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Comité de la Bière de Nains (French Dwarven Ale Committee) [CBN]

Originally formed in October of 2005, the French Dwarven Ale Committee became an official Guild Wars guild on December of the same year. Why the discrepancy between the times, you may wonder? The story of how the guild's creation is a rather unique one...

It all began on the French fansite, France Guild Wars, with a forum post between several active members. The thread included a survey to determine if Lord Coxie (who they proclaimed to be a pathetic Warrior/Elementalist in love with his axe) would be able to seduce Elfy (a beautiful Ranger). The survey became a great subject of interest on the forums, and a lot of the members decided to play the part of the paparazzi. They organized parties among each other to take screenshots of the two "protagonists" of this self-made story. During these parties, a lot of Dwarven ale was served, which led to the discovery of two important facts. First, they loved the ale. And the second—their point of contention—was that the ale was simply too expensive. When the last of their gold was dropped, the party stopped—and that simply would not do.

This led to the creation of the committee, whose job it was to protest their ails with ale. Their first step was creating a banner behind which people could rally. Logos supporting the Dwarven Ale Committee began appearing in the signatures of numerous forum members. The committee also took to the streets of Lion's Arch every Sunday to stage its protests—followed thereafter by a drinking party on the beach in Fisherman's Haven. The guild was then officially created in December, because those supporting the cause had become good friends accustomed to playing together. Their staged protests would continue all the way into March of 2006.

The friendships that formed turned out to be a key point to the future growth of the guild. As a smaller group (currently with twenty active members), all members in the guild know one another—and this tight-knit community is important. Whenever a new member joins the guild, no new members are accepted from that point on until everyone has had time to game with and talk to the new member—both in game, and on the guild's forums.

CBN's philosophy is that of friendship and loyalty. Its members aren’t mindful of game achievements or the performance of their guildmates; they play only for fun. The committee feels that people consider CBN more as a community guild than a common guild.

The community plays an important role in CBN, as guild members are active on the France Guild Wars site as moderators, guide writers, as well as creators of fan-art and fan-fiction. One of these projects includes a tourist guide written in-character and in a humorous tone, counting the flora, fauna, the story of the inhabitants, and the geological curiosities of the lands. When considering new members, CBN looks for players who are active within the Guild Wars community, and who have an interest in keeping that community alive and thriving.

Because of the guild's focus on in-game community rather than strict gameplay, its members rarely talk about strategy or tactics. They are not concerned with the builds that their guildmates are running, and their typical play style highlights the strong bonds between the guild's members—even if their "take what you have and play" approach does not work with others. When playing as a group, CBN's members find themselves performing at their best. As far back as they can remember it has always been this way. They do not devote much time to planning, they need only to play. Because they get along so well, they take it as a sign that perhaps the guild was simply meant to be!

In closing, the members of CBN would like to state that despite the fact that the theme of their guild revolves around the in-game consumption of Dwarven ale, they make a distinction between in-game and real-life activities. They do not encourage drinking in real-life, but rather, enjoyment of the act in-game as a means of participating within the Guild Wars community.

Member Profiles
Get to know some of the members of CBN.

Handle: Elrick Fauconnoir
Location: France
Gaming Background: PvE, RPGs
Preferred Character: None of the professions have given me as much satisfaction as the Ranger. You can play it in so many ways, that it didn't make sense to me to play anything else. And of course, the pet was part of my decision, too. My bear Grodo follows me everywhere I go.

Handle: Lezarde La Flemarde
Location: Gabon
Gaming Background: PvE, PvP
Preferred Character: Monk. I enjoy having our team's survival as my responsibility. Supervising the team's Health bars is very exiting. My tactic is very simple —survive, looking for wards, run, and try to be as discrete as possible.

Handle: Illian Strife
Location: France
Gaming Background: PvE, PvP
Preferred Character: In PvE, I have played most with a Ranger; it's an ambivalent profession that has a lot of different possibilities to play. An interesting combo is Barrage with a vampiric bow into a group of enemies; it's very fun.

Handle: Lord Coxie
Location: France
Gaming Background: Simulation, RTS, Racing
Preferred Character: Warrior. It's my first character, and today he is a character known in the game for his legendary axe, which he sometimes has a tendency to leave behind too easily. Lord Coxie is in some ways my virtual twin, discrete but very effective when necessary, a charmer without intentionally being that way, and most importantly, we both have some white hair.

Handle: Lyssa Akhatlha
Location: Belgium
Gaming Background: MMORPGs
Preferred Character: Mesmer, which is the first profession I played in Guild Wars. Incidentally, I also play Necromancer and Ranger—I love the spoilsports. Most of the time, I play full Mesmer, mainly specked in Domination Magic.

Handle: Yo Bwo
Location: France
Gaming Background: RTS, RPGs
Preferred Character: Elementalist is my favorite character since the beginning. After playing other RPGs, where casters required a lot of patience until you reached higher levels, the Elementalist in Guild Wars is immediately a fun class to play.

Handle: Hawkmoon Tihr
Location: France
Gaming Background: RPGs, MMORPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: I fell in love with the Elementalist the first time I tried it during the betas. So logically, my first character was an Elementalist. I like the feeling of power when I'm playing it.

Handle: Denis Brogniart
Location: France
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Monk, because they are always needed. It's a difficult field of work, but I enjoy saving members of the team. It's a real pleasure to heal allies when my Monk is drunk in elite areas such as UW or FoW.

Handle: Black Phenix
Location: France
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: I love the Necromancer. What could be more enjoyable than to steal life, give curses, or command a dead army?

Handle: Nystul Le Mystique
Location: France
Gaming Background: FPS, RTS, RPGs
Preferred Character: I love to play Warrior, because of its leadership aspect. The Warrior has to be very effective while choosing a target, and very attentive to the mini-map to observe team and monsters' movements. Warriors have good strength and very good protection, too.

Handle: Susank Woo
Location: France
Gaming Background: Simulation, RTS, FPS
Preferred Character: Ranger. I like to play Expertise/Wilderness in PvE and trap in PvP. I like Ritualist, too, because of its polyvalent aspect: damage dealer or healer.

Handle: Blacks Pearl
Location: France
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS
Primary Character: My favorite PvE profession is the Ranger for its completeness. I used to play interrupt and damage dealer, but I can easily play a trap build as support and Condition dealer.

Handle: Elfy Daemon
Location: France
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Ouch! It's very hard to choose only one! Between my Necromancer who leads her little dead army and curses her enemies sneakily, or at the contrary, my bold Ranger who runs away at the first little murmur, trapping everything behind her passage, or my Assassin, bold, agile, and sneaky...I can't really make up my mind!

Handle: Ferrick Asthen
Location: France
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: At this time I've only one. Ferrick is a swordmaster Warrior, with a few healing abilities. Ferrick has a particular story; he is one of the rare survivors of Orr who emigrated to Ascalon when his country was destroyed.


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