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The Killer Clan Musketeers [TKCM]

The Killer Clan Musketeers [TKCM] is a proud, multi-cultural, multi-racial, and multi-lingual guild. In December 2005, members of an eight-year-old clan called "The Killer Clan {TKC}" of Diablo II moved to Guild Wars and founded the guild. It started with Vel who then invited Iva, the leader of {TKC}, to try the game. Iva spread the joy to her brother-in-law Dundee and soon the idea of TKCM emerged. On Jan 15th, 2006, TKCM registered as a guild and TKC's webmaster Bryon joined the exodus. In no time, TKCM grew from 4 members to a vibrant and relatively stable 80 members.

Forged from family values, the Killer Clan Musketeers emphasize freedom of choice while still holding members accountable to the Guild Wars code of fair play, honesty, and loyalty. TKCM members believe that they can protect their liberties only by protecting other people's freedom. They do not focus on PvE or PvP; rather, they enjoy "Everything Guild Wars!" and lead a Luxon Alliance of seven guilds.

TKCM has been a successful multi-faceted guild with a closely-knit, helpful community. They don't recruit through advertisements in any town or outpost. Instead, they let individuals mingle for a bit. While they can't say if this works better than the process of other guilds, they remember to have fun without hurting others. Like many guilds, they go through occasional turmoil but always prevail.

If anyone is looking for a stable clan that can provide the base for clean fun and exposure to both PvE and PvP, he or she can consider TKCM as a guild to join. They accept any friendly and outgoing person; but beware, they don't take in any mean-spirited individuals or loose cannons. The TKCM website has a standard application process.

About their cape, they say:

"Frankly, it went very well with the armors we had at that time we were setting up the guild. And over time we came to love it and never wanted to even think about a different design."

PvE Game Discussion

Someone says they need to do a mission and anyone in the guild or alliance who is available goes to help. The only thing that matters in PVE from the TKCM perspective is that the person being helped is happy at the outcome.

From their experiences in defeating all areas in Domain of Anguish they recommend one build that can complete all four areas:

E/D - Glyph of Concentration, Mystic Regeneration, Aura of Thorns, Conviction, Kinetic Armor, Stoneflesh Aura, Obsidian Flesh, Armor of Earth
E/Mo - Fire Attunement, Searing Flames, Glowing Gaze, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Extinguish, Meteor Shower, Glyph of Sacrifice, Resurrection Chant
E/Mo - Fire Attunement, Searing Flames, Glowing Gaze, Convert Hexes, Extinguish, Meteor Shower, Glyph of Sacrifice, Resurrect
E/Mo - Fire Attunement, Searing Flames, Glowing Gaze, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Convert Hexes, Meteor Shower, Glyph of Sacrifice, Rebirth
Mo/Me - Life Barrier, Life Bond, Vital Blessing, Balthazar's Spirit, Life Attunement, Blessed Signet, Mantra of Inscriptions, Rebirth/Resurrect
Mo/N - Ethereal Light, Dwayna's Kiss, Protective Spirit, Healing Seed, Heal Party, Healer's Boon, Necrotic Traversal, Rebirth
Mo/R - Blessed Aura, Spellbreaker, Serpent's Quickness, Protective Spirit, Shield of Absorption, Dismiss Condition, Spirit Bond, Rebirth
N/R - Well of Power, Blood is Power, Suffering, Symbiosis, Edge of Extinction, Comfort Animal, Charm Animal, Sunspear Rebirth Signet

The E/D works like a tank and takes all the aggro while the fire Elementalists destroy everything. Unfortunately, a detailed build discussion would take too long. But TKCM does point out the different resurrection techniques and Hex/Condition removals on each character.

Killing Margonite Lord Jadoth can be extremely easy in city of Torc'qua. Let the tank face the attacks from Jadoth. Maintain Health degeneration on him through curses like Suffering or Conditions like Burning. The main attack, Jadoth's Storm of Judgment, can hit multiple targets. The best way to avoid this is not to get hit. How? Jadoth generally targets someone and then this skill causes the spear to ricochet from that target to another target and so on. Observe who gets hit a lot and let that character move away from earshot range of the other party members while keeping Jadoth in the middle. The fire Elementalists and the Health degeneration will then defeat Jadoth.

