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Guild of the Week
Clan Roxor [CR]

Guild Information

Clan Roxor [CR] chose Guild Wars because the members wanted a fun game that didn't charge a monthly fee. Many of the guild's members also participated in the beta and saw this as a game they could all get behind and play together as friends, a very important part of any online game. The group started as a Diablo 2 guild in 1999, but that game didn't offer much in the way of PvP. They considered moving to another MMORPG, but believed it had been ruined by the time Guild Wars was released. They've dabbled in StarCraft and Quake, but Guild Wars is the first game in which they took competition seriously.

Having played Guild Wars for a while now, Clan Roxor says, "As we have grown to understand the game, we continue to play because of the relatively fair and unique competitive environment Guild Wars offers. Being able to construct a build and then watch it work in the game is a very fun and satisfying aspect of the game."

Clan Roxor keeps it close and personal. The roster currently has 12 active members. Most of them live in the United States and Canada although the guild does "have a kiwi from New Zealand." Out of those 12 about 9 are ready for PvP; the rest play on occasion and CR tries to teach them how to GvG so they can move to the core team.

No Place for Rage

Clan Roxor explains that it does well together because it tends to stick with a few core members, building its teamwork over a long period of time. Says CR, "Constantly changing guilds and playing with new people all the time works for some. But we think it's best to form a stable group of close friends that understand each other's strengths and weaknesses. One thing we would say we do better than other guilds is get along with each other. Rage makes an environment within the game that isn't so fun, so we try to make suggestions instead of criticize, and work at understanding our faults rather than simply getting upset."

PvP Game Discussion

Clan Roxor members prefer GvG, feeling that it offers the most serious and rewarding competition. Getting eight people together for a full night of play and doing well is a very satisfying experience for them. Heroes' Ascent used to be their fallback if they didn't have enough players for GvG, but recently it has satisfied them less and less.

They've set their sights on reaching the top 20 by next season (with the caveat that everyone stays and continues to play on a regular schedule, of course). Even so, they admit to needing some work, but they believe they have good people who are capable of top-level GvG. They've seen other guilds struggle to find eight people competent enough to field a solid GvG team, and they know how hard it is. Though at this point, they say, they've passed that hurdle and are ready to move on to the next level of play.

A Roxor Build

Clan Roxor tells us that this build constantly evolves, but this version has worked best for them so far:

Warrior/Monk—Bull's Charge split
Ranger/Monk—Burning Arrow split
Warrior/any—Flag stand hammer
Elementalist/Monk—Blinding Surge with Aegis
Mesmer/Monk—Power Block with Diversion/Shame/Shatter Enchantment and Resurrection Chant
Monk/Elementalist—Restore Condition with Aegis
Monk/any—Light of Deliverance/Infuse Health
Elementalist/Ritualist—Water runner with Weapon of Warding for splitting

This is a very versatile build that is able to deal with almost any split. The first two split characters can call on any of the others in the build to assist as needed. The build is also defensive enough with Blinding Surge and dual Aegis, allowing the Monks to play in a relatively stable backline. The Hammer Warrior combined with the Mesmer and Elementalist can deal out some decent pressure along with great spike potential when needed. If the Mesmer gets a Power Block on one of the other team's Monks at the right time, it can cause them to crumble.

Generally when CR splits, the Burning Arrow goes to check the situation and then calls back whatever other members of the team he needs. Most of the time this is an effective strategy that leads to destroying the other team's split and taking out a large number of NPCs. The guild usually delegates strategy decisions to the Burning Arrow on the split team, and the hammer Warrior on the flag stand team.

Whipping Hexors, Roxor-Style

Against a Hex team, CR says, the trick is to remain as stable as you can until VoD and not incur a death penalty. "If you manage to score a few kills at the stand and begin to push, that's great, but getting DP versus a Hex can easily lead to GG. If you crumble versus a team like this, try to sneak a gank out at VoD. If you're lucky they won't notice, and a couple of your offensive characters should be able to kill their lord while your Monks hang back and buy you time."

