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The Torrencians [Tor]

Many guilds say they have a family spirit, but the Torrencians [Tor] really mean it. A family of gamers formed the guild in June of 2005. They chose the guild's name to honor a role-playing group from their days of pen and paper RPG play. The four-member family chose Guild Wars over other computer RPGs because they enjoyed the game play, graphics, and lack of a subscription fee. They wanted a game to casually enjoy at their own pace without the pressure of trying to get their "money's worth" every month.

When Guild Wars was first released, the family felt the game could expand their gaming experience beyond turn-based pen and paper play. The original goal was to save two platinum for a guild cloak. However, along the way, the family met friendly people. A community developed, and over the past year, the guild has reached a modest size. Tor has people of all ages and walks of life, including students, medical professionals, engineers, musicians, and professors. The guild enjoys both PvE and PvP, but since the release of Nightfall, they spend most of their time in Elona.

The Torrencians enjoy playing all aspects of Guild Wars. As a guild, they get together a few times each week to participate in GvG or HA play. Tor is often in the top 1,000 guilds, but their focus isn't on achieving top ladder rankings. As such, they welcome new and inexperienced players to join GvG battles.

When it comes to recruitment, The Torrencians might appeal to those looking for a small, close-knit guild. There is a code of conduct for members, and only those who accept the code may remain in the guild. Rules include standards of behavior when interacting with others: no flaming, bragging, objectionable language, or spamming. All players must abide by the EULA agreement and behave in an ethical and honest fashion.

The Torrencians currently has a roster of 40 players, 12 of whom are regularly active. This suits them fine, as they'd like to remain a small guild. Thanks to the alliance system, they've banded together with other guilds to increase exploration opportunities. The guild proclaims North Kryta Province and the Ice Tooth Cave as their favorite locations.

PvE Discussion

The one common interest that almost all guild members share is the acquisition of new armor styles and unique weapons for their PvE characters. The guild spent many hours earning Kurzick faction to acquire Amber Chunks for the vaunted 15k female Monk and female Mesmer styles. Most members complete quests individually, though the guild often groups for missions.

When attempting a mission for the first time, the guild prefers two Monks and six damage dealers. When a mission is familiar, they make minor changes, usually including a player with interrupts or Diversion.

The Torrencians are happy to offer advice. They suggest playing both PvP and PvE because learning in one may carry over to the other. While the builds and strategies may be different, basic principles such as Energy management, kiting, and skill combinations apply to both.

PvP Discussion

Shortly after Nightfall's release, The Torrencians designed and ran the following GvG build with success. The build depends on an adrenaline spike, with a Mesmer and two Paragons contributing. The Paragons are strong support characters with a good offensive punch; they also help Monks with Energy management and damage reduction. The Sword Warrior can split off and attack the opposing base or help the flag runner take out an enemy. The Mesmer is vital to the spike because of the ability to remove protective Enchantments while doing damage.

  1. W/E Lead
    Eviscerate, Frenzy, Executioner's Strike, Critical Chop, Shock, Rush, Bull's Strike, Resurrection Signet
  2. W/A Solo Sword
    "You're All Alone!", Sever Artery, Gash, Final Thrust, Signet of Malice, Healing Signet, Dash, Resurrection Signet
  3. Me/Mo Rezmer
    Energy Surge, Energy Burn, Spiritual Pain, Shatter Enchantment, Drain Enchantment, Diversion, Draw Conditions, Resurrection Chant
  4. P/x Commander
    "Incoming!", "Go For The Eyes!", "Brace Yourself!", "Stand Your Ground!", "Fall Back!", Anthem of Flame, Spear of Lightning, Resurrection Signet
  5. P/x Motivator
    Song of Restoration, Aria of Restoration, Ballad of Restoration, Energizing Finale, Aria of Zeal, "Watch Yourself!", Spear of Lightning, Resurrection Signet
  6. Mo/Me Blessed Prot
    Blessed Light, Shield of Absorption, Mend Condition, Gift of Health, Inspired Hex, Protective Spirit, Revealed Hex, Signet of Devotion
  7. Mo/Me Blessed Spirit
    Blessed Light, Shield of Absorption, Guardian, Gift of Health, Inspired Hex, Spirit Bond, Mend Condition, Signet of Devotion
  8. E/Mo Air Runner
    Blinding Surge, Lightning Orb, Windborne Speed, Gale, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Heal Party, Healing Breeze, Mending Touch

The Torrencians use voice chat during GvG, Team Arenas, and Heroes' Ascent. After GvG, the team frequently posts a self analysis of strengths and weaknesses. The guild encourages members to post at least one thing they did well and one they need to improve.

