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The Shadow Knights [SK]

SK has a history that predates Guild Wars. The original core of the guild was formed in 1999 and quickly became a multi-game guild as the MMORPG market expanded. The guild has a core of over 20 Guild Wars players, although the Shadow Knights encompass 300 members across several MMORPGs.

The guild philosophy ensures that SK sticks together as a family. Every member is treated as a brother or sister. Antagonistic behavior is forbidden, and the guild has a policy of being helpful as well as proud and loyal. These ideals have kept the guild together over the years.

New recruits to the guild don't necessarily have to be experienced, though some skill is appreciated. Mostly, the guild looks for enthusiasm and love for the game. Although SK is happy with their tight-knit core of players and isn't looking for new members at this point, they have a brother-guild they use for training.

GvG is the primary focus for SK. They enjoy competition and would like to see themselves maintaining a good rank. The guild feels confident in their skills, but aim to improve through practice. Lately, they've turned to Heroes' Ascent as a PvP training ground for non-peak times.

PvP Discussion

The SK Dual-Smite build uses a modified version of the standard Smite Monk. The guild calls them "Seraph Smiters" in honor of the guildmate who designed them. The build also has two Monks on the back line for protective and healing magic. A flag runner, two axe-wielding Warriors, and a Necromancer round out the team. This build is heavy in damage at the expense of some defense, but is capable of countering most threats with teamwork.

Warrior/Elementalist (x2) - ShockEvis
Axe Mastery (16), Strength (13), Air Magic (3)
Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Shock, Protector's Strike, Bull's Strike, Frenzy, Rush, Resurrection Signet

Monk/Ritualist - Seraph Smiter with Smite Hex
Smiting Prayers (16), Protection Prayers (7), Divine Favor (3), Channeling Magic (11)
Zealot's Fire, Balthazar's Aura, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Smite Hex, Air of Enchantment, Ancestors' Rage, Resurrection Signet

Monk/Ritualist - Seraph Smiter with Draw Conditions
Smiting Prayers (16), Protection Prayers (7), Divine Favor (3), Channeling Magic (11)
Zealot's Fire, Balthazar's Aura, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Draw Conditions, Air of Enchantment, Ancestors' Rage, Resurrection Signet

Necromancer/Monk - Enchant Cover
Death Magic (15), Soul Reaping (12), Earth Magic (7), Blood Magic (6)
Tainted Flesh, Animate Bone Minions, Death Nova, Well of the Profane, Ward Against Melee, Dark Fury, Rotting Flesh, Resurrection Signet

Monk/Mesmer - Boon Prot
Divine Favor (16), Protection Prayers (10), Inspiration Magic (9)
Divine Boon, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Protective Spirit, Mend Ailment, Inspired Hex, Mantra of Recall, Contemplation of Purity

Monk/Mesmer - Blessed Light
Divine Favor (16), Protection Prayers (9), Healing Prayers (9), Inspiration Magic (9)
Blessed Light, Reversal of Fortune, Spirit Bond, Gift of Health, Mend Ailment, Signet of Devotion, Drain Enchantment, Inspired Hex

Elementalist/Monk - Flag Runner
Water Magic (12), Energy Storage (10), Healing Prayers (10), Air Magic (8)
Ether Prodigy, Deep Freeze, Ice Spikes, Gale, Blinding Flash, Extinguish, Heal Party, Armor of Mist

The goal of this build is to deal as much damage as quickly as possible. By using non-standard smiters, the team attempts to catch enemies off-guard at the start. Over the course of the match, the team keeps up the pressure to prevent the enemy from recovering.

With a regular dual-Smite Monk team, it's often possible to get opponents down to low Health without managing to get a kill. To remedy this, the team altered their Smite Monks to include Ancestors' Rage. By using other team members to compensate for the lowered healing and protection abilities of the Smite Monks, SK focused this build on dishing out heavy damage in a hurry.

When running this build, SK sends the two Warriors to build up adrenaline. When they're ready, the first Warrior uses Shock on an enemy Monk. If the enemy survives long enough to get up, the second Warrior uses Shock. Meanwhile, the team applies full dual-Smite damage, along with Ancestors' Rage. After the first target is dead, the team switches focus to another enemy Monk. Ideally, with one Monk still dead, the opposing team will be hard pressed to resist further attacks.

The Necromancer's job is to cover Zealot's Fire with Enchantments such as Death Nova. He or she is also required to place Ward Against Melee for the team's Monks to use while kiting. In addition, the Necromancer uses spells to spread Health degeneration among the enemy. The Elementalist is primarily a flag runner, but is equipped with snares, Gale, Heal Party, and Extinguish for versatility.

