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Legendary Maniacs [UOF]

Legendary Maniacs [UOF] is a guild doing the best it can to live up to its name. Full of people who share a self-proclaimed "slight edge of craziness," they have stayed together in-game since May, 2006. During that time, they have also met up outside of the game. The leader has hosted various members at his house for gaming marathons and socializing. Also, UOF has put together and broadcast some radio programs. This close-knit group has grown, and now has over 90 members. The guild tag [UOF] stands for "Unity of Friends," which fits because they stay together as friends and think of each other as family. Just as important, they can be themselves and fully enjoy the game, maniacs or not.

UOF members believe everyone should join their guild. They are active, busy, hilarious, and work hard to keep everyone in the guild happy. Officers are there for members to talk about what bothers them, and the guild comes together to try and solve the problem. When they organize events, they look beyond the guild and attempt to get the alliance involved. The larger numbers allows everyone to enjoy the events that much more.

For missions, they take a mostly relaxed approach, placing no particular priority on achievements other than winning and getting the bonus if they're already on the way. They love Vizunah Square, with the streaming mobs of Afflicted, hundreds strong, all done in thirty minutes. This chaotic mass of monsters often matches the mood of the guild. To defeat any enemy giving you trouble, they recommend including at least one interrupter in the party, usually a Ranger of Mesmer dedicated to Monk shutdown. A Minion Master is another essential facet of a successful group, especially when fighting large mobs. The horde of minions simply adds to the overall effect of chaotic craziness.

Legendary Maniacs has come a long way since its most embarrassing moment—it almost ran out of members. The guild was practically empty, but a concentrated effort resulted in a gigantic comeback. Now, the members fill the hall with constant activity, and they think that becoming Guild of the Week, after overcoming such a decline, is their most heroic accomplishment so far.

Meet some maniacs

Handle: Bryan Boorsma also known as "Kilik Razing Flames"
Location: Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands
Position: Officer and supporter of the Guild Leader, also money spender!
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would be Mallyx the Unyielding or Kanaxai, because first of all they look incredibly awesome and drop amazing weapons. I can't stop thinking about Mallyx's Reaver, but I also love the little rabbit from Pre-Searing.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Being Guild of the Week after becoming a large and active guild; it's a triumph not only for me, but for all officers and the guild leader. Also, gaining my Tormented Shield and Mallyx's Reaver.
Build you enjoy defeating: Well I just love to solo anything. I used to solo trolls outside of Droknar's, but then Nightfall showed up and all those trolls started running away from my axe. So I started to farm bosses solo, which still holds my attention because I love the small green letters in my chat. Thank god we can farm those pesky trolls again (although I won't get as much loot as before).
Humorous gaming incident: I was in the guild for a while as a regular member, playing mostly on a character named Tomoko Pink Angel. Of course, this was a female character, and most people in the guild thought I was female. I didn't bother to correct them until they asked me to be an officer. If I wanted to be an officer, I had to get TeamSpeak. And once they heard my voice on Teamspeak, the joke was over...
Skill Bar: For soloing bosses, I prefer: Protective Spirit – Healing Breeze – Spoil Victor – Vampiric Touch – Blood Renewal – Mending – Balthazar's Spirit – Essence Bond.

Handle: Kruk Krukkerdekruk also known as Alwin van Aalst
Location: Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands.
Position: Ex-officer and now member
Guild Wars character to represent you: Hmm…tough one. I'd say I have the personality of Acolyte Sousuke and the fighting spirit of Devona. I love to make a mess of the enemies.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Great question. I was vanquishing on Kruk with Kilik, and I killed an enemy which killed me with Death Nova or something. But when I got killed, I gained a skill point as well! That looked so funny and, as I was already in a fun mood, I literally was rolling on the floor laughing my pants off.
Funniest PUG experience: Hmm….well I did something radical once, I stripped my Warrior from his cuirass and leggings, and put on a Freezie crown, and fought like that.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because we have donuts and cookies! DONUTS!
Why you joined: Because it's a Dutch guild filled with maniacs!

Handle: Torque Freeman
Location: Belgium
Position: Senior Member, Previous Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The music, the aspect of it all, I just like it because the whole concept fits "me."
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Mountain troll, because they are big, stupid, and ugly (like me).
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: My biggest triumph is completing Prophecies, and getting my first green item drop.
PvP or PvE: PvE because of the magnificent story put into it.
Why you joined: I wanted a Dutch/Belgium guild and, because I am a nice guy, they let me stay.