PvP Game Discussion

The Killer Clan Musketeers likes to try fun builds that aren't just cookie cutters. As such, fame, rank and champion points have very little significance to them. Here's one GvG build they enjoyed during the Winterfest Season:

R/W - Hammer Bash, Crushing Blow, Irresistible Blow, Poisonous Bite, Rampage as One, Comfort Animal, Charm Animal, Resurrection Signet
W/A - Sever Artery, Gash, Final Thrust, "You're All Alone!", Signet of Malice, Enraging Charge, Healing Signet, Resurrection Signet
D/A - Victorious Sweep, Mystic Sweep, Signet of Malice, Ebon Dust Aura, Mystic Regeneration, Harrier's Grasp, Dash, Resurrection Signet
E/Mo - Fire Attunement, Searing Flames, Glowing Gaze, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Meteor Shower, Glyph of Sacrifice, Resurrection Chant, Extinguish
N/Mo - Tainted Flesh, Rotting Flesh, Signet of Lost Souls, Draw Conditions, Shield of Absorption, Holy Veil, Aegis, Resurrection Signet
Mo/Me - Dismiss Condition, Reversal of Fortune, Spirit Bond, Blessed Light, Gift of Health, Shield of Absorption, Hex Breaker, Channeling
Mo/Me - Dismiss Condition, Light of Deliverance, Infuse Health, Words of Comfort, Healing Touch, Holy Veil, Hex Breaker, Channeling
E/Mo - Blinding Surge, Lightning Strike, Healing Breeze, Mending Touch, Extinguish, Aegis, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Storm Djinn's Haste

Even though made for fun, TKCM still had a lot of success with the build. Running primarily out of the Isle of Meditation, they capture the top obelisk with the Elementalist runner while moving the rest of the team to the lower flag stand. Right from the get-go, this is a high pressure build. The Ebon Dervish acts as a deterrent to melee, while the thumper, Warrior, Elementalist, and Necro act as the main pressure builders. When splitting, the Dervish and/or Warrior and the runner skirmish in the enemy base.

To succeed in PvP, team member provide clear, short, concise, and pertinent information over voice chat. Also, their GvGers have played together in many matches, have over a million Balthazar faction, and strong team synergy. TKCM fine tunes builds with intra-guild skirmishes or with other guilds in the alliance. Practice makes things better and they don't care about ladder rank; so, they try builds mostly in rated matches. They generally have post-match discussions to make improvements.

Meet some Killer Clan Musketeers:

Handle: Iva
Location: Virginia, USA
Gaming Background: Eight years on Diablo, a few months playing EverQuest, one year playing Guild Wars (and I have all the campaigns).
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: The people I have met online keep the game fun for me.
Humorous gaming incidents: We ended up getting three of our guild teams in an Alliance Battle game once. (Kurzicks were shocked to see they were fighting an entire guild.) It ended in a very interesting open chat.
PvP or PvE: PvP because I like to try my skills against other players and work on improving my game play.
Favorite profession: Assassins; just because they are so quick and sneaky.
Funniest Thing in a Pug Group: A guy kept dropping an ecto on the ground and picking it up; unfortunately, he got an error7 on one drop before reconnection was introduced...
Primary/preferred character: Ritualist; I use mainly Channeling with some Restoration to help the Monks out.
Position in the Guild: Leader and co-founder

Handle: Vel
Location: Maryland, USA
Gaming Background: I've loved RTS & RPG throughout my life. Diablo, Starcraft, Baldur's Gate, etc. I am a HUGE Final Fantasy Fan. However, Guild Wars is my current favorite. I enjoy both PvE and PvP.
Preferred Character: In PvP I like to play any non-melee character except Monk. In PvE, I like to play the characters I don't usually play in GvGs; preferably a Monk or a Warrior.
Humorous gaming incidents: In RA, I faced a Warrior who used "Defy Pain!" and cast Fire Storm when attacked by a Ranger.
Favorite Monster: If I could be any monster in the game it would be an Avicara Ardent. Have you seen it kiting?
Skill Bar of a favorite build: My favorite RA Build (Rt/P) - Crippling Anthem, Shadowsong, Pain, Life, Mend Body and Soul, Spirit Light, Draw Spirit, Resurrection Signet. (Communing - 15, Restoration - 12, Spawning - 8, Command – 4.) Crippling Anthem triggers with Spirit attacks, helps allied melee players, and generally wreaks havoc on the enemy. At 4 adrenaline cost this is one of my most favorite skills. Also, this build has very good healing ability and most of the time does not come under the pressure that a Monk generally faces in RA or TA.
PvP or PvE: Both. 50-50.
Position in the Guild: Founding Officer

