there is a need to do so.

The build uses two self-contained teams to constantly run around the map, playing hit-and-run tactics, and potentially trying to assault the Guild Lord. Because enemy teams often move in a group of eight, they may find it very difficult to counter and react to two teams attacking from different sides. The two self-contained teams work well if facing a spike team of either Rangers or Elementalists. This is because spikers cannot be separated, since their firepower would not be able to take down their opponent if they were to split up.

Tips for PvP

  • The target call should count down for the team's spikers to time their spike damage.
  • Use Ctrl-Shift-Space to call your target. It pings a target without attacking, and therefore does not alert the other team to your target.
  • Try using a "hit around" strategy: Warriors attack random targets to build adrenaline, while casters use their wand attacks while waiting for a target to be called.
  • Movement is important. Good Monks know who is being targeted when they see enemy Warriors charging toward them. Ensuring that movements appear random just before focusing fire will facilitate the best possible spike. Healers have to learn to keep moving while staying in range so as to reduce the amount of damage received.
  • Know when to go all-out, and when to retreat. Even when it seems all hope is lost, with the use of good tactics you might be able to turn the tide of battle.
  • Make full use of the map's terrain, especially if you are a healer or other "soft" target. Hide behind buildings, rocks, trees, walls, cliffs...basically, use anything that blocks attacks.

Member Profiles:

Get to know some of the members of Sg Knights.

Handle: Hippo
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: MMORPGs with PvP
Preferred Character: I enjoy playing Warriors, Mesmers, Elementalists, and Rangers. For Tombs, I usually play a Warrior and act as a team caller, while at other times I experiment. In guild battles, I usually play an Elementalist for spike damage.
Why he formed SKs: Seeing the increasing number of Singaporeans, I decided to form a community for local players.

Handle: Bren
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: RPGs and RTS
Preferred Character: In GvG, I normally play the Warrior caller, which is very good as calling helps keep me awake when we are playing till 3 am! In Tombs, I normally play an Elementalist or Necromancer.
Reason for Joining: I thought it was cool to have locals playing together, as we all speak the same lingo. Most of us are online at the same time, so finding "guildies" to PvP with is not a problem.

Handle: Coeyan
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: RPGs, RTS, and FPS
Preferred Character: Usually a Warrior or a Monk, but I would like to try being a Mesmer or a spiker.
Reason for Joining: To be in a local guild, as it is enjoyable talking and interacting with guildmates who speak the same language.

Handle: Dae
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: The character I enjoy playing the most is the Mesmer. However, I usually play the protection Monk when we are doing guild battles. Generally, I like roles in which I have freedom to excel.

Handle: kc
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: PvP, FPS, and MMORPGs
Preferred Character: Ranger flag-runner or Trapper, an Elementalist spiker, or a Healing Monk.
Reason for Joining: I had my mind set on joining a local guild. Many of the larger guilds were impossible to contact, so I decided to join up with Hippo. We've come a long way from our Pre-Searing recruitment days, so I guess I made the right choice back then, and I'm glad I did.

Handle: Astreon
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: MMORPGs, RPGs, and RTS
Preferred Character: I play everything and enjoy experimenting with different character builds. For GvG, I usually play a Monk.

Handle: Elle
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Any class, but I've mostly been playing an Elementalist spiker. I've also dabbled in being a Monk and a flag-runner.
Reason for Joining: I figured if I was going to play an online game, I should play it with a bunch of people instead of going solo. SKs, being a Singaporean guild, makes it a lot easier for us to relate to each other, since we all share similar experiences. It helps that everyone's so nice!

Handle: Rabbit
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: PvP, RPGs, and MMORPGs
Preferred Character: I prefer Monks, Rangers, and Elementalists.

Handle: Ah Lim
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: PvE, PvP, RPGs, and MMORPGs
Preferred Character: I prefer to play a Healing Monk, as it matches my real-life profession. I am able to heal and stay alive in intensive battles. However, I believe that Monks are not defenseless, so usually my Monk/Elementalist carries Aftershock to bite back at annoying Warriors.
Reason for Joining: I'm from Singapore, so naturally I joined a Singaporean guild. But what really convinced me to join was the focus on friendship and team rapport, unlike other PvP teams, which chose to be more focused on just winning the game.

Handle: Lupin
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: PvP, RTS, FPS, and RPGs
Preferred Character: I'm normally on healing duty, but I enjoy the challenge of playing a denial or interrupt Mesmer. I also fill in gaps when needed, like as an Air spiker or corpse control.
Reason for Joining: It's a local guild that does competitive PvP; that's all I need.

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