Handle: Rogier Vierb/Twin Lady
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Guild leader
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The challenge of puzzling out how to best use only 8 skills mimics some challenges found in real life problems.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Charr, because it was the first monster that I had a hard time killing.
Real life experience from gaming: My girlfriend is in the guild, but we didn't meet online. We have met up with several of our officers in real life and became actual friends. Some have visited our house, staying overnight numerous times for gaming marathons.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because we are honest with each other, talk about and solve our problems, and help each other, whether with real life or game problems. We do not desert "our brothers and sisters at arms." We help and stand by them all, no matter what may come of it because we are Legendary Maniacs [UOF] Unity of Friends.
PvP or PvE: Pve. I mostly like the storyline because it keeps my interest in the game alive.
Why you joined: Well, I created this guild as it became clear to me a lot of people were "scamming" and we wanted a stable platform for ourselves to play. After some time we started to share that platform with others and now grow close to 95+ members.

Handle: Simone Firedragon
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Overseeing-officer
One interesting fact: I'm the guild leader's girlfriend in real life, and named a character as exactly that Rogier's Liefje (Rogier's Honey).
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Varesh, because she shows a lady can be dangerous.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: I don't have to pay to play, and there are always people online.
PvP or PvE: PvE because it's more fun to follow the story and you can often find real life things happening in game to talk about.
Why you joined: Because my boyfriend is the leader, lol.

Handle: Dante the King
Location: Belgium
Position: Officer Teamspeak/forum admin and a maniac.
Humorous gaming incident: I was killed and when someone resurrected me I had no clothes on, lol.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: First of all it rocks, second it has the best graphics I have seen so far, third I don't have to pay to play, and last, I can meet great friends.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Creating my own invincible Warrior who, I'm proud to say, can solo farm trolls and the Underworld.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because they're all maniacs. Because we are friendly and honest and overcome our problems to come out stronger than ever. I love them all.
Why you joined: Because I was searching for a guild that has members as nuts as I am, I found the maniacs, and I joined them and helped them grow.

Handle: Blakkie the Elle
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Recruiting officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Playing this game leads to sharing your life, lifestyle, and culture with many different people. I find it interesting to play and talk to other people from different cultures.
Humorous gaming incident: Sitting in the deepest point of the pool in the Amnoon Oasis fully submerged, or seeing animals in the water at Lion's Arch.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Because of the diversity of characters and good, realistic graphics such as buildings and the grass on the plains.
Why you joined: I am the father in-law of the guild leader, and father of Simone Firedragon, and have been with this guild from the beginning.

Handle: Sedina Morana
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A Charr Ashwalker because it has a cool name and is a mage. I like mages.
Unique online gaming story: I have several real life friends who play the game.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Because it has cool graphics, but without having to pay to play. And I get to meet cool people.
PvP or PvE: PvE because I enjoy the quests and the story more than bashing each others' brains out.
Why you joined: Because my friend said this was a cool Dutch/Belgium guild.

Handle: Sir Auxero
Location: Breda, The Netherlands
Position: A few days ago I got promoted to officer. Which I think is awesome.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The awesome degree of teamwork possible in missions, especially when you're with a group trying to complete a mission all afternoon (Gate of Madness) and you make a lot of new friends, like I did.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: When I was a level 10 Monk in the Sunspear Arena we got 25 consecutive wins
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: We were trying to kill lord Jadoth in the City of Torc'qua. After looking for a party for almost an hour we thought we finally had a perfect group, but when we got to the first mob we were wiped in 30 seconds. It was kind of embarrassing. But funny.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because when you ask for help, someone is always willing to help. Members never fight with each other. And of course our guild cape looks cool.
Why you joined: I wasn't even planning on joining a guild at first, but when I got to the harder missions I decided it was time. So I went looking for a Dutch guild. Soon enough I found the Legendary Maniacs. They immediately started helping me with a lot of things and I got some stuff from them. Since then I've been doing the same for other members.

Handle: Crazywarlord M
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Member
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Because I think it's the best online game ever; there's always people on to play and help. And, of course, the brutal slaughter of everything.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Getting 15 enemies or so together, then dying to a big falling stone instead of the enemies at hand.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Going up against a top guild in GvG and winning because they were falling asleep.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because it's big, they sometimes play PvP/GvG, there are always people online to have fun with, and they are truly a bunch of maniacs.
Why you joined: I was looking for a new guild and they wanted new members, so I joined.


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