Basic Communication is Key

Of course, like every other guild that plays Guild Wars, Ventrilo is a must for Clan Roxor. Everyone on the team has to be in vent and communicating, or that person won't be on the GvG team. Making sure the team understands what targets to call is vital, but Clan Roxor doesn't think that's an issue for most high-level guilds. It's also important for the Mesmer to call his Shames and Diversions and for the Monks to inform the other members of the team about their Energy situation.

Heroic Defeat?

Clan Roxor's most embarrassing defeat happened shortly after the release of Nightfall. Its team was doing rather well one night and came up against a team with five human players and three Heroes. As most people would have done in this situation, CR didn't think much of them, utterly destroying the split and taking it easy most of the match. When CR pushed into the enemy base late in the game, its team found some opponents missing and then saw the "Base Under Attack" message. Several people freaked out as the Guild Lord's Health began to drop. They rushed to the base to discover a Warrior Monk and two Heroes pulling off a gank. The Monks tried to reach the Guild Lord in time to infuse, but it was all for naught and the Guild Lord died. They realized they were outplayed by a guild ranked worse than 2,000 that was using Heroes—a very shameful day for them indeed.

Warren G Wars?

So does Clan Roxor have any more valuable tips for succeeding in PvP? You bet they do. It's all about the music. "We play the Warren G song 'Regulate' every night before GvG to get us fired up. If we forget about this part, we usually end up getting rolled every match and generally getting depressed."

Member Information
Some Roxorz

Handle: Windforce
Location: Michigan, United States
Position: Leader
Why I joined: I was one of the founding members of the Diablo 2 guild and I made the progression with everyone else when Guild Wars was released.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Definitely getting ganked by a team that was using Heroes and had a rank worse than 2,000. I don't remember this match vividly, but I do remember we were guesting Darkmoon from [OUT] and he got a kick out of it. To say the least, it was pretty embarrassing, but I guess these things happen from time to time.
Gaming background: I played Diablo 2 classic (I only bought the expansion for the enhanced resolution). I was pretty well-known to be the best zon in the game in PvP, at least on U.S. East servers. I quit when patch 1.10 came around and screwed up PvP for me.
Preferred character: Currently Ritualist/Monk, although I used to play Bull's Charge consistently in past builds. I enjoy the versatility in the Ranger class, especially in the particular build I've been running. It has a very high rate of survivability and can promote pressure with Conditions and interrupts. This makes it an extremely useful character at any phase in the match and anywhere on the map.

Handle: Andy
Location: Alabama, United States
Position: Officer, generally in charge of the Flag Stand group
Why I joined: I joined way back in 1999 when we were a Diablo 2 guild and have been around ever since.
Gaming background: I mainly play FPS games and pseudo-MMO games like Diablo.
Preferred character: I always play hammer Warrior and I really love it. If you play it correctly, it makes you feel like a force of nature and the Monks will utterly loathe you. The skill combo I use the most is Devastating Hammer->Crushing Blow->Hammer Bash->Power Attack. Using this in combination with Enraging Charge can make the Monks on any team spend a lot of Energy healing to counter the pressure. Builds like this are the reason so many people run dual or triple Aegis in nearly every build today.

Handle: Tiddles
Location: Washington, United States
Position: Officer
Why I joined: I was looking for a guild that was serious about GvG.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I was eating a taco one time while playing GvG and I accidentally dropped it on my keyboard, getting taco juice all over the circuits and shorting it out.
Gaming background: I used to play Barbie Horse Adventure professionally and I moved to Guild Wars because it seemed like the logical choice.
Preferred character: I'm Latin-American so I prefer to play Mesmer mostly.

