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The Siege Turtles [ST]

Guild History—Friendship and Teamwork

Formed in June 2006, Siege Turtles [ST] was started by a core group of players from a previous guild who enjoyed playing Guild Wars together. Due to differences in leadership philosophy in their previous guild, they decided to form a guild where no single player made all the decisions. To further this mission, they created a forum with a special section for the officers of ST to recommend and improve how the guild is regulated with friendship and teamwork at the core.

PvE vs. PvP—A Balanced Approach

The Siege Turtles enjoy all aspects of Guild Wars PvE. As a guild they primarily focus on advanced PvE but also make a point to help newer players. The core was together in their previous guild when Factions came out. They were part of the group who set Cavalon free with their "Escorting Service" which ended months of restricted access to the Luxon Elite Mission "The Deep."

They also enjoy PvP and recently added a PvP officer to better facilitate those members who want to focus on PvP aspects of the game. Since the beginning of the current ladder, they've competed in about 80 GvG's and have made a few appearances on the ladder. Although lacking consistency, they have shown the ability to be competitive with more experienced guilds.

Special Events—It's All About Having Fun!

The Siege Turtles holds alliance-wide events regularly to encourage social interaction between allied guilds and, of course, to have a lot of fun. During the Nightfall Beta Weekend Event, they held a 1v1 PvP scrimmage which allowed only Paragons or Dervishes. Every now and then they play a game called "The Hunt for Baggy" in which the guild leader hides in random outposts throughout the various campaigns.

The Wintersday party was a smashing success, where they were joined by the mysterious Avatar of Santa who distributed gifts to all of the guild members. The events are organized and run by the officers of ST and all prizes are taken from the prize vault, which receives contributions from members and officers alike.

Guild and Alliance Policies and Philosophy

The Siege Turtles have bustled with activity since the day the guild was created. Due to the inactive member policy, they do not have members inactive for more than 30 days (unless they post a forum notice). Membership has ranged between 70 and 100 from the first day, currently holding strong with over 90 members.

The guild leads the Siege Turtles Alliance. The alliance is structured to strongly favor ST's preferences for play, such as creating MarketDay, held on Sundays to support trading activities and to cut down on spam and idle chatter during normal playing time.

In the end, ST believes that communication is the most important aspect of a guild. As such, they utilize forums that are active on a constant basis. It is a place for members and officers to socialize and make decisions on the directions of the guild. With the excellent player base, and with the diversity of opinions and ideas for guild events floating about the community, ST definitely has a bright future ahead!

Siege Turtles Members

A sampling of diverse player profiles is included with special mention for Prinzess of Life, who was a long time member instrumental in helping ST become what it is today.

Handle: Billboy Baggypants (Baggy)
Location: Alabama
Position: Leader. I joined the Siege Turtles to lead it. It has been a lot of fun organizing guild/alliance-wide events. I am learning a lot from the experience, and working with a wonderful group of folks really makes my job easy! Other members in our guild have a huge impact on where I enjoy spending my time playing Guild Wars.
Preferred character: Monk. In the early days I created and deleted characters all the time. Trying new classes, and learning what I enjoyed the most. I have a blast playing every class, but my favorite has to be the Monk! My latest addictions are Hard Mode and Vanquishing!
Gaming background: I have been gaming since WAY back when my dad introduced me to Pong...gaming has come a long way since then, I have enjoyed the road. I won my first gaming tournament in 1996 (in a game called Hellbender - even won a NICE computer in the deal). But my love has been RPG-type games. Diablo was one of my favorites and now, Guild Wars has become the ONLY game installed on my computer!
Why you joined: I have long held that communication is key in a guild...the total and abrupt discontinuance of our previous guild's forum by its leader was one of the major reasons I left to lead the Siege Turtles. If a guild is going to survive in the long-term, it really needs communication. But not spam; we ended up forming our own alliance in part so that we could have a say in how alliance chat was regulated.

