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Guild of the Week
The Ladies Rhythm and Movement Club [MOVE]

Guild Information

The Ladies Rhythm and Movement Club [MOVE] is perhaps most noteworthy for its monthly events, which often fill a district with the crowd of players they attract. Every month, [MOVE] officers flock to some the silliest competitions and contests ever conceived for the world of Guild Wars. Have you ever run a death-defying, naked race with five to seven other guildies through the Breach or Pongmei Valley? Have you ever found a series of brain-busting riddles on your guild website you must decipher in order to locate in-game locations for a massive, campaign-spanning game of hide and seek? Have you ever felt the delight of a crowd of players shouting answers to Guild Wars trivia questions you wrote in a district-filling, charity trivia contest? Have you ever logged onto your guild's Ventrilo server to find everyone calling each other "Max Power" because on Max Power day, everyone is named Max Power? The officers of [MOVE] have done all of this and more. But they don't really brag about it much, because they know that next month, the event will be even bigger!

The unofficial guild philosophy is: Anywhere. Anytime. Anything. Who needs help? Name a mission and you'll soon find yourself in a full party of [MOVE] officers on your way to master's completion. Name a green weapon and two Monks show up to farm, free-of-charge. Name an elite skill and watch the Signets of Capture fly. From pre-Searing Ascalon to the Domain of Anguish and all stops in between, [MOVE] is the master of all things PvE.

Everyone who joins the Ladies Rhythm and Movement Club is an officer. Everyone has the privilege of inviting friends and peers into the fold. An entry pass into [MOVE] is not easy to acquire, however. Invitations into [MOVE] are highly sought after, and membership hovers between 80 and 100 players at all times. Invitations are quickly sent out to fill any gaps, so entry is largely a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Officers must strive to be social, respectful, and friendly both within the game and in life, or they will find themselves out the door.

[MOVE] officers are also as diverse as they are numerous. At least a third of the guild roster are female players, and members range in age between 18 and 45. They are proud to have players from across the globe as well (U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, Peru, Mexico, and Korea). They have doctors, teachers, computer technicians, kickboxers, metal musicians, philosophy students, and future lawyers on-board. A couple even met in [MOVE] and fell in love through Guild Wars. Certainly, [MOVE] is a forum for all types of people to come together.

Moving Through PvE

The varied membership approaches the game in many different ways, yet they have a consensus about how to defeat certain enemies. Some Elementalist enemies (particularly the ones in Elona) can devastate your party with a single Liquid Flame attack. It's always good to bring someone whose sole purpose is weeding out such key targets. An anti-casting, interruption Mesmer can stop the tougher spells from being cast. An Assassin can drop an enemy before he does too much harm. Better yet, a Ranger with Broad Head Arrow can turn the fiercest tortureweb dryder into a harmless house spider.

Rather than preferring any specific area, the club congregates in its guild hall. Its members often wait around dancing, chatting, or having rock, paper, scissors fights until people shout out missions. The hall has all the comforts of home, as well as picturesque vistas for screenshots, and quick access to most areas in the game. Plus, it's nice to look at and has a funny frog in it.

The officers of [MOVE] are experienced with and enjoy all of the game's missions, but more than anything, [MOVE] likes missions such as Thunderhead Keep, Eternal Grove, and Dzagonur Bastion, because they require coordination and cooperation. They like to defeat incoming enemy waves quickly and joke around while waiting for the next wave.

Move In on Master's Level

[MOVE] says a balanced group is essential for the Master's completion of any mission in Guild Wars. They see missions falling into two categories, depending on how damage should be dealt out.

Missions that require sheer force—such as time-based missions in Factions where your party must contend with large waves of enemies—are best handled with the following group. Two or three fire Elementalists lead the charge with a constant barrage of fire nukes. A mass of nukes is a sight to behold and decimates large groups with ease. If enemies charge at the healers or casters, nukes can also be used defensively, to scatter or freeze the approaching horde in their positions. (A Barrage Ranger or damage-intensive Dervish may substitute for one of the nukers if three Elementalists can't be found.)

A minion master Necromancer supports the Elementalist by providing bodies to keep enemies at bay. A healing Ritualist working in tandem with a healing Monk keeps everyone—including the minions—alive with Spirits and party heals. A Paragon or earth Elementalist with wards can give a defensive boost to the heavy hitters, and they work well because of the large number of bodies on the field.

Next, it is important to bring someone who can quickly dispatch key targets such as Monks, Elementalists, resurrection Paragons, and Ritualists within the enemy mass. Bring an Assassin, Mesmer, or Ranger to prevent these key targets from affecting the battle while the heavy hitters drop the rest of the enemies. Finally, while tanks are not as crucial in sheer-force situations, it may help to bring along someone to guard exposed casters from Assassins and hammer Warriors while the minion count is low.