Handle: Party Marty
Location: Wisconsin, United States
Position: Officer
Why I joined: I joined the guild because I wanted to move out of PvE guilds. Clan Roxor seems like a good switch.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Once while I was playing GvG, my mom burst into the room with a very upset look on her face. She only speaks Chinese, so everyone in Ventrilo heard some lady screaming at me in Chinese just before she yanked the cord out of the wall, kicking me offline and causing our team to lose.
Gaming background: My gaming background was Ultima for the longest time along with StarCraft, which I still play religiously.
Preferred character: My favorite class is Elementalist, seeing as it's the only class you can have a mullet on. (Business in the front. Party in the back.)

Handle: Madd Melee, Jake
Location: Northern New Jersey, United States
Position: Officer
Why I joined: I joined the guild about two months back after guesting for three to four months. I finally joined when my last guild became inactive and everyone here kept telling me to join.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: One of the funniest things I've seen in a pug group would have to be in my last guild when we ran a Korean pug for GvG. My leader and I were adren spiking an Elementalist versus a SF team and both Monks decided it would be a good idea to put on their swords and join the spike. They both died and the leader rage-quit, while yelling some Korean at the Monks in vent.
Gaming background: Before playing Guild Wars I was a Diablo 2 player, although I didn't join CR until recently.
Preferred character: I primarily play Ranger or Warrior, but I'm fairly decent at most classes.

Handle: Random
Location: New York, United States
Position: Officer
Why I joined: Everyone in my old guild quit. I had been a guest with these guys from time to time, and I felt like it was a good idea to join.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Getting Dazed like seven times in a row by a three-Assassin team and getting killed in the most frustrating way possible.
Gaming background: Guild Wars is the first PC game I have ever played. Before this I guess my gaming background would be Dig Dug.
Preferred character: I usually play the non-infuse Monk in GvG. In my opinion, the key to playing a good Monk is to use both Healing AND Protection Prayers skills.

Handle: Trixx
Location: Canada
Position: Officer
Why I joined: I'm friends with Random, and he convinced me to join a few weeks after he did. Before that I had been a guest with these guys a few times and thought they were pretty good.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: The first time I realized that you couldn't infuse yourself.
Gaming background: The only game I really got into competitively before Guild Wars was Sonic 2 for Genesis.
Preferred character: I usually play the infuse Monk in GvG. Playing a support character has always been what I like to do in Guild Wars.

Handle: Bimz
Location: Ohio, United States
Position: Officer
Why I joined: I was in Jake's old guild and one day I logged on to discover that everyone had quit and I was one of like three people still in the guild. He messaged me and told me to join CR, and the rest is recent history.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I was playing around in the guild hall before a match one time, and I forgot to put my armor on. This made playing effectively much more difficult that it normally would be, naturally. So of course I was not surprised when I got wanded to death by a Ritualist.
Gaming background: Typically when I'm not playing Guild Wars, I play RTS games or generally anything that looks pretty on my computer.
Preferred character: I love playing the flag runner. Currently I play an Elementalist/Ritualist runner, and it's the most fun I've ever had.

Handle: Bill Clinton
Location: New Jersey, United States
Position: Officer
Why I joined: I'm friends with Jake in real life, and I joined before he did because I needed a reliable group of people to play with.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Accidentally taking Burning Speed instead of Flame Djinn's haste one time. I burned myself to death in a spectacular fashion.
Gaming background: Basketball.
Preferred character: I like playing Monk but I haven't done that since Nightfall was released so I'm slowly trying to get back into it.

Handle: Khy
Location: New Zealand, Earth
Position: Officer
Why I joined: I used to be the leader of HAX. When it disbanded I joined these guys because they had been guests with us quite a bit.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I was lagging pretty bad one day during GvG and out of nowhere I find myself overextended into the other team's base entirely. I was confused as to why my fellow teammates were yelling at me until I realized what was going on only to be killed by a trebuchet shot.
Gaming background: I like computer games in general, RTS and MMO games mostly.
Preferred character: I like playing Warrior, but generally when we GvG I play whatever is needed to help out the team.


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