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Droknars Arena Dogs [DAD]

The appropriately named Droknars Arena Dogs [DAD] was founded by a core group of players who spent most of their time in Deldrimor Arena, a PvP zone originally located at Droknar's Forge. Although the arena has since been moved, DAD continues to hope and pray to Balthazar for the glorious day when the arena will be returned to its original location.

DAD was founded in the fall of 2005 with the intention of becoming a PvP guild. However, as it evolved, the guild found itself leaning more towards cooperative play. In its current form, DAD has a large membership consisting of a wide range of ages and interests. DAD thinks of itself as a family, and loves to help out members.

The main guild philosophy is a simple yet powerful "have fun." Leaders work to instill a sense of pride and competitiveness in the roster while reinforcing the age-old motto, "winning isn't everything. Win or lose, it's okay as long as you have fun."

The guild's website is a major source of pride to DAD. Designed by a professional web designer, the site offers many sections and special features, including a featured member of the month, screenshots of the week, and the roleplaying-themed "Chronicles of DAD." The guild also has two voice-chat servers available for members of the guild and alliance.

DAD averages 80 to 85 members at all times, even with a policy of removing members who have stayed inactive for three weeks or more. The guild has been so successful it has grown into four guild-sections contained in one alliance. Each section has its own leader and guild hall, but all sections are united under the Luxon banner and belong to the same alliance.

PvE Discussion

DAD does not give priority to any one aspect of PvE. In general, the guild pulls together to help members complete various goals. Whether the mission is to complete a quest or acquire a title, the guild needs little excuse to group up and go adventuring.

When first approaching a situation, the team determines what enemies it will encounter. After adjusting skills and professions to suit the nature of the challenge, the guild is up for anything. If DAD does fail, members discuss the factors that lead to defeat and alter their tactics accordingly.

DAD takes great pride in its PvE accomplishments. One member holds four Surivor titles, while another has over three million experience points. The guild is also pleased with its success in organizing events. One such event was a two-week scavenger hunt across Tyria and Cantha, with the winner claiming a reward in gold. Guild Hall Fun Night is another DAD favorite, and involves small contests to foster guild unity.

Member Profiles
Meet the dogs of DAD

Handle: Uncle Noteeth, I Pwn Gwen, Buxon Luxon, Ashia Bowtooth
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Gaming Background: Primarily RPGs. I bought an action-RPG for my nephew. Once I saw him playing the game, I went out and bought a copy for myself and I have been hooked on RPGs since then.
Primary character: Uncle Noteeth, my Warrior/Monk which I have had since I started playing the game. He has two maxed out titles: Protector of Tyria and Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer. I am working on the Elonian and Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer titles right now, and eventually hope to earn the Kind Of A Big Deal Title.
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader, Leader of DAD Alliance

Handle: Tonto Longshot, Poison Arrow, Imhotep The Dead, Si Me U Die
Location: Centennial, Colorado
Gaming Background: Primarily RPGs and some strategy.
Primary Character: My Ranger "Tonto Longshot" is my primary character. He has over one million experience points because I like to play him so much.
Position in the Guild: Officer in DAD1 and 2nd in command of DAD Alliance.

Handle: No Sword, Fun With Swords
Location: Utah
Gaming Background: I like all sorts of different styles of games from first person shooters to RPGs. Guild Wars is the only game I play at the moment. I like RPGs the best because you get more choices of how you do things.
Preferred Character: Elementalist/Monk. I use Elemental Attunement, Fire Attunement, Flare, Immolate, Rodgort's Invocation, Meteor Shower, Healing Breeze, Resurrect. This build works well for PvE. I seldom run out of energy and it has high damage skills for groups. I use Flare and Immolate to pick up the stragglers. I have the "Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer" title and I just earned the "Kind Of A Big Deal" title. I also have every elite skill for every profession in Prophecies and Factions, now working on Nightfall to continue my quest for the "Expert Skill Hunter" title. My major goal is to get the "People Know Me" title.
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader of DAD3 and 3rd in command of Alliance

