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The Phoenix Inquisition [NiX]

Guild Discussion

Death before dishonor. Integrity before gain. Family before self. These are the principles that the founding members of the Phoenix Inquisition [NiX] have adhered to with a passion since the guild's inception. So why the Phoenix Inquisition?

NiX deliberately chose a phoenix to represent themselves. This mythical fire bird is an emblem of immortality. But, beyond that, it is a symbol of rebirth after seeming disaster. When forming the guild, they knew that, above all, they wanted to do things differently. Their image of a desired community was difficult to articulate, but the phoenix symbolized the hope, purity, and continuity they sought. The phoenix reminds NiX that fire and passion keeps them refined and alive.

Although the word "inquisition" has a bit of a negative connotation, it does have a positive side. The word indicates a searching—a hunger—and a desire to know, learn, and experience. Combined, the Phoenix Inquisition is a name that says, "We are here to experience one another in the context of this adventure, to share, to grow, to exist as one."

With roots as far back as 1999 in games like Ultima Online and Asheron's Call, NiX has a long history. Since that time they have evolved, but many current players have been involved in NiX's success from the beginning. The family has grown and some of the names have changed, but the initial ideas have remained the same over almost a decade. Their current Guild Wars alliance consists of: Dark Regulators, the Sapphire Knights, and Steele Predators. Together they have formed a great community and exist together as a giant family.

Originally, the Phoenix Inquisition moved into Guild Wars because they thought it would act as a bridge to other games. As a guild, they say they "had given up on Ultima Online ever being fixed and were planning to move on to another game." Guild Wars was suggested as a way for them to maintain relationships and grow while they waited for some new game to be released. When they got here, they fell in love with the game and just couldn't leave.

Members of NiX find a level of family and unity they can't find elsewhere. They embrace the concept that once people enter NiX halls, they are part of something greater and never again walk alone. While NiX is a larger guild, they don't track numbers and believe in recruiting personality over play style. They'd rather teach someone to play a new template than teach somebody to have a good attitude.

The Phoenix Inquisition works hard to provide an outlet for every individual's play style, whether in PvP or PvE. They offer regular events, many of which are unique and overlap other events. For example, the PI: Conquests event can be summed up as a Guild Wars version of the board game RISK. NiX also hosts an online radio talk show and maintains a website with more detailed information about the guild.

PvE Discussion

For PvE priority, they don't establish importance on any one aspect because it opens the door to trouble. Instead, they simply encourage members to announce anything they want or need to do and, likewise, encourage the other members to go do that with them. Who would've thought that the idea of doing what you like to do with a group of people who do what they like to do would work? Crazy...

NiX boasts of a strong and unique community, where everyone is good friends. Members can expect to find a community active in all aspects of the game, in TeamSpeak, and even on message boards. One member even played guitar over TeamSpeak during the "lions, tigers, and bears...oh my" event.

When asked about tricks of the trade, NiX responded:

"Have fun. Most of all have fun. This is a game but we are all real people, not just computer screens and headphones. Remember that the people in your party, guild, and alliance are real people and treat them that way. Do this and it'll make your overall gaming experience so much better. For whatever reason, this mentality seems to be lacking in the mmorpg community... NiX makes it a point to remember this."

To extract your team from a sticky situation, NiX says "Type /resign...just kidding."

Player Profiles
Say hello to the Phoenix Inquisition

Handle: Lord Griff of NiX
Location: Arkansas, USA
Position: Guild Leader/Co-founder/Council member
Primary Character: My W/N. I use Virulence as my elite and stack it on after Gash to cover Deep Wound. I have found it to be diversified enough to use in PvE and all forms of PvP except GvG. For straight GvG or PvP action, I take turns on my W/E, M/E, & Rt/A.
Gaming Background: I am a PvPer at heart, but still enjoy romps in the Guild Wars countryside. My gaming dates back to tabletops, including D&D and Vampire: The Masquerade. In the late 90's I began playing online ladders in Heroes of Might & Magic III. I was hooked on online games from that moment on. My first love was Asheron's Call. I led a guild of 250+ for several years before members began moving to different games. I myself began playing Ultima Online with friends and co-workers. After many months of hacks, cheats, and exploits, we finally grew tired of dealing with UO, but were waiting on Vanguard to come out. We all decided to give GW a whirl in the meantime....what we saw blew us away. Never did we expect to find a game that fit us so well when we first strolled through Tyria.