Handle: Bry
Location: California, USA
Gaming Background: 3 years Gemstone III, 3 years Guild Wars, 5 years EverQuest, 1 year EverQuest II, 2 years Ultima Online, 11 years Diablo II, 5 years Rise of Nations, and 5 years Age of Empires. Yes, I am a gamer dad!
One interesting fact about yourself in real life or your character in game: I actually have both of my kids playing the game as well with me. We spend time together in the game as well as out of Guild Wars. I work full time, go to school full time, and coach almost full time. So, I would say it's interesting that I get to play.
Guild Wars deity to represent you: In a game based on hacking things up, strategically or otherwise, who better to be than Grenth?
Biggest triumph in Guild Wars: Just being with some great people in a great guild. You won't find a better class of people. No game is any good if the people you associate with ain't worth their weight in gold, and our clan has surpassed that for so many years.
Primary/preferred character: Lately it's been the E/Mo build that our guild leader turned me onto. Basically I just set everything on fire as often as possible and laugh the entire time I'm doing it.
Position in the Guild: Officer, 1 of the 4 Horsemen, Webmaster

Handle: Dundee
Location: Virginia, USA
Gaming Background: Started on the good ol' Atari's way back when and haven't stopped since. Love GW for the variety of gameplay and ease of play.
Preferred Character: Necro
Position in the Guild: Officer and co-founder

Handle: Six/Bob
Location: Maryland, USA
Gaming Background: RPG and FPS. I played Diablo 2 for around 7 years; played Halo, Halo 2, and CS for many years as well. I currently play Guild Wars and have been playing for 18 months.
Preferred Character: Monk 24/7. Divinia Essentia is my Monking companion. Many times we swap up frontline/backline Monk positions during the heat of battle without discussing. We just know how the other thinks.
Favorite Monster: If I could be any monster in the game it would be a grawl. The reason to my madness is that grawl have the best monster sound in the game. "Ree Rah Rah!"
Funniest Thing in a Pug Group: Probably this Warrior I saw in random arenas yelling "I AM THE FIRE MAGE!" and using Glyph of Lesser Energy, Meteor Shower and Firestorm.
Real life experience about GW: I have nightmares about not being able to heal the party, and wake up talking in my sleep and trying to type on a keyboard. Sleepwalking/talking FTL.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Five Point Nine/Bob
Location: New Jersey, USA
Gaming Background: FPS and RPGs, mostly. I've been focused on Guild Wars for the past year.
Preferred Character: I play Monk 99% of the time. I love to keep the party functioning with Six, the other half of the Bobby Twins. Our psychic connection is kinda freaky.
Favorite Monster: Without a DOUBT, the grawl. Three reasons: "Ree Rah Rah!!" It's sort of become our Guild Chat greeting.
Funniest Thing in a Pug Group: That would definitely go back to the beginning of Factions, when Assassins were despised in PvE for being glass cannons. We came across one spamming for a group in Arborstone with the following: "Assassin LFG, I have Prot Spirit."
Biggest Triumph in Guild Wars: That would have to be in the old days of the GvG ladder, we were around rank 900, finding our groove, and a rank 60 or so guild called us a PUG across local chat in a GvG. They didn't have much to say after we flawless'd them.
Position in the Guild: Officer, Bobby Twin Number 2

