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Mirror of Reason [SNOW]

SNOW was founded in March of 2006 by Nymph of Meliai and Sir Luther Valdamor. The two founders liked children's stories, particularly Hans Christian Anderson tales, so they took inspiration from "The Snow Queen." In the story, there is a frozen lake called "The Mirror of Reason" from which the guild gets its name. Mirror of Reason bases its guild lore on the traditional story, and is even listed in the Wikipedia article about Hans Christian Anderson's "Snow Queen."

As a guild, SNOW has completed most quests and almost all of the PvE missions. They enjoy farming together, though some members prefer to hoard their cash while others spend freely. The guild has belonged to several successful alliances and has owned towns. Mirror of Reason now leads its own alliance with a strict code of behavior and respect toward others.

SNOW is proud of its PvE origins and still enjoys cooperative play on a regular basis, but they now find themselves increasingly interested in PvP play. Almost all members enjoy Alliance Battles and consider themselves experts in that arena. Some have even gone on to show talent for Heroes' Ascent. Although the guild isn't interested in "keeping up with the Joneses," they've recently tackled GvG after an eight month hiatus. During periods with a frozen ladder, they try to allow newer members as much GvG practice as possible.

Mirror of Reason's philosophy is not to take the game so seriously that it stops being fun, and they remind themselves of this on a regular basis. Guild Wars is a place SNOW aspires to constantly enjoy. However, members can sometimes forget this greater goal when focused too intensely on the moment. When overcoming a challenge becomes work rather than fun, it's time to step back and remember what's important.

SNOW aims to become well known for its active participants, fun-loving nature, and helpful members. They think of themselves as a good-cheer mafia: once you're in, you never really leave.

New recruits must seek to be treated with respect, enjoy a good laugh, and be interested in trying out the variety of activities the game has to offer. SNOW tries to be a versatile guild that helps players learn new skills. When considering an applicant for the guild, they try to keep a balance of PvP and PvE-oriented players. Currently, they're hoping to find more "not-too-serious" players with GvG and HA experience who are willing to pass their skills on to novices. However, the guild welcomes anyone to apply regardless of skill level or experience. Personality and activity are the two most important factors for SNOW.

Mirror of Reason often hovers at a full roster of 100, with most members active daily. Some members only have time to play on a weekly basis, but that’s okay. However, inactive players tend to be removed from the guild. Although SNOW dislikes taking anyone off their roster, there are too many active people seeking membership to allow any slots to lie dormant.

PvE Game Discussion

Mirror of Reason emphasizes individual achievement in its approach to PvE. For most missions and quests, they encourage members to try the task with a random group of people first. This helps SNOW recruit new players and makes the guild better known to the community.

As for combat tactics, SNOW says there is no real trick besides knowing your skills well and adapting to the circumstances. For example, players should make sure to equip cold damage when fighting in places like Hell's Precipice and fire damage for the Shiverpeak Mountains. Controlling aggression is often essential, but there are also times when you can lure one group of enemies into another, making them battle each other.

As for non-combat tricks, SNOW advocates one frequently-overlooked approach—pick up everything, ID items, salvage, and sell. All too often they hear the cry of people bemoaning a shortage of cash, even after they've left dozens of "white" items behind. If you grab everything that falls your way, you'll soon have a tidy sum of money. It's also important to make use of collector items and hold onto those tradable items.

PvP Game Discussion

In GvG, SNOW likes to run balanced or Elementalist spike groups, although they've also experimented successfully with gank groups. Recently, the guild has been striving to master the "1,2,3, spike" countdown and teach their newer players the importance of voice-chat software.

SNOW cannot stress enough the importance of using voice software for PvP. Senior members inform recruits how to download the client program and teach them how to access the guild's voice-chat server. They also recommend pre-match practice in the Great Temple of Balthazar. Experienced PvPers often spend up to an hour preparing for the first GvG of the night to make sure they get the build and spike countdown just right. When the ladder is frozen, SNOW encourages all players take part. When the ladder is active, though, they take steps to protect the guild's rating.

