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Knights of Light and Darkness [Kngt]

The Knights of Light and Darkness enjoy a "Pirate Week" every month. Sometimes it even lasts longer than a week. The idea behind it is simple: everyone chats in pirate-speak, changing words with lots of "arrr's." They go out on raids and bring loot back to the ship docked at the guild hall. On the last day, they serve ale to each guild member and have a party in the guild hall.

The guild also has a "Marksmanship Tournament," similar to Dodge Ball with Lightning Orbs. Each player uses five Superior Marksmanship runes to reduce Health to 105, a Marksmanship mask, and a PvP shortbow. They do not equip any skills. The result is a contest of arrow dodging, with only reflexes and luck to fight with.

A writer from another guild placed the Knights of Light and Darkness in his fictional stories and summed up the guild's cape logo:

"The Snake stands for being sneaky or slithering in the shadows to strike with fast dagger work. The Bladed Sun symbolizes the light shining on shadow, thus revealing its plans and hidden vices, though it shines only to those who are allowed to see it."

[Kngt] members fondly recall the in-guild story, Chronicles of Kngt, about being Shadowrangers. To bring more life to the story, members created characters starting with the name "Shadowranger." Most of these players wandered around pre-Searing, chatting about the story with each other and complete strangers.

The guild's original goal, when it was founded in 2005, was simply to provide a place for friends to hang out and play together. But after active recruiting and establishing an international member base, its goal is now to keep the guild alive as long as possible, into Guild Wars 2 and beyond.

Member Information

Handle: Artanum "Arty" Karoqian
Location: Netherlands
Position: Leader and Founder
Real life experience from gaming: The game is a good way to team up with friends, and a great way for me and my girlfriend to play together even though she lives 200 miles away.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: I'm not a multitasking person. With only eight skills to manage, it is easier to keep track of what's going on. Other games have a selection of 300 skills, each slightly different from another. Guild Wars keeps things simple and gamer friendly; that counts the most for me.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Being unable to finish the last mission of the original Guild Wars campaign even after I'd completed Factions and Nightfall. It took four other guild members to help me, something we still laugh about today. Shows even a good leader has his weaknesses.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because it simply is the best place for any gamer who likes relaxed rules and being treated as an actual person. Plus, of course, people who like crazy, no-strings-attached events like Pirate Week.
Gaming background: Started with RTS, then got into FPS. Later I tried a Star Wars RPG and wondered how it would be online; that's where Guild Wars came in.

Handle: Dazzla The Brave
Location: England
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: In real life I'm a DJ; I also play in the Durham County Rugby League.
Why you joined: To meet new people and friends. I was looking for a friendly guild that would help others, including me.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: The game is unique. Unlike other games such as WoW, you have your very own map when you're outside of an outpost. This stops irritating practices such as people camping at a boss that drops good stuff.
Why your guild is the greatest: Everybody in the guild gets along. Hardly anyone argues and everyone helps each other with missions and quests.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Charr, because they look like they are the best of the best. Charr look intimidating at times, especially in pre-Searing when you're doing the "Across the Wall" quest and you're low-level.

Handle: Judge Magistar
Location: England
Position: Officer
Why your guild is the greatest: It has a great fictional storyline and awesome people.
Preferred character: Judge Magistar as Dervish/Monk. My favorite is Avatar of Balthazar because I like to tank.
Why you joined: I wanted a good, friendly guild.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Capping every avatar and finishing Nightfall.
PvP or PvE: PvP just because I love showing other people up.

Handle: Tae Lia
Location: United Kingdom
Position: Officer, Forum Admin
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Huge replay and entertainment value; plus it's a free MMO.
How where you live affects your gaming: As a European, access to UW and FoW is usually available.
Real life experience from gaming: Distant relationships can work out. Gaming is a good way to keep in contact with the one I love until he moves in with me.
PvP or PvE: PvE has more variety for me, rewards my efforts more, and is more playable.
Why your guild is the greatest: I genuinely feel valued rather than just being a member to bulk up the size. The guild leader works hard to make this a quality guild of easy-going and helpful people.

Handle: Valeriae Vitrix
Location: England
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: I love the way you can play an RPG like this with a fairly laid-back twist (and, of course, no subscription).
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A Charr. I personally like the feeling of raw power (not to sound egotistical but that's why I'm on a rugby team).
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: The first time I reached level 20.
PvP or PvE: PvE. There's a vast, vast GW world out there. We wouldn't be playing the game to its potential if we stayed in the arenas.
Favored tactic: I really love playing as my Warrior, doing some hardcore stancing and watching melee types kill themselves on Deadly Riposte and Gladiator's Defense.

Handle: Dr Xellois
Location: Netherlands
Position: Ex-Officer, now fairly active member.
Real life experience from gaming: Playing with my brother online is a fun change from being beaten in online shooters.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Because it runs on my computer. And with no monthly fees I can play a long time before buying another campaign.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because my brother puts a lot of work into it. He cares for each member instead of just high ranked officers.
Gaming background: RTS and RPG. I don't like shooters much because I'm always on the wrong team with the computer players. I like RPGs for the storyline, nice items, and special skills. Wish I had Gladiator's Defense in FPS.
PvP or PvE: I like both. In PvP I prefer Alliance Battles because it's fun to beat people at my young age. In PvE it's just fun killing monsters and other crazy things.

Handle: Katjang Pedis
Location: Netherlands
Position: Officer
Why you joined: I was looking for a helpful and active guild that would accept me even though I'm young.
Why your guild is the greatest: The guild is for everyone. There are no requirements, everyone is friendly, and it does PvP and PvE.
Humorous gaming incident: I once had an arena battle last 30 minutes. Two party members were down on each team, with a Necromancer and Monk remaining on each side. We won because we didn't give up.

Handle: Dani Le
Location: Brighton, UK
Position: Officer
Humorous gaming incident: A good friend of mine charged into the big group of Mursaat in the Ice Caves of Sorrow mission saying, "let's get 'em!" and then saying "OMG" when he died in one second.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: It has so much to offer. I find it difficult to get bored with this game, and I have been playing it since the original campaign.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: I was a Dervish in Random arenas and everyone left at the beginning, leaving me alone. I soloed the other group and won, and then went on to get a Glad point to boot.
Gaming background: Generally PvE, but I like to get into PvP from time to time; GvG is just too much fun to pass up. I tend to like RPGs, and Guild Wars always has me coming back for more.
Why you joined: I had been looking for a decent, organized guild for some time. It has great members and there's always something happening, so it is always exciting.

Handle: Sin Guard
Location: Kent, England
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: I love the different landscapes—not just the looks but the sense of vastness from far away when standing on a hill or mountain.
PvP or PvE: PvE because it has more plot. Fighting humans is boring to me because I feel it lacks something.
Favored tactic: I use disrupting arrow skills against Elementalists so that their heavy damage spells fail. I Cripple and Poison Warriors, so they can't catch me while losing Health.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because it has remained intact even though old by some standards. Of course, it is also a very friendly guild.

Handle: Dave XL
Location: Netherlands
Position: Officer
Gaming background: RTS mostly. Guild Wars was my first RPG. I've tried others, but none really compare.
Why you joined: A friend made this guild and introduced me and a few other people to Guild Wars. Most of them have stuck around because it's a fun guild.
Humorous gaming incident: I managed to beat Factions the first week it came out, before anyone in the guild, including my leader. He finished it a month later, which I admit was quite fun to brag about.


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