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Guild of the Week: Dark Angels of Rising Chaos (DaRc)

An evolution of the guild TAPs (Together Anythings Possible), Dark Angels of Rising Chaos was founded by long-time Guild Wars player, Nina Knyghtly. DaRc is a diverse gaming community unto itself, whose members include parents and their children, grandparents, college students, and others from across the world. The guild's impressive roster accounts for over one hundred members, with eight officers and ninety-one members in the main guild. DaRc helps foster a strong sense of community by maintaining guild forums, where members are all on a first-name basis with each other.

DaRc caters to players who enjoy either the cooperative or competitive aspects of Guild Wars. Its members are always on hand to assist others with missions or quests, or to help them build up their characters for competition. A member of the ULGG (United Legit Gaming Guilds), DaRc has several allied guilds with which it practices in order to help its members improve at guild-versus-guild battles.

DaRc Guild Lore

A guild with a rich history, DaRc has shared with us a chapter of its guild's lore, as written by Xavior Constantine.

Xavior ran as fast as he could through the burning corridors, his tattered black cloak flowing behind him. He managed to reach the door and swing it open, then he quickly took his place and closed his eyes.

The spirit sensed one more, then it cackled to itself and surged forward.

The energy came in waves, its overwhelming power threatened to push him backwards, but Xavior had his feet firmly anchored to the ground, his eyes welded shut. The echoing of ancient voices flowed through his mind. Xavior focused his attention towards the figure materialising in the distance. He could no longer hear the screams of his fellow officers. The figure materialised into a towering silver figure, a smooth long scar covered his cheek. His muscular features bore ancient wrinkles like deep trenches, yet he maintained a young powerful appearance, both his hands wrapped around a mammoth silvery sword sheathed in a gleaming sheath.

His almighty voice echoed, "Password?" his cold voice shook Xavior with another cold wave of energy.

Xavior opened his mouth, about to break the oath he had taken so long ago. He set off towards the room he had been instructed to go to. The day's events played over and over in his mind.

I am an officer of TAPs now!

It was less than ten minutes ago that he had sworn his officer's oath in front of the guild. He felt his hand wrap around the key to his new chamber located in the officer's wing of the guild hall. He moved his hand around his pocket and brushed his fingers across a small piece of parchment. He retrieved it from his pocket and unrolled it. He frowned and eyed the parchment he had been handed roughly by Calms, then he read it again. Scrawled on it were the directions to a room he knew well in the guild, it was well known for its secrecy.

He passed through the reception hall, a scaffold stood in front of the marble roster that proudly stood at the entrance. He reached the door and knocked twice. He heard a bolt unlock. Faith had opened the door, his eyes bore into Xavior for a few seconds. Satisfied with his identity, he stepped aside and let Xavior in. Faith bolted the door back and took his place in the semi-circle of officers. The small square room was dimly lit; it looked out of place in the guild hall. The marble floors and walls were replaced by damp stones, it resembled a dungeon.

Nina stepped forward, her bright mood was dulled. She gave Xavior a serious stare and shoved a golden parchment in his left hand, and Calms forcefully raised his right.

"You will not tell or repeat anything said or done in this meeting today."

It wasn't a request, but an order.

"That Parchment holds a very powerful password, but before you open it" Nina produced a scroll and unrolled it.

"Now repeat after me..."

"Orion Knyghtly... "

Xavior felt the words painfully roll off from the tip of his tongue.

The guardian nodded.

Everything began to swirl and Xavior found himself on his knees, twitching violently. The familiar small stone room came into focus, the smell of burning wood and soot drifted through the open door. He saw the officers and Nina on their knees shaking. They weakly stood up. Xavior knew all too well what was behind that oak door. They would change the lives of everyone in his guild today and retrieve the artifact the guild had been built to protect. The seven seals had been broken. Xavior wished he was back at the Gates of the guild hall fighting with his brethren which was ultimately their last stand. Nina pushed the door open and stepped inside, the officers followed closely behind. They walked into a lavish room, the marble stones were polished, a domed glass roof supported by large marble pillars and carved upon them the powerful guardian. The Domed roof let in smooth rays of sunlight that gracefully angled towards the pedestal.

On the pedestal stood a blood red stone, it throbbed quickly, like a heart. It was wrapped in flowing golden runes. Xavior was staring at Tyria's last and most powerful artifact, the Angel Heart, the centre of the TAPs Guild and the reason it had been created. Its magical powers tied every single member of the TAPs guild to it. He moved in closer and eyed the runes. He could see the words "Stoner W T F" wrap themselves around the words, "Nomak Everson," and then separate to swim back to the centre of the stone. Nina and her officers encircled the pedestal. They took in a collective breath; Xavior slowly peeled away the gloves on his hands.