Handle: Tseng Shinra
Location: Michigan
Position: Officer
Preferred character: R/W, R/P, R/Me. I enjoy using Barrage to charge adrenal skills from the Warrior and Paragon. With a Mesmer as a secondary, the skill Epidemic allows for great condition spreading in combination with Apply Poison, Broad Head Arrow, and Screaming Shot. Trapping particularly intrigues me as it has the potential to complete every elite zone in the game thus far, even though it would take a long time! Solo trapping the Underworld has also been a recent interest of mine.
Gaming background: I started out with console RPG's and multiplayer RTS games, mainly the Age of Empires series. I still play console RPG's today, but Guild Wars takes up most of my gaming and is my first MMORPG. I play mostly PvE but have dabbled in PvP.
One interesting gaming fact: I've been playing since the beta weekends of Prophecies.

Handle: Herugrim Leah (Span)
Location: Montana
Position: Officer, founder, and leader for a very short time I don't like to play politics or do administrative work. I prefer to help with alliance events and organizing parties to help the guild operate on a day-to-day basis.
Preferred character: I prefer my Warrior, Herugrim, who holds the title People Know Me and is rapidly approaching I'm Very Important, but I thoroughly enjoy my Monk and my Assassin. I've always been a very defensive Earth Magic tank, using a variant of the popular DoA Obsidian Flesh tank since the start of Factions. On my Monk I usually go Protection, and absolutely love Assassin's Promise on my 'sin. My general play style is more of finesse than brute strength, and this is reflected by my rather persistent nature not to use the builds or skins that are all-the-rage, like Searing Flames Elementalists or Primeval Warrior armor.
Gaming background: Almost exclusively an RPG background from tabletop D&D to Icewind Dale II. Guild Wars is my first (and only) MMORPG. I'm about 90% PvE, and do enjoy some PvP from time to time. I currently call targets for our GvG team.
Why you joined: To be with the friends I've played with, as I knew most of them previously. Many are still with us as we approach our one-year mark!

Handle: Omo Tuck
Location: Virginia
Position: Officer
Preferred character: R/Me. I really like the versatility of the Ranger class and tend to use either a BHA interrupt or Barrage oriented builds in PvE. I vary that with Trapping depending on the environment and enemies to be faced. When I skill hunt I tend to go as a beast master with my spider. I also have a perma-pre Monk who I enjoy playing as I work towards Legendary Defender of Ascalon.
Gaming background: I have been an active gamer since the early 1980s back with the original Wizardry game on the Apple. Since I got GW almost two years ago I haven't played a single other game.
One interesting gaming fact: Recently made IVI with 15 maxed titles on my Ranger who has 8.9 million total experience. I am working through various Vanquishing areas and also trying to beat all three chapters with a character from each profession. I have a grand total of 19 characters on my main account (eight of them mules) and one Legendary Survivor. Although I am primarily PvE oriented I do have a Rank 4 or Deadly Hero ranking and enjoy GvGing now and then with my guildies.

Handle: The Banished Kedjek
Location: Colorado
Position: Officer
Preferred character: I have played all classes to learn how to play them, and I have to say my favorite is Mesmer all the way. Since the October Beta Weekend Event when I saw the warning about Mesmers being an advanced class, I just knew I had to excel in it. I also like to have a view of the whole battle, and Mesmer is the only class that gives me the ability to do that and stay alert.
Gaming background: Mostly consoles, starting with the SNES. Guild Wars introduced me to computer gaming and I've been hooked ever since.
Why you joined: Friendship and competent players. Many of the members I have known since release and have kept in touch, and I finally decided to join up.
One interesting gaming fact: I am addicted to mapping. I have one character with Legendary Cartographer, and am working on two others to get the same.

Handle: River Prowler
Location: California
Position: Officer
Preferred character: Elementalist. My first, and still my primary, character. I have maxed characters from each profession except Warrior and Monk, but I enjoy the versatility of the Elementalist, with its range from pure offense to pure defense. I am always tinkering with the various Elementalist lines to find unusual hybrids, especially with the ever-widening palette of secondary profession skills available. I do not title-hunt, but I am completist by nature, so all of my characters have achieved the Protector Title for each campaign, and I have capped all 291 elites on four of my characters.
Gaming background: Fantasy RPG from its earliest, anti-social inception. Once I discovered Guild Wars, I never looked back.
One interesting gaming fact: My in-game obsession is farming greens and creating true solo (non-Hero/hench) builds that are capable of farming each boss for that purpose. This forces me to use most of my characters in singular, unique ways, and keeps me active in the game long after I have finished a campaign (and it allows me to finance all of my characters & Heroes).

