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Veritas Invictus [TRUE]

Veritas Invictus [TRUE] was founded on July 31, 2005 by a close group of players who frequently visited the Guild Wars fan site The original core group of members were PAL's, a designation of for those who provide monetary support. Instead of being involved with other guilds that had few members or many inactive members, they decided to band together and create a guild for the people who really loved the game and enjoyed playing together. Shortly after, began hosting TRUE's forums; they are still there today and hope to remain for years to come.

Since its founding by Reorx Fellstrom, the guild has evolved into a well-known and respected guild. As with many guilds, they have seen membership ebb and flow. However, they've proven that no matter what they might face, the members who remain true to the guild continue to make it one in which they can take pride. Today, Mawgleah Simiril is the guild's fearless leader and they couldn't be happier. About 40 members currently call TRUE home.

The focus of TRUE is to enjoy the many aspects of Guild Wars in a friendly atmosphere. The guild encourages its members to have fun while interacting with friendly, like-minded people. The membership ranges in ages from 13 to 54 and represents several different countries.

PvE Game Discussion:

TRUE is neither a PvP or PvE specific guild. Rather, they have members who enjoy one over the other as well as those who enjoy both. However, PvE is what the majority of the guild enjoys most.

Members are into anything and everything when it comes to PvE. Like most other players, of course, they'll all get together and help each other through the missions to keep the guild "on the same page." If someone falls behind or they're starting a new character, it's not uncommon to see a "Call for Help" thread started in the TRUE forums.

If a guild member has been through a mission before, they volunteer advice on what build will work best and what to expect once inside. Otherwise, the guild just takes their time and learns as they go. They generally start off with a standard build of balanced healing, damage and support, and find out what they're getting into. If they fail the first time, they regroup and come back stronger. Sometimes that means luring to avoid mass aggro, or taking out enemies in a different priority.

TRUE's advice to other players is to avoid rushing. Most PUGs (pick-up groups) fail when they enter missions with little or no strategy and run headlong into danger. Before long, they're surrounded by twenty Hydras and their Monks are kissing dirt. TRUE goes in with a plan.

Typically, Rangers lay Traps and lure small groups of enemies into them. Upon arriving, enemies find themselves confronted by angry Warriors, fire from the spell casters, and a hail of arrows and degeneration. The Rangers use interrupts and Monks do their best to keep everyone alive.

However, before entering combat, the group makes sure that everyone in the party is rested and has full Health and Energy. "It's simple," one member says, "but a plan as simple as that could make the difference between a flawless victory and complete wipe out." Regardless of the result, TRUE knows the truth about Guild Wars: it's all about having fun.

Member Profiles
Meet the members of TRUE

Handle: Arbain Hestia
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Gaming Background: I'm not a huge gamer though I've been gaming since I can remember. Guild Wars was my first online game. I've since tried other MMOs but they've never came close to what we have in Guild's the great community we've put together.
Preferred Character: Arbain (Ele/Mo) was my first and still the one I spend most of my time playing. He's mainly for PvE and always loaded for a fire fight (no pun intended) but sometimes I'll take him into the PvP arenas for a change of pace.
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer

Handle: Edun Magicblade
Location: Kansas, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs and FPSs
Perfered Character: I like playing the damage-dealer in the party, mainly Ranger and Elementalist.
Position in the Guild: Guild Member

Handle: Nacht Shicht
Location: Austin, TX
Gaming Background: Diablo, Elder Scrolls, Quake, and more...
Preferred Character: I really love both Warrior and Mesmer. Though I've had to choose warrior as my "main" recently since it looks like new PvE content is coming out faster than I can complete it on all of my characters!
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer

Handle: Serena Corvidae
Location: United Kingdom
Gaming Background: RPG, RTS, although Guild Wars is my first online game
Preferred Character: I always play as a back line caster; however, I would say that my Mesmer is my favorite character. In PvE I usually run an interrupt build, it feels satisfying when you dominate your opponent and make it a much easier kill for your team.
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer

Handle: Nimbus Hawkeye
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Gaming Background: RPGs and RTS
Preferred Character: Ranger mostly, because I like the concept of finesse and skill. Warriors as a second favorite due to relatively easy play. However, that doesn't mean I don't play spell casters!
Position in the Guild: Guild Member, PvE based

Handle: Auntie I
Location: New Brunswick Canada
Gaming Background: Some hack and slash but mostly strategy games. My first computer game was ADV on a UNIX based system before personal computers were widely available.
Preferred Character: Um, well. I guess I'll have to say Ranger since I have two of them, but my first love has always been the Elementalist.
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer. Slightly right of left?

Handle: Tsukasa Kusanagi
Location: Maryland, USA
Gaming Background: I grew up on RPGs.
Preferred Character: Elementalist is my favorite class to play, followed closely by Necromancer. I love to play as an Aeromancer for the damage and Geomancer for its nifty defensive spells and wards. When I play my Necromancer, I like to either Curse enemies, or play a supportive role using Blood magic.
Position in the Guild: Guild Member

Handle: Valium in a Hallway
Location: New York City
Gaming Background: RPG games
Preferred Character: Mo/Me, W/E, A/Me, R/Me. I try to be as versatile as possible so when my team lacks something I can always switch to something else.
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer, PvP and PvE based

Handle: Kiddie Cake
Location: The Netherlands
Gaming Background: A variety of MMORPGs that I played for a while, and stopped after.
Preferred Character: Ranger. I first liked my Ranger because it has always been my main character and I got him nice stuff etc. But I also like him because Rangers are capable of a lot of things, especially since I can switch to every secondary profession and can play a lot of builds. My second favorite character is a Monk.
Position in the Guild: Guild Member

Handle: Gumpygrits
Location: Michigan, USA
Gaming Background: A little bit of everything.
Preferred Character: My first character was a monk, and I love the challenge of keeping my team alive. After running into a number of aggravating Mesmers, I finally broke down and created my own. When it comes to a Mesmer's attention, it's better to give than to receive!
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer

Handle: Crispin Eagle Eye
Location: Calgary, Canada
Gaming Background: I've dabbled in just about everything at one point or another
Preferred Character: My preferred character is my Monk. I needed more excitement than my Ranger was giving me so I created a Monk, and never looked back. Though recently with Factions out I really got to like my Elementalist. It's been hard trying to get all my characters playtime!!!
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer


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