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White Knights Templar [WKT]

White Knights Templar [WKT] was founded in July of 2006. The European guild immediately hit the ground running, since many of its members had a shared history, and knew each other well. Within a day of creation, they had a guild cape, hall, forum, and website.

Less than a month later, WKT had over sixty members. Currently, the guild hovers between sixty and seventy members, with eight officers and one leader. Most members are very active in the game. WKT sees itself primarily as a cooperative guild that focuses on PvE play. However, they happily venture in the occasional PvP match, and enjoy Alliance Battles.

Officers try to maintain a mature attitude on guild chat. To help set out firm guidelines for members, there is a list of rules for what can and cannot be said in guild chat. However, the guild rarely has problems getting along. WKT prides itself on a positive and helpful attitude. They have organized a guild lottery and auction system on the guild website to encourage in-guild trading. They also host "beach parties" and friendly competitions among members.

New members are always welcome. Players who are active in the game, like to try new things, and are interested in helping other people might find WKT a good match. All players are accepted to the guild, but can only stay if they follow the guild rules and keep a friendly attitude in all aspects of the game community.

PvE Discussion

One of the guild's top priorities is winning more titles for members. WKT also places great importance on the completion of quests and missions, exploration, and acquisition of new equipment. When encountering a challenge, the team adapts to adversity. If the guild fails a mission, they revise their Skill Bars to suit the challenge.

In combat, the guild prefers to target enemy bosses and healers before attacking any smaller prey. Although they work cooperatively and with great success, the guild has never found much use for voice chat software during combat. In future, the guild hopes to become more active with PvP, though they'll never forsake their PvE roots. Most members of the guild still concentrate on PvE as their favorite pastime.

Member Profiles

Handle: Teppic Lutze
Location: East Yorkshire, England
Preferred Character: My primary character is a Necromancer/Elementalist. I use Flare, Phoenix, Firestorm, and Curses to weaken enemies, and then when they die, I use Animate Bone Fiends or Minions. The rest of my skills are all Death Magic.
Gaming Background: I tend to play PvE games, usually strategy, though I do like social games as well.
Position in the Guild: Officer and Guild Webmaster

Handle: Conner Sephrenya
Location: Hereford, England
Preferred Character: Ranger/Monk. My Skill Bar varies depending on the kind of battle I'm going into. My favorite skills involve Crippling the enemy and Poisoning them. I love to watch them limp away, slowly dying.
Gaming Background: I would say PvE. I've played other MMORPGs.
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader

Handle: Kais Thrusthard
Location: Tyne, England
Preferred Character: It used to be the Warrior, but with the release of Nightfall I've been playing a Paragon/Ranger. I like the Health degeneration abilities.
Gaming Background: Not much, really. I've enjoyed several sim hunting games, however.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Havan Politrin
Location: Huizen, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: Ranger/Monk. I always play as a Barrager, but when someone needs to have an interrupter, I can also play that. I also like to bring my pet on adventures, as a kind of tank. It's always handy to have more allies in the party.
Gaming Background: I have played many games. Platforms, FPSs, RPGs, and much more. Guild Wars is the first MMORPG I've played.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Hecate Morningstar
Location: Derbyshire, England
Preferred Character: Elementalist/Necromancer. I use mainly degen skills, and Life Transfer is hardly ever off my Skill Bar. My standard build is Parasitic Bond, Life Siphon, Faintheartedness, Suffering, Vampiric Touch, Life Transfer, and Well of Blood.
Gaming Background: I have been playing PC games for years, but only recently started with MMORPGs.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Master Samanosuke, The Angel Ezekiel
Location: Nottingham, England
Preferred Character: I prefer to play as a standard Protection/Healing Monk, but am currently adventuring through Nightfall as both a Paragon and a Dervish.
Gaming Background: I've currently got my head burrowed into Nightfall, which I am really enjoying. I prefer playing the PvE side of the game, but nothing beats doing things with other members of the guild, and PvP allows just that.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Arcane Fighter X, W Terkan
Location: London, England
Preferred Character: I play my Ranger/Monk the most. My favorite combo is Barrage and Vigorous Spirit because I can heal myself quickly while using little Energy, but it only works where there are a decent amount of enemies. I play my Warrior more now, which I use for anything to do with PvP.
Gaming Background: Well, I prefer PvP. I always go for RPGs.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Flute Beverier
Location: Reading, England
Preferred Character: Protection Monk/Mesmer. I like Protective Spirit because in PvP/GvG/HA it is a way of protecting team members without having to worry about them as much. They can heal themselves. I also like Inspired Hex because of the Energy gain. I love my 15k Luxon armor, which I have dyed white.
Gaming Background: RPGs.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Odin
Location: Derby, England
Preferred Character: I love the Elementalist over any other character because of the versatility. An Elementalist with both offense and defense can become a devout healer or a lethal nuker as required. My favorite build uses Heal Other, Healing Breeze, Aura of Restoration, Fire Attunement, Flare, Flame Djinn's Haste, Glyph of Renewal, and Meteor Shower.
Gaming Background: I enjoy FPSs and fast paced games.
Position in the Guild: Officer


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