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The Apocalyptic Riders [ApoC]

The Apocalyptic Riders may have a menacing name, but at heart, the guild is all about friendship. From their roots as a close-knit group of friends in Switzerland, they've grown to an international guild of over 50 players. Members hail from all over the world, including Serbia, Hong Kong, Finland, Germany, and Great Britain. Despite having such a vast range of cultures and customs, the members of ApoC are proud of the family they've formed. The guild celebrated its first birthday in June, and continues to forge ahead.

The underlying philosophy that drives ApoC is a noble one: to not only have fun, but to make sure everyone else does as well. To this end, the guild has three rules. First, to behave with maturity. Being friendly and polite keeps the game fun for everyone. Secondly, be helpful to all members. Players who have time to help do so. In return, members can always find help when they need it. Thirdly, there is no trading or paying for items in the guild. Items are freely given among players.

These rules ensure that maturity is a requirement for members. ApoC values behavior above age. Consequently, the ApoC "family" ranges from the ages of 12 to 45. Some players have a full roster of six level-20 characters, while others play only one character on their account. The guild welcomes all nationalities, but the primary spoken language in ApoC is English.

One of the qualities that makes ApoC unique is its members' love of celebrations. Whenever an active member has a birthday, the guild surprises that member with an in-game gift. The gift is purchased with gold contributed by guild members and is usually something valuable. Green items and mini-pets are typical choices. The guild also enjoys having "sync-dance" parties.

PvE Discussion

ApoC has a strong focus on PvE. Its members try to help one another with any problem they might encounter, be it missions, quests, or skill capturing. ApoC tries to make sure that all players have the highest armor available to them and the right equipment for their profession.

Because the guild is so well-versed with most of the missions in Guild Wars, it puts very little planning into its excursions. The greatest planning effort goes into forming a balanced party with skills suitable to the mission. This composition might vary a bit depending on how many players are in need of the mission and which characters they have. However, ApoC teams very seldom fail missions.

ApoC has several tactics that it likes to employ. For one, the guild tries to engage one group of enemies at a time. It's worth taking precautions to make sure that the team doesn't get attacked by a second or third group while already fighting. It also tries to secure an escape route for weaker characters. If it has to face a larger group of enemies, the guild uses selective luring to break it into manageable pieces. When engaged in combat, ApoC keeps a close eye on the aggression range. By making sure that the Warriors keep their distance from the casters, the guild can control who the enemies target. This allows the Elementalists to get in and out of casting range without drawing aggression.

Member Profiles
Meet a few of the Apocalyptic Riders.

Handle: Rider Warmongerer
Location: Berlin, Germany
Gaming Background: I have played many different RPGs and also some MMORPGs.
Preferred Characters: I like to play my Monk, my Elementalist, my Ranger, and my Necromancer. With all of them, I play different builds depending on the situation.
Position in the Guild: Leader

Handle: Rider Divine (Christina)
Location: Germany
Gaming Background: I'm a fan of RPGs and even play them with pen and paper. I prefer PvE, because I'd rather kill unemotional monsters than other players.
Preferred Characters: I created my Monk to make sure that we always have enough Monks available for our guild teams. Then I started to like the essential support role, caring for the survival of all my teammates. Most of the time I use Word of Healing as my elite skill, and I bring Protective Spirit in case a non-up-front-fighter gets involved into melee. I prefer Mend Condition because of the faster recharge and trust the other Monk to relieve me of any Conditions I might suffer from.

Handle: Rider Doc
Location: Denmark
Gaming Background: RPGs, games with PvE.
Preferred Characters: My preferred character is the Monk. When I play this profession, I go full healing and try to keep all the members in the group alive. I also like to play Necromancer/Monk to raise an army of minions for the enemy to fight.

Handle: Rider Karma
Location: Sweden, Guthenburg
Gaming Background: Before I started to play Guild Wars, I played FPS games in competitive leagues. Guild Wars is actually the first game in which I've only played PvE content. Personally I prefer the PvE content of Guild Wars because of the cooperative gameplay and the challenging areas.
Preferred Characters: Monk/Mesmer. Mostly I go for healing, using low-Energy-cost skills like Orison of Healing, Word of Healing, Vigorous Spirit, Dwayna's Kiss, and Healing Breeze. I use Protective Spirit and Mend Condition as well. The tactics I use are very simple: Vigorous Spirit on the Warriors and Protective Spirits on the more fragile targets.

Handle: Rider Pestilence
Location: Switzerland
Gaming Background: I played FPSs for quite some time.
Preferred Characters: Healing/Protection Monk builds.

Handle: Rider Tepyr
Location: Netherlands
Gaming Background: Since online gaming is available, all single-player games seem very dull to me.
Preferred Characters: I mostly like to support my guild team with my Monk or my Blood Necromancer. These characters can really support a team with mass healing and Energy. When I don't have the time or am alone, I do quests with a henchmen team.

Handle: Rider Cascade
Location: England
Gaming Background: Mostly RTSs and RPGs.
Preferred Characters: Ranger, because of its great versatility. I mostly use a Ranger/Monk, but I often use other secondary classes depending on the occasion. Rangers are capable of many things, meaning that I can use this character to do almost everything I need to.

Handle: Inqa Dark
Location: Sweden
Gaming Background: I started to play in the early 90s, but Guild Wars is my first online game and my favorite game. I play PvE and PvP.
Preferred Characters: Almost everyone in our guild is good and has several different characters to play as needed. I like all my characters, but I play mostly as a Monk. I can be a bonder, a protector, and a healer.

Handle: Toiletcake Monstrr
Location: The Netherlands
Gaming Background: Any game genre would do.
Preferred Characters: My favorite character is my Warrior. My build is called "Holy Hammer" and uses "For Great Justice!", Sprint, Devastating Hammer, Crushing Blow, Heavy Blow, Holy Strike, Irresistible Blow, and Rebirth.

Handle: Oblivan Kelandro
Location: Hong Kong
Gaming Background: PvE, RPGs.
Preferred Characters: I'm fond of trying out various builds and skill set tactics in combination with various secondary professions on my Warrior. Warriors are also gifted some of the most glamorous armor designed in the game.

Handle: A Temple Monk
Location: London, England
Gaming Background: I currently play PvE, as there is still much I haven't done and I still find it challenging. My gaming history consists of mainly RPG, Strategy, and FPS, although this is my first MMORPG.
Preferred Characters: I like almost all the professions and am always torn as to what to play as each day. If I feel like doing damage, then I take the Elementalist or the Warrior. If I feel like support, then I play as a Monk or Necromancer. And if I feel like being a pain, then I play as a Ranger. My two favorites are Monk and Warrior.


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