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Guilde des Pipo [PiPo]

The Guild of the Pipo was named for a god the young DecapFour had seen in visions at the Temple of the Ages. The first of these visions occurred during the season of the Scion in 1072 AE (July 2005 by the Gregorian calendar). God Pipo bestowed upon DecapFour his seven commandments and made him his prophet in Tyria. These commandments became the milestone of the newborn guild, which would gather all of Pipo DecapFour's disciples. They roamed the world of Tyria speaking forth the words and commands of God Pipo to whoever might hear them, and eventually linked their destiny to the MMORPGS community, one of the three Official French Guild Wars communities. There they found a haven where they could express themselves aside other valorous and reputed guilds.

There are currently thirty-five active members within the Guilde des Pipo, of which a dozen form the first team, which defends the guild heraldry in guild battles. Additionally, it is not uncommon to meet PiPo teams in the arenas or Heroes' Ascent, where they train and demonstrate their team spirit. All members of the guild are ready to fight the enemies of Tyria at a moment's notice, giving their life for the cause that they have chosen to defend. God Pipo's disciples are also excellent penny whistle players and often perform in the cities, where they share timeless moments with other heroes who stop by for a respite from the violence and hatred to which they are all too accustomed.

The Guild des Pipo regards itself as a family with strong ties between its members, most of whom would likely never have had the chance to meet one another, let alone grow to be friends, due to differences in age, lifestyle, and location. Despite their diversity, these members came together under God Pipo's commandments, which are as follows: "God Pipo's words you will speak forth," "In your guild with honor, pride, and fidelity you will trust," "Just and right causes you will defend," "In your ability to succeed, you will believe," "The weak, the widow, and the orphan you will care for," "Your adversary as much as your partner, in any occasion you will respect," "With the initiate or the dumbbell, tolerant you will be." All of these commands rang true to God Pipo's disciples and led to the creation of the guild, which continues to thrive as the seasons pass. Once one is a "Pipo," it is forever.

The guild's coat of arms is a bear paw, in reference to a disciple of the first hour whose resemblance with this imposing and vigorous animal is striking. It is present on the guild cape in silver on a pink background. Pink because God Pipo's disciples never take themselves seriously, which stands as a mark of difference between them and a world full of stuffiness and hubris. The guild's members carry their colors with pride over Tyria, where they are considered appealing and jovial folk. A Warrior with a pink cape is very likely to be noticed—it's impossible to remain indifferent about it—and it is often the reason people first become interested in God Pipo's disciples.

Looking to the future, God Pipo's disciples are determined to carry on their adventures into Cantha, as their swords, staves, and bows are more needed there than in Tyria now that their tasks within the northern kingdoms have been fulfilled. Long ago, God Pipo vows was worshiped by one of the great Kurzick Houses—House Lutgardis—whose citizens loved to spend hours listening to his penny whistle. It is for this reason that God Pipo's disciples pledge allegiance to the Kurzick faction without hesitation.

PvP Game Discussion: The NaOH Build

This team build was originally conceived by Pipo's guild leader, Pipo Decapfour, during chemistry class. With a focus on Health degeneration and spike phases, the NaOh build has close ties with chemicals, and caustic soda in particular. Soda causes gradual and severe chemical burns that are slow to heal, not just as degeneration Hexes, but also immolations. That's also the reason why the team build was named after the chemical formula of sodium hydroxide: NaOH.

This build principle is quite simple. Each character spreads around degeneration on enemies, while the domination Mesmer puts pressure on the opposing Monks by draining their Energy. Every twenty seconds, the leader calls a spike on a pre-defined target. The spike is exclusively made of area damage (Feast of Corruption (x2), Rodgort's Invocation, Energy Surge), on top of which an Immolation and/or a disenchantment can be added. The more enemies there are in the target zone, the better. The damage incurred by the first spike is often enough to kill a target that is already suffering from Health degeneration. When selecting a target, they choose an enemy whose Health bar is around 80%. A target with less Health is more likely to catch the attention of the enemy Monks, who could even protect the target during the spike countdown. That's why the target must be selected with care and discretion.

When used with split-team strategies, this build presents some weaknesses that are, nonetheless, not overly restrictive when one is aware of them.

The attacking group includes the two Necromancers for damage, and the illusion Mesmer, who carries a Hex spell to slow down enemies, such as the flag runner. The Life Transfer Monk acts as their life insurance.

For defense, the second Monk can use Guardian and Protective Spirit to counter the heavy opposing attacks, while the Elementalist/Monk acts as support using Heal Other and Heal Party. The domination Mesmer tries to prevent enemy Monks from healing so that the defense team can get rid of the invaders more quickly. A common Ranger/Mesmer is used as the flag runner, but this character can be substituted for a Mesmer/Monk carrying some Hex spells to support the team in Health degeneration.