In contrast, missions requiring concentrated damage on a single target at a time, those in the Realm of Torment where enemies replicate when low on life, would benefit from a different, more melee-based grouping. A trio composed of a Warrior, Dervish, and Assassin lead the charge here. Their primary job is to attack in unison, dropping key targets such as Elementalists and Monks first. This trio attacks one target after another with concentrated melee spike damage. They should always keep an eye on their own casters and have someone ready to return to the backline to fend off enemies when necessary.

Two Monks keep the trio healthy, and a protection Monk should be considered to buff up Warriors who are pulling or fending off many enemies at once. A Mesmer and curse Necromancer team belong in this grouping as well. They can effectively reduce every enemy the melee trio fights to soft targets with Hexes and Conditions. Finally, while a nuker Elementalist is not as crucial in concentrated damage situations, it helps to have one on board to make the fights go a little bit quicker. The nuker should concentrate on herding enemies and finishing off weak foes while the melee fighters pummel them to death one by one.

With slight adjustments depending on the mission requirements, the above templates should be good starting points for most missions in Guild Wars. For example, if you expect to face running enemies, substitute a water Hex into your regular Elementalist's build. If fire damage is not effective against your foes, convert your damage by bringing Winter. If Disease is taking its toll, make sure you bring Condition removals. If you expect Enchantment-stripping enemies, take it easy on the Enchantment heals and let a Ritualist heal for awhile with weapon spells and Spirits.

Member Information
Moving stories.

Handle: Dee
Location: Georgia, USA
Position: Officer, PvP Leader, Always on the Phone
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Charr, because they are big and stinky.
Guild Wars deity: I think that Balthazar is really cool because he represents strength and brutality, two things that I think are very important to Warriors.
PvE or PvP?: Although I do like PvE because I collect fancy armor sets, I am the PvP leader for [MOVE] because it is my passion. PvP is a challenge, and I love it.
Builds to watch out for: As a PvP player, I know that Dervishes can be especially dangerous with their Avatars and Enchantments. I still take delight in beating them, though.
Preferred character: Whenever there is something important to do, or a tough battle to fight, I bring a Warrior. I have the most experience with Warriors, so I'm good with them.

Handle: Gigi
Location: Brighton, England
Position: Officer, Curses like a Sailor
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The low level cap. With other MMOs, I always get sick of grinding to get to the maximum level. It's good to know that in Guild Wars, I can concentrate on skills and not level.
PvE or PvP?: PvE because there are more people to meet and it's less dog-eat-dog than PvP. I find that PvE objectives and rewards are diverse.
Builds to watch out for: I really hate fighting Mesmers! There is only one skill I can think of on my Dervish that can reliably stop a Mesmer. They have counters for everything!
Funniest pug experience: Once, I joined up with a pug group that was really into roleplaying their characters. They really cracked me up!
Gaming background: Name a game and I've played it. I've been a gamer since I was three years old. The first game I ever played was Wolfenstein 3D. I play mostly on PC, though I had a Sega Genesis.

Handle: Greene
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Position: Officer, Exploration Specialist, Ladies' Man
Humorous gaming incident: During our April guild event, I was giving away free candy canes, dyes, and keys to those who would trade with me first. I had such a following, I was laughing the whole time! Plus, it helped that one of the participants was a Candy Corn Man on a sugar rush.
Why is Guild Wars the greatest: The community is the greatest in Guild Wars. The fact that so much of the game relies on how much you interact with people from around the world is great!
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I was once a Monk in a GvG battle. After the rest of my team was soundly wiped, I found I had been left alive by the other group and body-blocked into a corner. They left me alive at first, taunting me with their rank. Maybe I should just stick to PvE.
Builds to watch out for: I can't stand Mesmers. I move with confidence and misplaced arrogance around the battlefield until a Mesmer turns me into putty.
Why I joined: I began as a newbie on Shing Jea Island, and never knew I was able to get off. Then a friend, one of our guild's officers, heard I was playing and helped me on my way! I've been with [MOVE] ever since.

Handle: Hypatia
Location: Ontario, Canada
Position: Officer, Mission Specialist, Kitten Herder
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would be a Kirin because they're so cute!
Real life experience from gaming: Guild Wars has definitely given me some unique real life experiences! In fact, I married my long-time friend from Guild Wars.
Why your guild is the greatest: I love my guild because everyone in it is very active and the leader is also enthusiastic about his guildies.
Preferred character: I mostly play Ritualist because I can fill the healer role or the damage role more easily than I can with other professions.
Gaming background: I love RPGs the most because I love the fantasy genre.

