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치 The Spearmen 치 [치치치치]

Don't mistake members of The Spearmen for novice players just because the guild is less than a year old. The majority of them have played together in various guilds since the release of Guild Wars, united by the pursuit of designing PvP builds. The experienced roster of players includes several "build gurus" who focus on designing new strategies for experimentation.

The Spearmen guild consists of innovators. They don't aim to be Rank One on the ladder (in fact, they've declared themselves ineligible) and don't aim to dominate the Hall of Heroes. Rather, the guild is driven to find unique ways of combining skills in Guild Wars to create exciting new builds. Although a lot of people dismiss those builds as "gimmicky," The Spearmen guild thrives on creativity and risk. For its members, the task of constructing sets of skills that work together for victory is what the game is about.

The guild takes heart by comparing its experimentation to that of Thomas Edison, who needed hundreds of attempts to create a light bulb. By viewing each setback not as a failure, but simply as another lesson, the guild is rarely discouraged by challenges. Not all builds work, but the ones that don't are a chance to learn, rather than a waste of effort. The Spearmen guild revels in its successes, but expects most of its builds to fail.

Potential recruits are those who have become bored with standard builds. The guild describes itself as a "hive of thinkers." As such, players who want to learn more about tactics, strategy, skill balancing, and build design would enjoy the guild's atmosphere. Recruits should have at least 2800 fame, extensive GvG experience, and be over the age of 18. However, applicants who don't meet some of those requirements may still be considered.

The guild's tag, [치치치치], includes a Korean symbol that resembles a little man carrying a spear, which was the inspiration for its name. Members love the little spearman, and have adopted him as their guild namesake and mascot. The roster currently holds approximately 40 Spearmen and Spearwomen.

PvP Game Discussion

The pride and joy of The Spearmen is the creation of new builds. The guild's forums have literally hundreds of GvG, HA, TA, and RA builds. The Spearmen members aren't shy about taking credit for shifting the metagame several times in the past year.

One of the guild's favorite accomplishments includes the creation of the "22 Flesh Golem Army" build, which existed for only 72 hours before being nerfed. The use of Verata's Gaze allowed Necromancers to evade the cap on the number of minions one player could control.

Another success story for The Spearmen is the popular "gimmick" build known as the Edge Bomb. Short for "Edge of Extinction Bomb," the build involves a full party of players designed to kill themselves on short notice, with one player using Mark of Protection to survive the bomb and quickly resurrect his comrades. The death of seven players at once deals a significant amount of damage. This particular build has also received a recent nerf, making it much harder to pull off.

When it comes to offering advice to other teams, The Spearmen players encourage guilds to be realistic. Never show up to a match blindly expecting to win because you have more fame than your opponent or because your build is tailored to defeat theirs. The Spearmen guild believes that dominating the psychological aspect of any PvP game plays a vital role in the chances of success.

To master the game and maximize their chances of victory, The guild's members practice whenever they have enough players online to form a team. They have a large Ventrilo server and require players to log into voice chat whenever they're in Guild Wars. They also make use of the Isle of the Nameless to practice tactics and spike timing as a warm-up before entering real PvP. When playing any kind of match, they behave as if their opponents are a top tier team, especially if they're not familiar with them. The guild never lowers their guard, no matter the rank of their current foes.

Member Profiles
Meet some of 치 The Spearmen 치

Handle: Argo Wild
Location: Maryland
Gaming Background: I've been playing PvE and PvP RPGs for many years. I have a particular addiction to medieval roleplaying games.
Preferred Character: Ranger! Recently I've taken to using an Incendiary Arrows Ranger/Mesmer with Arcane Mimicry, allowing me to copy an ally's Practiced Stance to keep the elite Preparation up full-time. Called Shot and Precision Shot make this character into a superior damage-dealer and interrupter, far more powerful than a standard Choking Gas Ranger, albeit more difficult to play.
Position: Guild Leader

Handle: Mischa Sedai
Location: Chicago, IL
Gaming Background: This is my first MMO, but I have always been interested in RPG-type games. That being said, I enjoy all types of games and have since I owned my first Coleco-Vision console.
Preferred Character: All things Monk. Primarily, the Protection Monk. I have no problem playing a standard or non-standard Infuser or primary healer. I enjoy stretching the limits.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Tristan C
Location: Chicago, IL
Gaming Background: Competitive, reflex, and thought-intensive games, particularly those featuring Capture the Flag or similar team-play environments.
Preferred Character: Monk and other party support, almost to exclusion. In Guild Wars I revel in the competitive activities of frustrating, playing mind games, and undoing the enemy offense.
Position in the Guild: Officer and Co-Leader

Handle: Muffin Boy
Location: Virginia
Gaming Background: I played PvE when I first joined the game, but fell in love with Tombs after joining a rudimentary Edge Bomb with a bunch of sacrificial Necromancers. I then spent night and day coming up with new ways of "dying to win."
Preferred Character: I am a Warrior, born and bred. I try to play this class as much as possible. It's fun learning to use discipline with Frenzy. Pay attention to your surroundings, for if you don't, Frenzy may kill you! I like hitting hard.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Ruricu, Faux Foe
Location: Tennessee
Gaming Background: Mostly RTS and MMORPGs.
Preferred Character: Ranger. I love the fact that, like Mesmers, a Ranger built right can make just about anyone unable to function. I can just sense the anguish on a Warrior's face when he is limping toward you with an almost un-removable Cripple.
Position in the Guild: Official Guild Hall Janitor

Handle: Vligadok Grael, Vlig
Gaming Background: I've been a video game addict since I first played. In college I became a MUD addict, especially the PvP side. I play most games I can get my hands on.
Preferred Character: Warriors and Monks. While I take pride in being able to play whatever is needed, I like both the in-your-face attitude of the Warrior and the heroic efforts often required by Monking. There's nothing quite like hacking someone for a huge Eviscerate, or healing that damage off before your ally dies.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Pokey Pants
Location: Orlando, FL
Gaming Background: Pong (yes, I'm that old), every FPS ever made, plus a wide variety of RPGs and fighting games.
Preferred Character: I'm quite comfortable in any role that doesn't involve helping others. There's something about a Warrior who gets in your face with a hammer and just smacks you down repeatedly that I find appealing. I also have an affinity for Necromancers and Elementalists. Most of all I prefer playing a build that defies conventions.
Position in the Guild: Officer, Build Guru (quality not quantity.)

Handle: Freakin J Stu
Location: Orlando, FL
Gaming Background: I got addicted to tabletop RPGs in the late 70s, and switched to computer RPGs in the early 90s. I love RPGs and turn-based strategy, but I don't do anything more "twitchy" than Guild Wars.
Preferred Character: Monk, Mesmer.
Position in the Guild: Officer, Guild Guru (quantity if not quality.)

Handle: Ice Seditionist
Location: New Jersey
Gaming Background: I've been a big-time gamer for about 14+ years now. I just got off a huge MMOG kick about a year and a half ago.
Preferred Character: Assassin. The Assassin gets very little love in the Guild Wars universe, so of course I find it my premiere class to play. I enjoy coming up with Assassin builds that do not rely on the standard "Phoenix > Horns > Spider" combo. Typically I can be found running my Assassin around in Random Arenas, since it isn't welcome anywhere else.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Rotten Fist, Alari
Location: Orlando, FL
Gaming Background: PC games. Mostly RPGs and RTS games.
Preferred Character: Necromancer
Position in the Guild: Member


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