Handle: Glenn Beck
Location: Arkansas, USA
Primary Character: I play more than eight different templates, but my most interesting one is my Virulence Ranger (Superkranker of NiX). He is a PvP Ranger/Necro. Skills: Apply Poison, Choking Gas, Throw Dirt, Virulence, Distracting Shot, Whirling Defense, Troll Unguent, and Plague Touch. Naturally, Resurrection Signet must replace one of these skills in some PvP. Against Monks, a good Poison/Choking Gas/Virulence combo can put them on the defensive and force them away from their team (so as to not spread the gas and Conditions) and if I have a Fragility Mesmer on my team, the combo can be lethal. He works well in Hero Battles with a Monk, KD Warrior, and interrupt Ranger. People don't expect it...
Gaming Background: I played D&D back in the day. Moved up to Nintendo when it first came out and enjoyed games like Rygar and Final Fantasy. My first MMORPG was Ultima Online, which I played for about three years before moving to Guild Wars.
Position: Co-founder/Council member
Why I Joined: Griff and I founded the guild because we are both natural leaders and found it difficult to deal with the dictatorship mentality of some guild leaders (especially in Ultima Online). We spent a good time planning and developing this guild and are honored by the response we've gotten from the MMORPG community.

Handle: Chimera of NiX
Location: Houghton, Michigan.
Primary Character: My Warrior, Chimera of NiX. Chimera was the third character I made, a Prophecies character. I guess he just fits my personality the best. My Skill Bar is loaded with dishing out pain in the best way I can find, with a heal (usually Lion's Comfort) to give my Monks a break in the tough situations. NiX has some of the best Monks I have ever seen, so that doesn't happen all too much. When I'm just having fun I like to switch to W/N and take my pet Dire Hyena along. Right now his name is Giggles, because he likes to laugh like most hyenas, but he does it when he kills something.
Gaming Background: Guild Wars is the first RPG that I liked. I also play FPS (Halo, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, etc.) and RTS (Command & Conquer, Warcraft, Age of Empires).
Position: Officer. NiX is run differently than most guilds I know of. We like to call ourselves a family, and treat each other like family; respect is a big thing with us. Also we operate with a council. Anything that needs to be decided is talked among our council (all officers and leader) then voted on; we get the opinions of as many guild members as possible.
Why I Joined: When I was looking for a guild, they took the time to actually get to know ME, and the interest in each other didn't end once I joined. It wasn't, "Good, we got him. Lets start getting more." It was, "Cool, we got him, another member of the family!"

Handle: Lady Jazmyn Dawn (Jaz)
Location: Arkansas, USA
Primary Character: My original online game name was Jazmyn Dawn and she is known as being in a support role. So when moving to GW from Ultima Online I wanted to continue the tradition. I made Lady Jazmyn Dawn for PVE as a Mo/Me and recently made Princess Jaz of NiX for PvP a Mo/D. I know a lot of people who would say "Why have two Monks?" However, I'm very sentimental about things and just couldn't change Lady Jaz's template. She's been rocking for too long.
Gaming Background: I actually do a little of everything. I like PvE and I love PvP. I do not have the killer instinct in PvP, but I do have the drive to keep the party alive.
Position: Officer. However, we have leadership only to deal with issues, keep events alive, and recruiting purposes. Other than that, our members run us. We feel them out to see what they want next. Of course, officers run missions and things with our members, but the greatest feeling in the world is when a newer family member asks for help and there are three members who come back and respond before an officer has time.
Why I Joined: Hmm, why did I join? First it was because my brother-in-law and my "new" boyfriend ran it. I was actually a council member in another guild on UO. So when I joined, I only got to play when I snuck away from the heavy restraints of leadership in that guild. I wasn't really known in NiX except as Griff's g/f or Glenn's sister. However, after the guild that I had known and loved began falling apart I just couldn't stand to watch it because I had seriously built the membership in there single-handedly. So now I have the greatest opportunity to help build NiX from the ground up, this time under great leadership and with a true family feel.

Handle: Keyser Sose V (1995 Movie Character from "The Usual Suspects." Romanian Mafia leader feared by everyone who hears his name! A.k.a. Keyser Soze VI, The Apostle Saul, I Nominee Parti.
Location: Penticton, British Columbia, Canada Okanagan Valley, Bedroom # 3 Facing North, Second Floor.
Primary Character: Keyser Soze V BP/Ranger
XP- 1,091,544 Skill points 55/108
Level 20 Infused/Ascended Ranger/Monk
Titles: Tyrian Trail Blazer, Treasure Hunter
Pet: Snow Wolf; Amadeus
Pervious Pet: Grizzly Maximus
Equipment used: Bansheh's Longbow, Uhiwi's Short bow, Elswyth's Longbow, Ryver's Short bow.
Favorite Quote: ENVY the nation who has HEROES, pity the nation who needs them!
Gaming Background: Started online gaming in Operation Flashpoint (Military FPS). Need for Speed, UG/UG 2, Most Wanted, Delta Force Xtreme, Call of Duty series, Medal of Honor series, Guild Wars series.
Position: Officer/Recruiting Contact
Why I Joined: Joined the guild by recommendation on 10/29/2006. Felt I needed a better opportunity to learn the game from established players. Have always believed in the strength in numbers mentality and have always enjoyed the camaraderie of online play.

