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Guild of the Week
The Republic Edge [TRE]

TRE was founded May 17, 2005 with the goal of being an active Singapore-based community. The founders determined to focus on fun and friendship rather than playing Guild Wars competitively.

TRE accepts active players that share the guild's vision, culture, and ability to play within its active gaming sessions. TRE's other unique attribute is its diverse membership—the guild encompasses players from ages 15 to 40, with professions ranging from students to doctors.

The Gamer Edge Web community is TRE's online home, hosting an active and thriving forum that serves as a meeting place for members to discuss guild-related matters, as well as non-Guild Wars topics. This helps foster bonds between players that go beyond Guild Wars and strengthens the guild's sense of community.

Thanks to the release of Guild Wars Factions in April, TRE has grown in recent months to an active and established guild. Because of the trend toward competitive play within the main guild, a sister guild was formed. Gamer Edge TRE upholds the original guild charter: to maximize fun while playing Guild Wars and to create a melting pot of PvP and RP players who respect and support one another.

In hopes of uniting the local and regional Guild Wars community, TRE initiated an alliance on May 1, 2006 (as TRE neared its first anniversary.) The alliance is comprised of seven Singapore-based guilds (The Republic Edge [TRE], Court of the Crimson Blood [CCB], Exiled and Forsaken [EnF], Gamer Edge [TRE], Ophiuchus The Serpent Bearer [OSB], Spectra SG [SpCa], and The Asian Network [AzN]). Two Malaysia-based guilds (Celestial Order [CO] and Winter Night [WN]) and one Brunei-based guild (Royal Guild of Brunei [RGB]) are also members of the alliance. By making use of the new alliance functions within the game, members are able to communicate through Alliance Chat and visit allied guild halls. The alliance functions have the added value of fostering cooperation and fun among all members in TRE's alliance.

When focusing on the roleplaying content and missions, TRE members often organize expeditions into high-end areas like Tombs, Fissure of Woe, Sorrow's Furnace, and The Deep. Experienced players share their in-depth knowledge of resources, skills, and combat techniques with newer members of the guild. Before embarking on a mission, a TRE member announces his intentions in Guild or Alliance Chat. The purpose of the announcement is most often to find out if any players need to complete a particular mission, and if any experienced players are willing to assist. This increases the chance of a successful run for all guild members involved.

Besides PvP and RP activities, TRE has organized its own in-game events such as "The TRE Guild Wars Amazing Race" and "Hide and Seek". In "Guild Wars Amazing Race", members paired up and ran from town to town, with a referee following the group. Each pair of players was assigned certain tasks to accomplish before moving on to the next town, and the first pair to complete all tasks in all destinations was declared the winner. In "Hide and Seek", members sought out prize givers "hidden" in specific towns. The first player to reach each destination received a prize. The rewards, such as Ectos and Shards, were given away to the winners of each event. Fellow guild members generously donated the prize materials. Both player events were created for pure fun but served the larger purpose of fostering bonding and friendship in the TRE community.

In the "real world", TRE organizes outings and events among members living locally in Singapore. The attendance at these outings, dinners, and informal pub visits has been growing steadily since the release of Factions. The latest event drew more than 30 players.

Member Profiles
Get to know some of the members of TRE.

(In conjunction with the World Cup 2006 fever, TRE introduces 11 of their most helpful guild members as a soccer team.)

Handle: Maathyas Tavvy
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Monk, it was an obvious choice for me because of my interest in playing a healer or support class in other MMORPGs. In my opinion, the 9th skill for any Monk is the player's own ability to know when and how to run. That "skill" applies to both RP and PvP aspects of the game. It is knowledge that cannot be easily taught,unlike entire skill builds or armor and weapon configurations.

Handle: Agape Pvp
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS, Sports
Preferred Character: Monk/Mesmer: This is my first character in Guild Wars. I'm more of a "behind the scenes" guy in real life, so the role that a Monk plays suits this pretty well. In addition, being a good Monk is one of the best challenges in Guild Wars!

Handle: Aidan Eika
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: PvP
Preferred Character: I love playing Monk. I enjoy Protection the most, I love the low cast times. I like trying to anticipate enemy attacks, gives my reflexes a good workout. I'm usually using some sort of Boon Prot build with lots of Hex defence. I love going up against a bunch of melees, and always find it funny to have a bunch of them running round in circles just behind me.

Handle: X Dwayna X
Location: Australia
Gaming Background: Guild Wars is my first RPG and it's a blast! I love both PvP and RP elements in the game.
Preferred Character: My favorite character is my Mesmer/Elementalist, a fast-casting Elementalist. I usually play Monk for PvP.

Handle: Samantha Nicholson
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: FPS, MMORPGs
Preferred Character: Most of the time I play a Monk that bonds or heals. I don't really have a distinct strategy or tactic because I change my build according to the situation. There is a great sense of satisfaction when people give me a pat on the back and tell me that I've done a good job.

Handle: Raven Rised
Location: Singapore
Gaming background: I never had much gaming experience until I was exposed to the PvP element in Guild Wars. I fell in love and have become addicted to it.
Preferred Character: My favorite class is the Necromancer. When I play the RP aspects of the game, I'm mainly a Minion Master (Necromancer/Monk), helping fellow guildmates with their quests and missions. My build involves using the Aura of the Lich elite skill, making use of the half sacrificial advantage. With my secondary as a Monk, I can help ease my team's healers' burden and assist in healing the team.

Handle: Abri Charnel
Location: Singapore
Gaming background: FPS, RTS
Preferred Character: My favorite profession is the Necromancer. I find it the most flexible of all classes, both in support, offence, and defence. Necromancers also have my favorite form of Energy management—earning Energy when others fall.

Handle: Daniel Heallusion
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: RPGs, RTS
Preferred Character: My favorite classes are offensive spell casters such as Elementalists and Mesmers. I usually play either an Elementalist/Monk support caster or an Elementalist/Monk flag runner during GvG battles. I like to combine Air/Water magic skills as they are both offensive and defensive at the same time and benefit the team as a whole.

Handle: Ah Beng
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Assassin. I can play most classes and builds for PvP, but my favorite are the Ranger and Mesmer classes, often running flag and scout duties for GvG. I have a Minion Master and Barrage Ranger when I play the RP aspects of the game. They are useful builds for helping fellow guildmates in their missions and quests.

Handle: Renn Spitfire
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: I primarily play as a Warrior, Monk, or support caster, either being in the front leading the team to battle, or playing the role of support healing gives me the rush that few games provide me.

Handle: Naz Warhammer
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: RPGs, RTS
Preferred Character: My favorite characters are the Warrior and Necromancer. I play as the target caller for my guild regularly in GvG and Heroes' Ascent, and my favorite combo is the Axe Warrior with Shock. My main strategy is to constantly switch targets so as to confuse opponents, and I make it a priority to identify and take down key opponents first.


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