When running a spike team, SNOW targets over-extended people first and keeps pressure on numerous enemies before the team leader calls a target to spike. This makes it difficult for opposing Monks to counter.


Handle: Nymph Of Meliai
Location: U.K., Northumberland
Preferred Character: Ranger is the character I have played the most because it is versatile. I like to frustrate Warriors, Rangers, and Assassins with my turtle defensive build. Everyone should have a Ranger; it teaches you about aggro, range, AoE, and how to run.
Gaming Background: I am largely PvE and AB. I also have Rank 3 from HA and heading towards R4 largely through my Monk.
Position: Leader

Handle: Blood And Bones
Location: Australia – land of sun and surf
Preferred Character: Minion Mistress - Bonies never argue and are always willing to die for me.
Gaming Background: Mainly PvE but I have my deer emote from HA.
Position: Officer...except for the time when I convinced the Guild Leader to relinquish the top position. I had to give it back though...too much like hard work!

Handle: Sir Luther Valdamor
Location: United States, Michigan
Preferred Character: Warrior, Elementalist, Paragon
Gaming Background: I have done PvP, PvE, AB, FoW, UW, HA, and others but I am largely PvE and AB.
Position: Officer who keeps everyone to a high moral standard

Handle: Monowa Mirkwood
Location: British Columbia
Preferred Character: Necromancer, as it is fun and easy class to play especially once you have the right spells. I usually run into the front lines and just degen whatever suits my fancy.
Gaming Background: I play mainly PvE in Guild Wars and some PvP, mostly AB
Position: Officer who likes helping people.

Handle: Endless Divination
Location: United States, New York
Preferred Character: I kill the enemies quickly using Air Magic on my Elementalist, or protect allies against damage with Protection skills on my Monk.
Gaming Background: I usually PvE, but I have done PvP from time to time and find GvG and AB the most fun so far.
Position: Officer and chief recruiter

Handle: Lady Redi Fetius
Location: Canada (no, we don't live in igloos or eat blubber)
Preferred Character: I prefer to play my Monk. I love the Protection Prayers and Bonding is also fun…but any profession/build that helps my team out.
Gaming Background: I started on Prophecies and have completed it with my PvE Monk, Export A. However, I now prefer GvG and RA.
Position: Officer (We are all officers in the guild)

Handle: Warrof
Location: United States, Washington State
Preferred character: My main character is a Warrior but I prefer the Ranger, Elementalist and Necromancer.
Gaming Background: After several other MMORPGs I got hooked on Guild Wars and never left. I usually "hench" missions and am very knowledgeable about which henchmen suit each mission.
Position: Officer

Handle: Nodes PvP
Location: United States, New Jersey
Preferred character: I don't really have a preferred character that I like to play. However, I do like to Monk for the guild; other than that I'll do just about anything.
Gaming Background: In my first three months of playing GW, I was a major PvE player. I really liked working on getting titles and farming, but since I joined [SNOW] I have been PvPing a lot.
Position: Officer and GvG leader

Handle: Dark King Relek
Location: United States, Indiana
Preferred character: E/Me with Fire Attunement, Searing Flames, Glowing Gaze, Liquid Flame, Energy Tap, Glyph Of Sacrifice, Meteor Shower, and Resurrection Signet
Gaming background: PvP
Position: Officer, and the guy who is always online

Handle: Fuzz Bunny
Location: United States, Florida
Preferred Character: Paragon (with tough armor, snazzy dance moves, motivation, and the charisma to lead an army to victory against impossible odds; why play anything else?)
Gaming background: I am a huge team player and I love to PvP. I have played the most highly-praised PvP games and fell in love with Guild Wars after my first GvG. The intense teamwork and fast-paced action has far surpassed that of any other MMO I have played to date.
Position: Officer


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