The benefit of this build is that it catches the current popular builds on the wrong foot, as they are often prepared to face Warriors with anti-Warrior Hexes (Distortion, Blinding Flash, Blurred Vision, and so on.), which are useless against a build such as this. Furthermore, the area spike often results in a panic among the enemy Monks, who do not know who to heal first when more than two targets are impacted. In the same way, the standard "Boon Prot" build that uses Guardian and Mend Ailment will find its healing potential significantly reduced, as its members face neither physical damage nor Conditions (excepting the Immolation). Imagine an opposing party with two "Boon Prot" Monks: their defense would be insufficient, and the enemies would die from degeneration even when they were not the focus of a spike. Tactically, it is easier to kill Warriors, as they are often grouped together and out of their Monks' healing range. This makes them prime targets, as the more Death Penalty they accrue, the less pressure they can put on the team's defense.

Necromancer/Mesmer: Feast of Corruption, Desecrate Enchantments, Suffering, Faintheartedness, Parasitic Bond, Malaise, Inspired Hex, Resurrection Signet

Necromancer/Mesmer: Feast of Corruption, Life Siphon, Parasitic Bond, Blood Ritual, Drain Enchantment, Inspired Hex, Distortion, Resurrection Signet

Mesmer/Monk: Crippling Anguish, Conjure Phantasm, Clumsiness, Phantom Pain, Cry of Frustration, Power Drain, Distortion, Resurrect

Monk/Mesmer: Infuse Health, Reversal of Fortune, Mend Ailment, Shielding Hands, Inspired Hex, Energy Drain, Contemplation of Purity

Elementalist/Monk: Immolate, Rodgort's Invocation, Fireball, Incendiary Bonds, Ether Prodigy, Heal Party, Heal Other, Resurrection Signet

Mesmer/Monk: Energy Surge, Energy Burn, Signet of Weariness, Diversion, Shame, Distortion, Drain Enchantment, Resurrection

Monk/Mesmer: Protective Spirit, Reversal of Fortune, Mend Ailment, Guardian, Inspired Hex, Energy Drain, Contemplation of Purity

Member Information
Get to know some of the members of PiPo.

Handle: Pipo Decapfour
Location: Quebec, Canada
Position: Leader
Gaming Background: RTS, GW
Preferred Character: I enjoy playing the offensive casters, with a clear preference for Mesmers and Necromancers, who can cause a lot of damage but also disorient their opponents and interrupt their attacks.

Handle: Little Pipo Fr
Location: Paris, France
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: RTS, RPG
Preferred Character: The Air Elementalist. It's perfect for me: easy to play, with big damage.

Handle: Melendil Valoras
Location: Paris, France
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: RPG
Preferred Character: Monk—there is no salvation without him. It is the only essential profession in the game, which satisfies my inordinate ego. Furthermore, driving Mesmers crazy is a definite pleasure.

Handle: Nedra Cegarion
Location: Alsace, France
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: FPS, RPG
Preferred Character: Mesmer. There are a thousand ways to play this profession, but there is always one single goal in mind: to prevent the enemy from acting the way they would like to.

Handle: Makoto Qtehju
Location: Belgium
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: RPG
Preferred Character: Elementalist. From afar, well hidden, I send my enemies to burn in hell!

Handle: Arkon Dwayna
Location: Lille, France
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: RPG
Preferred Character: Mesmer—the only profession I can play in PvP!

Handle: Minerva Trollkvinna
Location: Lyon, France
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: Simulation/Management, RTS
Preferred Character: Mesmer for the elegance and the subtlety of the profession, which suits my nature and my play style so well.

Handle: Wa Gon Li
Location: Paris, France
Position: Member
Gaming Background: FPS, RTS
Preferred Character: Monk, because I'm worth it.

Handle: Blood Spirits
Location: Toulon, France
Position: Member
Gaming Background: FPS, RPG
Preferred Character: Ranger, for its versatility.

Handle: Kiluka Le Maudit
Location: Fribourg, Switzerland
Position: Member
Gaming Background: FPS, RTS
Preferred Character: Monk, as I'm able to choose who to save, when an ally is worth it, or rather because I failed to intervene on time.

Handle: Valantin Ae
Location: Paris, France
Position: Member
Gaming Background: FPS, RTS
Preferred Character: Ranger, because of their connection to nature and their loner attitude!

Handle: Leorio Chritopher
Location: Belgium
Position: Member
Gaming Background: RPG
Preferred Character: Mesmer, the pajamas are not very stylish to my mind, but I enjoy annoying my opponents.

Handle: Aerin Dorlormin
Location: Liege, Belgium
Position: Member
Gaming Background: Simulation/Management, RPG
Preferred Character: Ranger—my first PvE character.


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