To counter enemy tactics, like retreat, the team carries abilities to slow their opponents. The Warriors also pack speed boosts, making it difficult for a fleeing healer to escape. As the match progresses, SK kills enemy Monks over and over again. Eventually, the opposing team runs out of Resurrection Signets.

SK describes the build as the most successful one they've run. Its design leans heavily towards damage-dealing, but it has enough defense to keep up with most builds when played correctly. Using it, the team made their way to the top 50 on the GvG ladder during the third GWFC season.

Member Profiles
Shining some light on the Shadow Knights.

Handle: Eelill Dedraluin
Location: Virginia, USA
Gaming Background: I've played a variety of games, but mostly RPGs and not MMOs. Sometimes I feel the need to play FPS for a week or two, otherwise it's all RPG.
Preferred Character: I enjoy playing a few different classes. For SK I usually run a Warrior in GvGs. Though I still have things to learn, I have a good sense of tactics so the players trust me on that position. One class I've really enjoyed is Assassin. SK does not use the Assassin class very often in our builds, but I still enjoy playing it if I get the chance.

Player Handle: Red Serenity (known to friends as Red)
Location: New Zealand
Gaming Background: Until recently I've been mostly a Tombs player but I am now making the transition to GvG monk and am enjoying the new challenges that GvG offers. At this time I spend about fitty percent of my time in GvG, forty-five percent in Heroes' Ascent, and the remainder doing PvE to have fun and help friends. My three-year-old daughter is well known amongst my GW friends and is often to be heard yelling "noob!" or "nublette!" on voice-chat.

Preferred Character: I find myself to be very much a support player. I favor Monks above all other professions. It's my goal to become a player known as a great Monk, rather than as a player known to be acceptable at many classes.

Player Handle: Reverend "Pops" Scova
Location: Wisconsin USA
Preferred Characters: While Mesmer is my best class, I'm a very versatile player. Lately I have been playing Warrior and loving it!

Player Handle: Tiber Spetim
Country: Canada
Gaming background: I used to really be into RPGs, especially old school SNES games. However, the perfect blend of strategy and skill that is Guild Wars has consumed that spot in my heart.
Preferred characters: I mainly play a Warrior, as fast paced combat is what I find most exciting in Guild Wars. I like to use timing and combinations to turn a character into a well-oiled machine that is the fear of many opposing backlines.

Player Handle: Damien Ine
Gaming Background: PvP mostly. I can do the PvE aspect but my attention drifts pretty quickly.
Preferred Characters: Monk! Heal or Protection, though I'm not a huge fan of Smite. In GvGs I tend to play the Protection Monk. In Heroes' Ascent, on the other hand, I will play almost anything that is needed. I find that the GvG circuit is a lot tougher and for me, a lot more fun!

Player Handle: Requiem Ine
Location: New York State
Gaming Background: I've played other PvP games, but after upgrading to Guild Wars, I haven't looked back.
Preferred Characters: I really like Rangers. A Ranger/Warrior can put pressure on a team with knock-downs and conditions.

Player Handle: Severe Nrgy, Severe Rage, Sevy
Location: Georgia, USA
Gaming Background: A mixture of MMOs and FPSs. Guild Wars appeals to me because of the variety of PvP options. Guild Wars puts a huge emphasis on player skill and team tactics. It's chess, PvP style.
Preferred Characters: I primarily play the Monk profession, although I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Paragon profession. The Mesmer is a great secondary profession for the Monk because of the Energy management skills available.

Player Handle: Ragged Ine
Location: Crawfordville, Florida
Gaming background: As funny as it may seem I was first introduced to the gaming world by my babysitter back in the early 90's. Guild Wars would become the first RPG that I spent more than 2 days playing online.
Preferred Characters: I play almost every profession and I enjoy seeing how different skills counteract others. I really enjoy builds that show individuality even if they don't have the best outcomes.

Player Handle: Fate "Helga Healer"
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Gaming background: I stumbled onto Guild Wars back in the first open beta event (remember skill ring crafting?) and since then my friends and I have made this our #1 distraction.
Preferred Characters: Having experience, even a little, in all the classes is vital to performing to your best as a Monk. Knowing who can cause the most damage, who will be a target, and how much concern each Hex and condition warrants is vital to success.

Handle: Flying Cube
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Background: I started gaming when I was really young. My first games were on an Atari 2600, and I've moved through several systems and games before buying Guild Wars.
Preferred Characters: Ranger or Mesmer. I love playing Psychic Distraction Mesmer, but it doesn't fit into our current build. I don't do primary flag runner, ever.

Handle: Gimp Ster (Gimpy)
Location: Krum, Texas
Gaming Background: A bit of FPSs and some strategy games.
Preferred Characters: I'm pretty versatile, but Warrior is my best class. I'm especially experienced with axe and hammer-wielding Warriors.


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