Handle: Maul
Location: Near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Primary Character: My Warrior, Maul Person. He tends to get in real close and bang away on anything and everything. He is long on brawn and very short on tactics, LOL.
Gaming Background: Prior to GW, primarily RPGs, Baldur's Gate, Civs, and Neverwinter Nights I. My son-in-law introduced me to Guild Wars 20 months ago and that was that. Still, while I'm much more experienced in PVE play, the PVP approach available in GW does broaden the game's appeal to me.
Position: To use a trite expression, a rear rank spear carrier and generally enthusiastic joiner-in.
Why I Joined: In the time I have played Guild Wars, I have been in a number of guilds and an officer in a couple of them. I am aware of what it takes to maintain a long-standing guild. While I actually didn't join NiX right away, I became aware of the guild 7 or 8 months ago. Their democratic leadership style, as well as their "lets sit down and discuss it approach" to resolve the inevitable clash of wills, impressed me.

Handle: Glacier Wulf
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Primary Character: Primary is Ranger/Ele; I enjoy being a second-line player and my method is pretty much draw out and kill, or divide and conquer.
Gaming Background: I came to Guild Wars from a game called Ferentus. I'm mostly PvE but just starting to dip into the PvP waters.
Position: ...soldier
Why I Joined: I ended up with NiX for a few reasons: maturity of players, a real and honest concern that all members are helped whenever possible, and a desire to fight with honor and respect those met on the journey. I believe our strength comes by maturing as players in our chosen classes and watching the backs of our fellow guildmates in and out of the game. So with much pride, I wave the NiX flag and stand shoulder to shoulder with this, my chosen family.

Handle: Gerald Brightsword or Father Wolfguard.
Location: New-Brunswick, Canada.
Primary Character: The Dervish class is versatile enough that you can find a spot on any team. Monk is another favorite of mine, because you'll never find a party that doesn't want you. It's always great to be wanted.
Gaming Background: I only play PvE; slaying monsters and saving the world has always struck me as more civil than beating down other players. I'm an active player of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: the Gathering, so the fantasy aspect of PvE appeals to me.
Position: One of the many members of the Phoenix Inquisition.
Why I Joined: I was running around Elona making the world safer for everyone when I teamed up with another adventurer. My partner was so helpful and fun to grind quests with that I had to join his guild. High member participation and events held by the guild serve to bind members closer to each other. You can't find that in other guilds.

Handle: Teleria Chaos
Location: Indiana, USA
Primary Character: Tough call between my Necromancer and my Elementalist. With my Necromancer, I can call upon an army of minions and put Putrid Explosion on them while standing back behind the lines. With my Elementalist, I can lay down the nukes to obliterate the enemy while lighting the rest on fire.
Gaming Background: Started with the old gaming consoles with Mario Brothers and evolved into playing games like Final Fantasy on PS2. Guild Wars is the first PC game that I have ever stuck with, starting back from the betas. I highly enjoy playing the PvE portion of Guild Wars in all three chapters.
Position: Member
Why I Joined: A friend of mine who was currently in the guild suggested that I joined since he believed NiX was the best guild in the game. I tried it out and agreed. The guild is orderly and often has events in and out of the game going on like armor contests, cape design contests, and its own online radio show. Most members in the guild are mature adults that are happy to lend out a helping hand or just tag along for the company.

Handle: General Tyr
Location: Tennessee, USA
Primary Character: I enjoy the Ranger side of the game. Rangers are close enough to the battle to see what's going on while being far enough away to react in case a stray Warrior goes looking for my healer. The typical build I use is R/Me. With a combination of different skills I'm able to start a major Health degen on chars that will most definitely dampen even the best playing...for a little while at least.
Gaming Background: For me the PvE side of the game is where it's at, even though I've made it to the endgame on all three chapters. I credit this to constantly loving to help others in the guild and to sheer laziness...though I'm not sure which one takes the cake!
Position: Officially, I'm a guild officer; more importantly I'm a member of NiX.
Why I Joined: Joining NiX was a combination of many different things, which for time's sake I won't delve into. The real question should be why have I stayed with NiX? It's plain and simple: the people. We are a game guild, yeah, but what separates us is our sincerity towards one another. There have been times I've logged in with no intention of playing Guild Wars at all, but rather to chill in the guild hall and have a good time with my friends on TeamSpeak or guild chat. With a solid foundation, great leadership, and loads of great friends (I would call each one a member of my own family), why would I want to leave?


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