"On Three," Nina said, her voice wavering.

Xavior closed his eyes...


Xavior unfastened his TAPs guild cape.


He extended his hand.


Xavior touched the stone, it was surprisingly warm. Suddenly he felt a torrent of energy rush through his arm, binding him to the stone. The pain was excruciating, and he tried to wrench his arm away, but it was stuck. His screams echoed loudly through the long hall as well as the screams of his guild mates. Memories flashed behind his eyelids, he felt them being painfully ripped from his mind.

His second birthday...

His first sword battle...

His first kiss...

The murder of his parents...

His recruitment into TAPs...

He felt the remains of his humanity crawl into the deepest recesses of his mind, only to be dragged back and forcefully banished from his body. The pain increased as he realised his body structure was changing, his muscles were swelling, his hair growing, his eyes changing colour. The agony reached its zenith as he felt the jagged bones rip their way through the flesh on his back as long thin feathers began to blossom from the bones. And as rapidly as it had come, it instantly ceased.

Xavior rose up into the air, gliding. He extended both arms in front of him; he examined his well-built arms in grim satisfaction. He felt no emotions but vengeance and hate. He turned to see the rest of his companions who had undergone similar transformations.

They had all become Dark Angels.

Nina picked up the stone and set it back on the pedestal.

Their feet scorched the ground with every footstep, the flames of the burning guild hall wrapped themselves around the angels as they passed. Their angelic weapons sheathed mercifully. The sky darkened at their presence as they glided through the double guild hall doors.

They stood to face their frightened foes.

It was the dawn of a new age of chaos.

Member Profiles

Get to know some of the members of Dark Angels of Rising Chaos.

Handle: Xavior Constantine
Location: Egypt
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Ranger/Elementalist Flag-runner/Trapper is my favourite position. My strategy is to take the pole as quick as I can, then run back and get the flag once more (in the event it is recaptured) and use all the traps available to defend the flag, as well as offer a secure area for casters and healers to retreat to.

Handle: Ajax Warhammer
Location: Ohio, US
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS, CCGs
Preferred Character: Elementalist/Mesmer.I specialize in bringing appropriate damage to cooperative missions, but I enjoy being able to bring any kind of Elementalist build to the table.

Handle: Ramah Horumtep
Location: Canada
Gaming Background: FPS, RPGs
Preferred Character: A Warrior/Ranger who strives to make your GvG experience remind you of the bully in grade school. You know, the one who always beat up the littlest kid first and stole his faction.

Handle: Azheri Feldspar
Location: Michigan, US
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Ranger—literally a jack-of-all trades, here. I run spike builds, I trap, I disrupt, and I even run. Basically, whatever is needed at that moment, I do.

Handle: Xeres
Location: Norway
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Elementalist (Air or Fire) is my main character. I also enjoy playing Ranger, Warrior, and Healing Monk. I'm looking forward to becoming proficient in Protection Monks, as well

Handle: Grayden Tarn
Location: Wales, UK
Gaming Background: FPS
Preferred Character: Sword Warrior. I primarily play the cooperative aspects of the game as a Warrior. I use a sword and shield and like to be at the very front of any battle. Skills most frequently used in cooperative play include Gladiator's Defence (I love this skill), Rebirth (essential to any good PvE team), Healing Signet (speaks for itself), Symbol of Wrath (if surrounded ), Galrath's Slash, Savage Slash, Pure Strike, and Final Thrust

Handle: Poke Soul Stealer
Location: Indiana, US
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: I like to play every character class. GW is the greatest game I have played, simply because every class is equal and can be played no matter where you are. If I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be my Power Block Mesmer. There is nothing like shutting a Monk's entire Skill Bar down.

Handle: Yoon
Location: California
Gaming Background: Mostly PvE
Preferred Character: I generally play Warrior as my main character, but I've been putting in some healing duties lately with my Monk. I like playing support characters and don't really have any special combos other than the standard fare.

Handle: Ermac The Dark One
Location: Finland
Gaming Background: FPS, RTS, MMPORG's, and RPG's
Preferred Character: Most of the time I can be found playing my Necromancer, trying out new builds, farming, and helping people do missions, quests, and so on. I'm more of a PvE person, but the guild pull's me into PvP every now and then.

Handle: Drake Vashante
Location: United States.
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: I enjoy playing Mesmers the most, as I think they are the most versatile class. Their value in PvP is unmatched in my opinion, and it's just incredibly fun to literally dominate opposition and do so in styling suits.

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