Handle: Max Power
Location: Max Power is a man of mystery
Position: Officer, Man of Mystery
One interesting character fact: My main character, Max Power, has somehow developed a bit of a cult following in the guild. I cannot explain why and am not sure I want to know. I only regret that I might never live up to the hype that surrounds me.
PvP or PvE?: I am almost exclusively PvE. I have spent time in arenas but always get sucked back into PvE for some reason.
Why your guild is the greatest: [MOVE] is the greatest guild for a casual gamer like me. I can log on anytime and there are always people on, and everyone is willing to help each other out. The numerous guild events keep us all working to find more time to play.
Preferred character: My Necromancer. The profession can be played in a variety of ways, and all are very rewarding. And who doesn't like having undead minions following them from time to time?
Gaming background: I have been playing RPG and RTS games for years. I even fondly remember my early computer gaming experiences on my old Commodore 64. Did that just date me?

Handle: Maya
Location: Ohio, USA
Position: Officer, Farm Specialist, Myth Lover
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: The game is so balanced between all of the professions, and there are almost endless ways to go about playing the game that seems like you could play it forever and never get bored with it. In my opinion, it is the last game I will ever need. Also I love the environments and music, they are so detailed and so different from one area to the next.
PvP or PvE?: I have tried PvP and liked it for a while, but I get bored with it very fast. It is difficult to find a decent party without being in a good PvP guild. The outposts are a mess, and it seems like no one ever listens to people trying to find groups. Plus, it gets very repetitive; PvE seems like a new experience every time.
Preferred character: I like my Ranger and Monk, though my Warrior has the most hours by far. I often find myself in party of all NPCs. In a party of all NPC's, you are always the first into battle. These three professions are the ones that seem best able to survive while leading the pack: Warriors because of their high armor, Monks because of their healing ability, and Rangers because of the bow's low range.
Why I joined: I remember the first time I tried a mission in the crystal desert. I joined a party with none other than my now-revered guild leader. He was hilarious, making fun the whole way as we whipped those sorry slithering desert creatures. After the mission he threw an invite my way saying that he was looking for a few Mesmers for his guild (which was my preferred character at the time). Over six months and hundreds of playtime hours later, I'm straight addicted and obsessed, and couldn't imagine life without [MOVE].

Handle: Nivi
Location: Ontario, Canada
Position: Officer, Works two jobs
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Meeting all the interesting people online!
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would be a harpy because it suits my personality. LOL
Guild Wars deity: I really like the goddess Dwayna because her avatar is really pretty and also because she's the goddess of light and air.
Humorous gaming incident: Any time the guild gets together on Ventrilo to do some casual trapping in the Underworld, we joke around so much I can't stop laughing uncontrollably!
Preferred character: I usually play my Elementalist because I really like mixing it up. Sometimes I deal with fire, and sometimes I drop wards with Earth Magic. Water Magic is good for slowing down targets, and air is great against single targets!

Handle: Toyr
Location: Connecticut, USA
Position: Officer, Webmaster, Lover of Bumblebees
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: I like playing Guild Wars because I like dragging newbies to places where they shouldn't be.
Humorous gaming incident: One time, the leader of the guild tried to recruit someone who was already in the guild. That was hilarious.
Preferred character: I mostly roll a Monk because I like helping people through missions. Monks are always in demand.
Why I joined: Some random kid threw me a Whisper message at Kaineng Center out of the blue, and I decided to join his guild on a whim.
Skill Bar: Healing Breeze, Healing Touch, Heal Party, Signet of Rejuvenation, Signet of Devotion, Mend Ailment, Rebirth. This build can handle almost any healing situation, and is good in terms of Energy management.

Handle: Val
Location: Texas, USA
Position: Officer, Skill Capture Specialist, Hunter Extraordinaire
Guild Wars monster you'd be: There is nothing cooler than an Oni because teleporting demon Assassins are awesome (and they're a pain to kill, too).
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: It encourages people to cooperate and work together. It also has great storylines (and it's free).
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Getting my Mesmer through all three campaigns. Now that Hard Mode is out, I'm looking forward to even more fun!
PvP or PvE?: I like PvE more because there are no skills to capture in PvP!
Why your guild is the greatest: Because of all the fun events.

Handle: Viento
Location: Trujillo, Peru
Position: Officer, Stylish
One interesting, real-life fact: I studied for eight months in the USA, where I learned to speak English fluently. Well, I still have some silly mistakes.
One interesting gaming fact: I found Guild Wars by chance at Best Buy. I was looking for a game to keep me entertained for a long time. Bingo! Guild Wars appeared to me. It was free, online, and long. I thought... why not?
Build to watch for: I love killing Warriors the most. I don't know why but I like the scream that they shout when they die. It sounds funny to me (the scream, not the death).
Preferred character: I play Assassin. They rock. Most people don't know when we will hit. Before they expect it, they're on the ground asking what happened.
Skill Bar: There is one skill that I really love: Temple Strike. It's so awesome and deadly.


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