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Black Rose Assassins [BRA]

The Black Rose Assassins' [BRA] history goes back to the monthly beta weekends for the first chapter of Guild Wars. Originally two separate guilds named Black Rose Guild and Herbal Additive Supplement Hunters, BRA merged into their current form because the two guilds got along well. They have no trouble maintaining a friendly, close-knit atmosphere to this day because of a small membership count of 13 players.

BRA's simple philosophy is to "have fun". The guild enjoys a close-knit atmosphere and believes Guild Wars is meant to be an enjoyable experience. To that end, they participate in the challenges of both PvP and PvE play.

BRA hosts irregular events for players within the community, the most popular of which are their give-away events. Borne from a desire to empty some very full player storage vaults of items that were "too good to salvage", BRA instead held a gathering to pass the items on to other players via simple games. Some of these included Trivia, Simon Says, Tin Soldier Race, Hide and Seek, and a coordinated group emote. In a recent giveaway, they hosted a "Bring the Build!" contest where players were encouraged to create the most ineffectual build they could muster and run it through Jade Quarry. The worst build won prizes. Upcoming BRA events are frequently announced on the many Guild Wars fansite forums.

PvE Game Discussion

BRA is all about cooperation when it comes to PvE. Projects usually involve aiding guild members with individual goals, such as the completion of a quest or the acquisition of an item. When they don't have a particular goal, they're happy to fill their vaults with gold and valuable items.

BRA usually goes into PvE with a balanced build to counter whatever challenges they might face. After they've identified the particular difficulties the mission presents, they fine-tune their build to counter them.

The guild sometimes sets up "epic quests" in pursuit of adventure. One notable accomplishment involved clearing The Falls, an explorable area to the southwest of Ventari's Refuge. The guild is also fond of the Northern Shiverpeaks, recalling risky journeys into the region before Resurrection Shrines made the area easier to navigate.

BRA offered a few tips for PvE combat. Frequently, groups will be too cautious with aggro, which wastes time and becomes boring. Pulling larger groups of enemies is good practice for more stressful situations (like PvP) and helps complete the mission faster. Warriors find it frustrating to have their adrenaline expire while running from one group of enemies to another. Use the skill "To the Limit!" which extends the time your adrenaline remains. The recharge time on "To the Limit!" is shorter than the expiration time for adrenaline, so you can continuously maintain your adrenaline level.

Player Profiles
Get to know the Black Rose Assassins

Handle: elk
Location: Niagra Falls
Gaming Background: Mostly FPS. I enjoy both PvP and PvE.
Preferred Character: "I like to play both Ranger and Warrior. Those professions get to interfere with enemies and affect the outcome of the game by disabling them. A build I like to run is Distracting Shot, Savage Shot, Crippling Shot, Apply Poison, Distortion, Troll Unguent, Storm Chaser, and Resurrection Signet. 15 Expertise, 9 Wilderness, 12 Marksmanship, 3 Illusion. Distracting Blow, Bull's Strike, Sprint, Frenzy, Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Wild Blow, Resurrection Signet. 16 Axe Mastery, 13 Strength (I was rocking Bull's Strike before the huge buff!)."

Handle: Pvp Bra
Location: Canada
Gaming Background: Mostly FPS. I enjoy playing both PvP and PvE. Guild Wars is the first MMORPG I've played.
Preferred Character: "I like to play Mesmer mainly, and my secondary depends on what my team needs. I like having the ability to disrupt members of the opposing team to help take down a target, or to give a teammate the time they need to get out of harm's way. I'm a fan of Energy Denial, but I'll play what my team needs."

Handle: Xecron
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Gaming Background: RTS and RPGs are my games of choice.
Preferred Character: "I find myself playing Necromancer the most right now, though I like all professions. The Necromancer stands out since they can effectively shut down enemies and add pressure damage to assist in killing targets."

Handle: Hugo The Horrible
Location: Washington State
Gaming Background: RTS, FPS and Action RPGs
Preferred Character: "My favorite profession is Warrior, hands down. I've played Warrior since the beginning and just love to smash the enemy! My true heart lies on a hammer Warrior, though I play all three weapons: axe, sword, and hammer. My favorite build has to be my power leak hammer Warrior."

Handle: Cookie
Location: Canada
Gaming Background: FPS games.
Preferred Character: "I like playing Elementalists and Monks. It's really enthralling when you get right up in someone's face and PB AoE them. I also enjoy keeping the party alive, letting Hugo die in battle, and saving my brother Valk from dying."

Handle: Rahl
Location: Colorado
Gaming Background: RTS and Action RPGs
Preferred Character: "My favorite profession is the Monk. I like being able to control the lives of my partners and my favorite past time is rubber banding. I try running around in circles, praying arrows don't hit me, but it's not uncommon for me to Error 7. I'll play other support characters, but if I'm not Monking I enjoy playing an Assassin or any other in-your-face character."

Handle: The Bodhisativa
Location: Niagara Falls
Gaming Background: RPG games.
Preferred Character: "My favorite profession is the R/Me for a spiking and interrupting build to be able to put out a lot of damage in such a short amount of time."

Handle: Twizzy
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Gaming Background: RPGs and Action RPGs
Preferred Character: "I prefer to play a Mo/Me. I just enjoy being in the background and having so much control to make or break the game with my healing. I'm good as an old fashioned Boon Prot with Mantra of Recall, but I really enjoy playing a Monk with Spell Breaker and Infuse, there's nothing as fun as being able to stop a damage spike."

Handle: Excel
Location: France
Gaming Background: All types.
Preferred Character: Warrior.


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