Handle: Cortana Val
Location: Oklahoma
Gaming Background: I like PvP the most, I'm continually deleting and creating different builds to PvP with. I also play RTS, RPG, and FPS.
Primary Character: My Ranger, Cortana Val, mostly because the Ranger class is so versatile and can fill so many roles on the battlefield. I like to spread Poison around and Cripple a target to help my teammates finish it off.
Position in the Guild: Co-founder and officer in DAD1

Handle: Winter Xavier
Location: Lafayette, LA
Gaming Background: I'm a long-time console sports game burnout who wanted to try a MMORPG. My kids suggested Guild Wars and another popular MMORPG. I chose Guild Wars and can't imagine ever playing anything else. I'm mostly PvE.
Primary Character: Winter Xavier (Necromancer/Mesmer.) Awaken the Blood, Arcane Echo, Spiteful Spirit, Desecrate Enchantments, Leech Signet, Life Siphon, Insidious Parasite, Parasitic Bond. I run Curses at 12 + 3.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Fung Won
Location: The Great White North
Gaming Background: Anything that takes a long time, never ends, and allows me to trash talk. It helps if the game has an ultimate goal, but it's not necessary. Games with food in them are gravy.
Primary Character: I'm usually the sweaty feet of the operation. I prefer to support the group's needs rather than lead the charge. I spend most of my time making myself dizzy running circles around the group healing them with a Monk or shielding them with a Warrior. I tend to talk a lot and say a lot of stupid things. A successful combo of healing, Condition elimination, and power-ups lets me hit all my quick keys 1 through 8 and is very satisfying. Almost as good as eating a combo of turkey leg with bites of roast corn and fresh watermelon in between.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Immortal Darkone
Location: Los Angeles, California
Gaming Background: Mostly PvE. My favorite kind of game is RPG.
Preferred Character: Warrior/Monk. I play my tank (Immortal Darkone) the most because I am very experienced with him and his skills. My skills are mostly based on adrenaline; I'm also a very experienced alliance battler and PvPer and I am pretty good with my nuker.
Position in the Guild: Officer and Leader of DAD 4

Handle: Mr. Malus
Location: Washington
Gaming Background: I play a lot of different games, though I mostly get RPGs. I do PvE most of the time, but I occasionally do PvP; mostly scrimmages with everyone in my guild.
Preferred Character: Mr. Malus was the third character I made. He is a Ranger/Monk. I'm starting to grow fond of using Pin Down/Crippling Shot with Hunter's Shot now, but I usually stick to using a variety of strange skills. My play style is usually hit and run, if I'm ranged that is (which is most of the time).
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Natalya The Dark
Location: Alabama
Gaming Background: I've been playing since Pac-man on the Atari. Dang, that was a long time ago. I'd say as a whole I prefer RPGs, but I've also played FPSs.
Primary Character: I've loved the Necromancer since the day I made Natalya over a year ago. I've done almost every build you can come up with for Necromancers. I'd say my favorite build is the Arcane Echo/Spiteful Spirit. I just love to see all the pretty yellow numbers.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Dark Allies, Devilz Masterz, Nerros Rik, Devil King
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Background: (Guild Wars is the best game ever!) Mostly all of the games I play are RPGs. I prefer PvE because you can do more widely-ranged things like go into missions and do quests and unlock skills.
Primary Character: My Ranger/Monk (Dark Allies) is mostly a trapper so the skills that I use are Flame Trap, Dust Trap, Spike Trap (favorite skill), Barbed Trap, Quickening Zephyr, Troll Unguent, and Healing Breeze. He usually runs right into the battlefield and drops down some Traps and runs back.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Shadow Of Depth
Location: Long Island, New York
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: My preferred character is a Necromancer; I believe they possess colossal power and I have used that power to a great extent. Necromancers can bring down almost any foe. My favorite build mostly uses Blood Magic.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Dj Paul
Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Gaming Background: I've been gaming since I was four. I got Guild Wars because the work I was doing at the time made little extra cash and Guild Wars has no monthly fee to play. Now I'm kind of hooked on the game and love it.
Primary Character: Dj Paul (Warrior/Monk.) I love just getting in there and hacking away at the enemy.
Position in the Guild: Officer


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