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Crossing Tyria Guild (CT)

Founded by forum-goers of Crossing Tyria—a Guild Wars fansite—the Crossing Tyria Guild is a community-oriented group in the truest sense. The guild is home to members who assist the fansite in varying capacities such as moderators and contributors, as well as those who have become friends through the forums. The guild may also serve as an asylum of sorts, providing a home for those deemed "too insane" to be safely harbored by other guilds.

Indeed, this insanity becomes apparent after spending time entrenched in the guild's culture. In the span of just an evening, the guild provided a new entry to the catalogue of famous last words—"Let's all go sit in the lava!" It was an idea that, when proposed, most members readily agreed would be a lark. In retrospect, this was probably not the best of ideas, but it serves as an example of the spontaneity among the members. There are times when almost anything can be an entertaining pastime for members of this guild—not for the actions they take, but for the company they keep.

Amid the absurdity, reference jokes, and impromptu clothing-optional dancing (their characters, of course), one can readily see the bonds of a tight-knit group of friends. In their own words, they are a group that has "found a place amongst the chaos and static and bonded like a family to form something different from that offered by most other guilds."

Within Guild Wars, the Crossing Tyria Guild remains active in all aspects of gameplay—cooperative and competitive. Since the inception of the guild, CT has aimed to better the gameplay experience for its members through their daily workings as a guild. Most members remain in contact with each other through one form or another (in-game or outside of it) and as such, there's almost always someone on hand to help out with missions or quests when needed. Currently, most of the guild prefers to focus on the cooperative side of the game, be that assisting each other in leveling new characters, acquiring new skills, or finding new places that prompt additional famous last words. Their ability to handle the trials that the cooperative aspects of the game present remains a point of pride for the guild.

The Crossing Tyria Guild, as a whole, is relatively new to the competitive aspects of Guild Wars. However, this serves as another example of how "a guild that helps its members helps themselves"—those in CT who are active in playing competitively endeavor to teach those members who are less familiar with that aspect of the game. Through the efforts of these members, the guild is able to gain not only greater experience on the field of battle, but strengthen their communication overall as well. They continue to train, until the day that they—as they describe it—emerge like a stampeding Shiverpeak yak onto the PvP circuit. Potential rivals would do well to heed this warning, as stampeding yaks are often among the least pleasant type of yaks.

CT continues to grow at an impressive pace, and players looking to involve themselves in a community where sanity is optional might consider the Crossing Tyria Guild as their home away from home.

Member Profiles
Get to know some of the members of the Crossing Tyria Guild.

Handle: Valin
Location: Canada
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: I usually play my Necromancer/Monk (specialized in Curses) in a support role. For PvP, I'm always making a new character, and I tend to build whatever I feel like playing at that time.

Handle: Reine the Vivacious, Reine De Vampiric
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Gaming Background: Guild Wars is my first RPG MMO. I play mainly PvE.
Preferred Character: I have seven characters, so I can be versatile depending on what profession or build is required for the team. My favorite character would be my Elementalist, specializing in her nuker abilities, proving that AoEs are not a thing of the past.

Handle: Theode Ilkone
Location: Michigan, USA
Gaming Background: PvE and RPGs mostly, but I do dabble in PvP and numerous other types of games. I like to keep my horizons broad, as there are good games in every genre (Guild Wars is just the best of them).
Preferred Character: My primary character is a Mesmer/Ranger. He's mostly a mix of Domination and Inspiration. Basically, I use him as a universal counter to any class, be it physical or a caster type. The Inspiration aspect helps keep my Energy levels up so that I don't run out of Energy when I need a spell desperately.

Handle: Jendayi Ne Marjani
Location: Florida, USA
Gaming Background: I have been a "gamer girl" since I was a kid. I started with console gaming in the early 80s and eventually moved on to computer gaming in the late 80s. I have been hooked on RPGs ever since. Occasionally I play an adventure or mystery game, but I always come back to RPGs. Guild Wars is my first online gaming experience, and I am completely hooked!
Preferred Character: My Necromancer and Mesmer are fun, but I'm most passionate about my Ranger. Jendayi started as a Ranger/Elementalist using fire skills, specifically Conjure Flame with a fiery bow. Since she has begun trapping in the UW, she has been switched to Ranger/Monk, a combination that works nicely throughout the entire game. I think the reason I enjoy this character so much is that she is so versatile.

Handle: Dark Catalyst
Location: USA
Gaming Background: Usually PvP, but sometimes PvE.
Preferred Character: When I'm not playing my PvP trapper, I like to play a Blood/Air spike Necromancer, or I will play my healing/bonding Monk.

Handle: Skar Rynn The Drunk
Location: New York, USA
Gaming Background: Extensive PvP and PvE.
Preferred Character: My preferred cooperative character is my Warrior/everything, for PvP it's my trapper/spiker Ranger. In PvP, I can run any build (except Monk) depending on the situation and the need. I am willing to try anything at least once when it comes to PvP, and I highly dislike repetition. When it comes to GvG, constant change is my way of strategizing and sniffing out the weakest targets.

Handle: Crazyman Withabow
Location: Texas, USA
Gaming Background: Being an older gamer I have been playing since the early days. I have played several arcade games, FPSs, and RPGs. I love the cooperative gameplay in Guild Wars; it is just amazing what the designers have done with the skills.
Preferred Character: While I do have one of each primary character, I must say I really enjoy my interrupt Ranger - he is very adaptable, and I can change up for any area/quests that our party goes into. I also enjoy changing to a Mesmer secondary and using Poison Arrow combined with "plague condition" to share the conditions with other enemies and then prevent them from being able to heal

Handle: Mr Minyhweats
Location: California, USA
Gaming Background: RPG, FPS, and RTS
Preferred Character: Monk/Mesmer. I love being a Monk; it's a lot of fun to have people depend on you. I only play three skills: Orison of Healing, Heal Party, and Heal Other. It might sound simple, but this way you can drink beer and play a Monk without letting people die.

Handle: Zangon
Location: Connecticut, USA
Gaming Background: While I am an avid console fan, I now find myself moving into the PC realm of RPGs and FPSs. In Guild Wars, I focus mostly on the cooperative gameplay.
Preferred Character: This is a hard question. I love all of my characters, but if I had to choose I would pick Zangon. Being my first character, I can't deny him the glory. He is very diverse, which is why I like him. For casual cooperative play, I love his Beast Master build, because it is very unique and always surprises people with my UBER pet!

Handle: Legolas The Archor
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Gaming Background: I'm mostly a PvE player, but am interested in playing GvG
Preferred Character: Yo Sano, my Monk/Mesmer who I mainly use in the Underworld, Thunderhead Keep, as well as all other quests and missions. My focus is on healing.


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