Handle: Ray
Location: Michigan, USA
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: I like Guild Wars because of its variety. I can come home after a long, hard day at work and relax with some PvE or, if I have the ambition, try my hand at some PvP. Guild Wars allows me to play with others or alone, depending on my mood. Most games don't give this option to such a broad extent. It's either multiplayer or offline play. Guild Wars has blended this flawlessly.
Most embarrassing moment in Guild Wars: Spending an hour with some fellow Guild members going out to cap a skill and then getting there only to notice I had no cap signet loaded on my Skill Bar. It was amusing for a brief moment before we had to start over again.
Prefer PvP or PvE: I prefer PvE more because, unlike other games with multiplayer aspects, there are only a small amount of maps, with no user control to add more. If there were more maps for multi-player I would like it a little more. For now I enjoy just about every aspect of PvE from playing on my own, with friends, or helping out strangers with quests and missions. I always find something new I didn't notice before to amuse me.
My guild is the greatest: I would say it is because of how relaxed we are. We play to have fun. Our guild is one that always helps out when asked and our members give of themselves without expectations of repayment. We try to make sure everyone is having fun and help those who are stuck in some hard areas of the game. Another thing is how our members go out of their way, and abandon what they were doing, to help total strangers. A competitive attitude and the reality that having a good time is more important than winning makes for a respectable guild that I wouldn't trade for any other.
Guild Wars is the greatest game: One word...Epic
Position in the Guild: Officer and Uncle Ray Ray, the Teamspeak server manager :)

Handle: Wes
Location: Tennessee, USA
Favorite Aspect of Guild Wars: The level and attribute cap is my favorite thing about Guild Wars because it means being good at the game isn't a matter of time spent leveling. It's the skills on your bar and how you use them.
Most Embarrassing Moment: I used to run Droks and on occasion during runs I would start dancing and stripping off armor as soon as I broke aggro...I was most of the way down Lornar's Pass when I did this once, but I hadn't lost aggro completely and got myself killed. I felt terrible.
PvP or PvE: The "PvP or PvE" question is another thing that makes Guild Wars such a good game: They are two totally different games, both of which are great. I spend more time in PvE unless I'm looking for a competitive rush.
Preferred Character: The Dervish has supplanted my old nemesis, the Mesmer. The Dervish's combination of healing power, damage, and Conditions makes them enemy number one for meβ€”though Mesmers haven't fallen far.
Reason to join TKCM: My old guild was in an alliance led by TKCM but our player activity was dropping, so our active core merged with them. It was great for us because we got to stay together and become part of a fun and thriving guild.
Position in Guild: Member

Handle: Fire N' Majix
Broad location: Canada
Humorous gaming incidents: Fire can share one that he still laughs at today. During the Halloween event 2006 when the Mad King came, he challenged a person with IGN "You Will Die Noob" for a round of rock, paper, scissors. When both Mad King and the guy he challenged ended up in a tie, Mad King's comment was "A tie how boring, You Will Die Noob!" Both of us were laughing out of our seats.
PvP or PvE: Majix prefers PvP over PvE because he thinks it's more fun to get people together; also, it involves more strategy. Fire likes them both a lot; PvP is fun as it's never the same thing twice (except for FoTM....). And for PvE, Fire likes it when we just group up with friends and go do some missions; it can be quite funny at times.
Primary/preferred character: Majix enjoys a balanced character like the Ritualist. It can be defensive with healing, yet also pressures with offensive spirits. For Fire, his first love is his Necromancer; it was his first character to get 15k armor and was a lot of fun to play. You can support people with skills such as Blood is Power while dealing damage with things like Spiteful Spirit.
Gaming background: We were more of a console gamer before we got into Guild Wars. Fire went to PC gaming a bit earlier playing games like Counter Strike and Starcraft. Soon Fire saw Guild Wars as a FREE MMORPG; he loved RPGs on consoles so he gave it a shot. Soon enough Majix came with him and both started playing Guild Wars.
Skill Bar of a favorite build: Majix likes to make up his own build while Fire likes to follow the flow. Here's Majix's build: W/A – Dismember, Iron Palm, Lacerating Chop, Axe Twist, Entangling Asp, "Victory Is Mine!", Signet of Toxic Shock, Resurrection Signet. He likes this build because it can inflict four Conditions and the two knockdowns severely disrupt spellcasters.
Position in the guild: Members. We are best buds and can't be separated in an interview. You gotta have us both!

Handle: Joe
Location: Georgia, USA
Gaming Background: Competitive PvP-based MMORPGs: Ultima Online, Shadow Bane, Dark Age of Camelot, Diablo 2, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars (since the very first beta).
Preferred Character: I really like to play all characters. I prefer, though, to lead the group or play a thinking role. This leads me to play less focused characters so I have more time to think about strategy.
Position in the Guild: PvP Leader and ex-officer.


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