Member Profiles

Handle: Kaitrin
Location: Minnesota, USA
Preferred Character: I enjoy support characters the most. In PvP I seem to play Monk or Mesmer. I enjoy any defensive Monk build (I've never really tried Smiting). Not having the most inventive mind when it comes to developing builds, I would rather play what others tell me to.
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader

Handle: Tzuul
Location: Minnesota
Preferred Character: For PvP, my favorite characters are support roles like the Domination Mesmer. They generate a significant amount of spike damage and support Monks by keeping Warriors clean while shutting down an opposing caster. There's always a great rush of adrenaline when a combined spike from our team takes down a target. From the midline position in GvG, I like to monitor the overall battle and watch for opposing tactical moves such as a base gank or repair attempt.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Jade
Location: United States
Preferred Character: When I first started playing, I enjoyed the Ranger because that was what I had played in a previous online game. I made a Monk after that and, while I do enjoy playing a Monk and supporting the team, it took me a while to get the hang of it.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Node
Location: New Jersey
Preferred Character: Offensive characters that annoy the backline. My PvP Warrior, R T S D, is my current most-played character. Good Warriors are your offense and defense despite the stigma of it being a brainless, "mash-1-2-3" class. Plus it's fun unloading an adreno-spike on someone or solo-killing a Frenzied enemy Warrior.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Marillion Bloodbane
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Preferred Character: For PvP, my favorite characters lately are either a Warrior or a Mesmer. The coordination of a well-timed adrenaline spike and a Warrior's durability make it fun to play. Playing a Mesmer is great, especially when you can shut down the opposing team's Warrior or Ranger spike and thereby support your Monks. It is quite rewarding to disrupt an opposing spike and know that you were instrumental in preventing some deaths on your team.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Arquen Shadowfire
Location: Texas
Preferred Character: Monk, Ranger, Ritualist, but really anything. I usually play a supportive caster/healer type. I often play a Blessed Light Monk, Ritualist, or Mesmer to support the team. It depends on the situation or build we are running.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Clasko
Location: Minnesota
Preferred Character: I usually like to play my Ranger in both PvP and PvE. The higher armor rating is nice, and no other class has access to a pet. I tend to play most of my characters equally.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Eiko
Location: Minnesota
Preferred Character: The first character I made was an Elementalist. I prefer spell casters, although I have played Dervish and Assassin.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: ShadowMarth
Location: United States
Preferred Character: I mostly use my first character, a Ranger/Necro named Tanak Pharae. Typically I like to do all-around Ranger play, with interruption, Traps, and Poison.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Ruadan The Stubborn
Location: Colorado
Preferred Character: I like to play a Warrior. I beef up Swordsmanship and then hack-and-slash-and-bash my way to victory! I Will Avenge You!
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Turin Ironarm
Location: Texas
Preferred Character: I really like playing my Elementalist. I use him for mostly PvE, but I like the Elementalist class most because it is versatile. You can come up with either a high damage build or a support build. They can even be decent Healers. When we GvG I usually play either a secondary Warrior or a support caster type like a Mesmer or Elementalist.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Zeidaks
Location: Canada
Preferred Character: I like playing a variety of characters in both PvE and PvP. I have a character for almost every class, so in PvE, I am comfortable playing pretty much anything. On the PvP side, though, I prefer sticking to spell-casting classes, with my favorite class being the Mesmer. For me there's nothing better than wreaking havoc upon the casters of the opposing team.
Position in the Guild: Member


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