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The Older Gamers [TOG]

Founded by the appropriately named Father, TOG (The Older Gamers) recently celebrated its fourth birthday. The guild spans twenty-four games, with Guild Wars as one of the many successful guild divisions. A multi-national gaming community with an ever-evolving roster, they have so many applicants that inactive members are periodically removed from the guild, with a standing invitation to return. Even with this restriction, the Guild Wars division hovers at the hard cap of 100 members.

TOG has one simple yet crucial requirement for membership. Recruits must be at least 25 years old to join the guild. As such, TOG is structured to accommodate all the stresses of adult life. Even if you have a full-time job and a family, the guild provides a stress-free environment where adults can relate to each other and share experience. If your play-time is limited due to the real-life responsibilities, you're past the quarter-century mark, and you yearn to game with people who understand your '80s pop-culture references, TOG might be the perfect guild for you.

The TOG website accommodates players from many different popular games and has a reputation for maturity and useful contributions. Members agree to follow a prescribed code of ethics, and are also generally friendly and helpful to members and non-members alike. In fact, it's not uncommon for TOG members to observe local chat in towns and outposts for the purpose of assisting or politely answering questions.

Currently, The Older Gamers consists of over eleven thousand registered members and is structured into 24 main game divisions. The community grows every day. Although members hope that TOG will one day be recognized as an international authority on games, the guild knows only that the future of TOG is something they can't predict, but eagerly look forward to.

PvE Discussion

The Guild Wars division of TOG is primarily focused on PvE as a cooperative, social activity. Although they have not attained high ranking on the GvG ladder, the guild comes together routinely for all sorts of events and goal achievement. On their rare forays into PvP play, they take whoever shows up. Cheering when they win and laughing when they lose, TOG takes it all in stride.

Most of TOG's play time is focused on helping each other get through the PvE portion of the game, advising and assisting new players, and honing skills in difficult challenges. When the Tomb of the Primeval Kings in the Crystal Desert was first opened as a PvE area, a group of TOG members hit the Tombs and spent the entire weekend mastering the area. When TOG gained access to the Deep and Urgoz's Warren, the guild attacked both with equal fervor, bringing their team together with public invitees to conquer the challenge.

TOG spends a lot of time inventing new strategies and methods to various in-game challenges, such as approaching Rotscale with various builds until finding the right combination for victory. Prior challenges have included sweeping through the Fissure of Woe with new Factions skills and creating new builds for old areas to breathe life and excitement into TOG's nightly adventures.

Nowadays, the guild finds that very little time is need to plan a mission. Several members have beaten all the missions many times over, and are always happy to help other TOG members along. For more challenging areas, like elite missions, the guild likes to experiment and try out new ideas. Teamspeak voice chat software plays a key role in helping the team communicate clearly.

However, when it comes to any kind of game play, TOG understands the importance of taking breaks. Some members have tasks like laundry, while others have children who need attention. TOG understands that real life issues come first, and that a game can only be fun if you're not worried about what's going on around you. In fact, sometimes they have to take breaks just to let members with arthritis in their hands rest a few minutes.

Alliance Battles are a new favorite venture, and the guild frequently discusses various strategies and forms ad-hoc groups for some quick fun on the battlefield. After a vote, the guild decided to ally with the Luxons. However, the guild entertains the notion of changing allegiance and taking a turn as allies of the Kurzicks.

Member Profiles
Meet some of the old timers of The Older Gamers

Handle: Celeste Driezon
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Gaming Background: A large variety of games, but not much PvP. Guild Wars is unique because teamwork makes all the difference in the world, as a player gets real-time advice and tips from others on the fly, which makes more sense than reading some guide on the web.
Preferred Character: Warrior/Assassin. My Warrior was my first Guild Wars character. At first I was skeptical, but my husband said "Cyclone Axe" and I was convinced.
Position in the Guild: Division Captain and North American Guild Leader.

Handle: Tarmantus
Location: California, USA
Gaming Background: My personal gaming background consists mostly of FPS, ranging from casual, single-player action to competitive, online play.
Preferred Character: If I'm by myself, I've been playing around with a Necro/Monk build for farming in the Prophecies desert areas. If the guild needs help with anything, I'll stop and field whatever they need that I can provide.
Position in the Guild: I'm currently a North American Officer, trying to do my best to help my fellow guild members out with whatever they are trying to accomplish.