Handle: Derelict Daily
Location: North Carolina
Position: Officer. I was promoted to be the PvP Officer, due to growing interest within the guild.
Preferred character: I will play them all, but deep down inside, the Warrior is my favorite. I truly believe that Warriors set the pace of the action in PvP battles.
Gaming background: I've been playing computer games all my life, but my first experience with a MMORPG was Diablo 2, which I played for years. Moving to Guild Wars upon its release seemed like a natural progression, and I certainly don't regret it. At the moment, my interest is primarily PvP, but a good amount of PvE is also a necessity. Siege Turtles is a great place to get it done.
Why you joined: To be with friends, and to be a member of a top-notch, organized guild—where fun and camaraderie are the main goals.
One interesting gaming fact: I've been really fascinated with the Hero Battles since the release of Nightfall. I love designing, tweaking, and testing my own build. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this format.

Handle: Illidan Icerage
Location: Massachusetts
Position: Officer, have been officer in several other guilds and a guild leader once.
Preferred character: The first character I created after release was an Elementalist. My actual first character was a Ranger in the beta on a temporary account. My favorite play style is nuking anything near me with all the firepower I can get out of my build. Gaming background: Mostly Guild Wars PvE. However I sometimes still play Starcraft, Warcraft III, some Diablo 2, and used to play World of Warcraft before I got in to Guild Wars. Occasionally I do a bit of PvP, maybe an AB or two, and GvG with the guild. I also played in every beta of Guild Wars, and the Stress Test and Open Beta for World of Warcraft.
One interesting gaming fact: I have reached the title People Know Me, and am slowly working my way towards I'm Very Important. Recently, I have been playing almost exclusively in Hard Mode, working towards my Vanquisher and Guardian titles for IVI. I have Rank 1 Survivor on one of my characters, but it met with the Dragon Arena when I forgot which character I was logged on with.

Handle: Jaz Ravone
Location: Florida
Position: Officer (diplomat)
Preferred character: Necromancer! My Necro was actually my third character, but since I created her I'm afraid my other characters have suffered from neglect. I enjoy Minion Master the most, but tend to play whatever the group I'm in needs.
Gaming background: GW is my first major MMORPG, though I had spent a lot of time playing text based RPGs like Promisance and Middle Earth Gaming and free online MMORPGs like ConquerOnline. My first computer game was Doom, but I haven't played any FPSs since then. I've also enjoyed PlayStation titles such as Dynasty Warriors and Champions of Norrath. I've been pretty spread out as a gamer, but have spent more time on GW than any other single game.
Why you joined: A group from our old guild, TC, decided it was time to move on, and together we founded ST. We had a vision for how a guild ought to be and with much diligence have seen said vision carried out!
One interesting gaming fact: I've played Guild Wars since the December beta, but am by no means a "l33t" player. I've logged about 2000 hours on the game but prefer to spend time socializing with guildies and helping out with guild events than farming builds or working on expensive titles.

Handle: Zephra Wind
Location: Maine
Position: Member
Preferred character: Ranger. I have three. Two are PvE and one is PvP. The hunter class of Rangers has always been my favorite. I hunt in real-life. I have tried several set-ups for them and prefer a high marksmanship Ranger, but have done Trapper and beast master. I used to run a touch-Ranger in Alliance Battles also.
Gaming background: I have played Guild Wars for almost 20 months. I have completed Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall with several types of characters. I prefer the PvE side, but I have been involved in GVG too. I currently have seven PvE characters and one PVP character. All characters are level 20. I'm a firm believer in completing quests and missions for a better understanding of control of your characters. The game is designed to learn from doing all that you can and gives plenty of options to try and test.
Why you joined: I joined this guild to be with my friends and to get some new experiences from the game with new people.
One interesting gaming fact: I've played RP games for almost 12 years but I play Guild Wars the most. Most people call me "mom" in-game. I'm 51 years old and have three grown children and two grand-babies. I have too many hobbies to list but GW is my main source of relaxing time entertainment. I often am a mentor for newer players in game or for my in-game friends. I may not always have the answers to questions asked but I try to assist in my own way. I'm still learning in this game but then life is a constant learning process also. Long live Guild Wars!


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