Handle: Falaria Borg
Location: Canada
Gaming Background: FPS and RPG
Preferred Character: I'm one-half of a Necromancer gaming couple. When my husband plays aggressive with damage and interruption, I tend to linger in the shadows as support or enhanced damage. Alternatively, I play a healing Monk when needed and have become more confident with guidance and understanding from fellow TOGers.
Position in guild: Officer for the North American server side of the guild.

Handle: Vetinari
Location: North Carolina, USA
Gaming Background: Until joining the TOG Guild Wars division, I mostly played FPS games and simulations.
Preferred Character: Marianne Vetinari, Ranger/Necromancer with Barrage or a Touch-based build.
Position in the Guild: Officer and Webmaster for guild info site.

Handle: D S Healer
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Gaming Background: Prior to Guild Wars, I was a dedicated combat PvP enthusiast for over eight years, with the occasional FPS thrown in for a break. Guild Wars has a great storyline and challenging environment, so although I play some PvP, I'm primarily found farming the latest green or helping in PvE.
Preferred Character: Although I actually enjoy playing my "triple nuker" or my Ranger best, my Monk does more of the dirty work. He has a bit of a drinking habit due to long hours of healing or protecting.
Position in the Guild: Monk on call.

Handle: Tavari Kuune
Location: Minnesota, USA
Gaming Background: In this and other MMORPGs that I have played, I stick mostly to PvE.
Preferred Character: My main toon is a Ranger/Elementalist draped in Druid's gear. I mostly use Marksmanship and Expertise skills, with a few Fire nukes. I play around with different skills frequently trying out new things. I don't really go by any certain build.
Position in the Guild: Either standing close to the Monks so they can easily spot me to heal or hunting down that caster in the mob to interrupt him. Also, in towns, I can be found doing my /excited emote close to Celeste. Yee-haw!!

Handle: Flame Skye
Location: Canberra, Australia
Gaming Background: Mainly FPS.
Preferred Character: Favorite characters are my Necromancer and Ranger. I just love seeing all those numbers come up on the monsters when hit with Spiteful Spirit or when they're being mobbed by ten minions. Mysty Skye (Ranger) is fun when battle-Trapping and causing damage to monsters. I just love playing a Ranger.
Position in the Guild: Vice Division Captain and Leader of the Australian/European Guild (Temple of Older Gamers).

Handle: Ace Rimsey
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Gaming Background: I have played all types of games for many years with previous emphasis on RPGs and strategy games. When my PC has been fast enough, I also indulge in FPSs.
Preferred Character: My Ranger/Monk, Ace Rimsey, because of his versatility in PvP and PvE, needing only simple skill changes to deliver good mobility, ranged attack, healing, and interrupting capability.
Position in the Guild: I am currently a guild officer looking after players on the European servers.

Handle: Vtreka Swental
Location: Sydney, Australia
Gaming Background: I play just about everything: FPS, RPG, RTS. My favorites at the end of the day are a good mix of RPG & FPS and definitely a focus on PvE (games with a good storyline are few and far between these days).
Preferred Character: Elementalist/Monk is my favorite PvE character. I love the unmatched damage output of a Pyromancer backed up by the ability of a Monk to self-heal and aid the party with some healing relief and Condition removal when necessary.
Position in the Guild: Random groupie ^_^

Handle: Shania Shadowmaster
Location: Bordeaux, France
Gaming Background: I started my online gaming life with a major MMORPG four years ago. Since then, I have tried a lot of games, including FPS and RTS games.
Preferred Character: I like to play my first toon, a Me/M still in Lion's Arch trying to do the trip to Droknar's Forge. But as I'm alt'oholic, I have all my slots full with toons I really like.
Position in the Guild: I am currently a Euro guild officer in the Australian/European Guild.


"Fed up with big/impersonal, small/inactive, and 'i-pwn-u-n00b' guilds, I was ready to throw my toons off a Tyrian cliff. And then there was TOG An active forum, guild events, fun and helpful guildies (with good manners to boot)—loving it!" —Ona Nae

"I couldn't wait to hit 25 to join TOG!!!" —Xenogears77

"TOG GW is more than a clan, more than a guild; it's a community of friends." —Ozbrat


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