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Brotherhood of Veterans [BRO]

Organization and Balance

The Brotherhood of Veterans [BRO] takes a highly organized approach to game play, focusing on scheduled groups, strong leadership, and dedicated farming teams. The variety of scheduled events and groups provides a balanced atmosphere. Different officers are in charge of various activities and set up schedules for members. For example, an officer volunteers to do a campaign push. This officer takes a group through a campaign over the course of five days, completing all missions and primary quests needed to finish the storyline. They also work as floaters at times to help individuals with hard missions quests or caps.

Other officers set up farming groups in Sorrows Furnace, Underworld, Fissure of Woe, Tomb of Primeval Kings, and Domain of Anguish. These officers run the teams as though no one has been there before, for two reasons: so everyone is clear about what to do and so new players don't get lost or left out. The Domain of Anguish is an absolute favorite with members because it is lucrative and holds their interest. After Hard Mode came out, they added a Vanquishing Officer to their schedule.

The event coordinator also designs activities such as 1 vs. 1 tournaments, in-game hide and seek prizes, and dodge ball with Mesmers. The Brotherhood also has weekly raffles based on a strike system—good behavior equals participation in the drawing. Sometimes the guild creates promotional videos, or makes videos just for fun. So far, they've posted twelve videos on their website.

Every year BRO has a Veteran's Day festival to honor the members who have served. The guild birthday is also a yearly event. Officer meetings every Sunday gather the decision-makers together to see if they need new guild policies or schedules and to evaluate the preceding week. Then they get a solid concept of how the next week will go. Monthly guild-wide meetings offer an open format for everyone to speak, regardless of rank.

The guild was formed on February 4, 2006 by several friends who had served in the war together. The guild comprises four guilds run as if they were one, with a total of 140 members. BRO keeps one officer for every seven members, but promotions in the Brotherhood aren't just handed out; they are earned and can be taken away at any time if an officer isn't maintaining the standards.

Beating Shiro in the Gate of Madness

Avoid Shiro by first hitting the trigger point, quickly moving the team away, and then going through the path that Shiro came from. Take out the Rifts from right to left. When you get to Shiro, kill the Lich, and then complete the bonus. Pull back to the door because Shiro won't run past it. Have the frontline hold him in the doorway and use Wild Blow when he puts up Battle Scars or Impossible Odds. While this is going on, the midline applies damage and the backline pushes up to heal the frontline.

Member Information

Handle: Queen O
Location: Oklahoma
Position: Event Coordinator Officer
Humorous gaming incident: At the time it wasn't too humorous but now that I look back it was actually pretty funny. We were clearing Underworld and one of our Monks decided he was gonna tank. He was actually doing good but got too full of himself, took on 20 guys, and bam! he was dead.
Real life experience from gaming: My husband (Sid) played Guild Wars long before me. I had told him he could not play on our honeymoon. About two days into our honeymoon, he started to beg me to let him play. I said, "fine. I'll try it out." Needless to say we spent the rest of our honeymoon playing Guild Wars.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Because it can keep your attention. There are so many ways to play. If you get tired with PvE you can switch and do PvP. With all the campaigns, there is even more to do, and with updates things are always changing.

Handle: Dan
Location: Canada
Position: Public Relations Officer
One interesting fact: I play guitar, and plan to be a rock star.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would love to be a hydra. I mean, they look so cool, they are strong as hell, they travel in packs, and pack a punch! Hydra is the WAY TO GO!
Real life experience from gaming: To tell the truth, I told off my teacher once in Guild Wars and didn't know it. He was acting like a noob, so I railed at him, only to find out the next day it was my physics teacher.... Easy to say I failed that course!

Handle: Faith
Location: Illinois, USA
Position: Member
Preferred character: My preferred and most-played character is easily my Monk which has more than half of my total hours played. For secondaries I go with Mesmer, Elementalist, Necromancer, or Assassin. I really like Glyph of Lesser Energy so I have been going Mo/E lately.
PvE or PvP: I prefer PvE over PvP because I like to explore, farm, and experiment with different builds and combos. But when I'm in the right mood I can PvP for hours.
Skill Bar: I couldn't decide on a Monk build so I chose a Ritualist Build: Weapon of Remedy, Vengeful Weapon, Weapon of Shadow, Spirit Burn, Bloodsong, Wielder's Boon, Mend Body and Soul, and Flesh of my Flesh.

Handle: Autumn
Location: North Carolina
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: So many young people find it strange that I am one of the oldest members in the guild and mother of three. Sometimes I am older than their parents and I play games. I introduced my oldest kids to game playing. Eventually my neighbors' kids and my youngest will be playing here (someday I will have to fight my son to play here but not anytime soon I hope).
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Meeting people, being able to play with them, and then talking on Teamspeak to share your favorite builds. Gaming has come a long way from when it first came out with pong. LOL
PvP or PvE: I prefer PVE for the adventure of the game itself and the challenges you get from PVEing. I never PvPed and really don't have the desire to.

Handle: Albert Algorn
Location: Oregon, USA
Position: Officer
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Beating Nightfall, although you never really "beat" any Guild Wars game because they change and evolve all the time.
PvP or PvE: I enjoy PvE a lot more and PvP mostly when I need amber. I enjoy killing enemies who don't have feelings.
Preferred character: I like playing my Ranger/Ele-Mo. He is versatile, great fun in PvE, and a blast in the Underworld as a trapper.

Handle: Errous Deathbane
Location: Nevada
Position: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I'd be a wurm. I always find it so hilarious when you just fall over and BAM, a wurm. Then you get a few good combos and whoosh, it's gone. Then it brings a friend, and you're done for (especially in Hard Mode).
Least favored tactic: I really don't like Paragons. I can never run away fast enough from them. Their spears always seem to hit me, and their Command skills make it easier for everyone to catch up to me.
Funniest PUG experience: I was doing Thunderhead Keep with a PUG. We were about to beat the mission, and our trapper kept on pulling enemies we couldn't handle. Everyone flamed him; he left. Then the end cinematic started.

Handle: Carp
Location: U.S.A
Position: Officer
Humorous gaming incident: In Underworld I was in a four-man trap group and the puller could not pull if his life depended on it. So he went to go pull some Coldfires and just got pwned. Then he cried "laggg!!1!" But I knew he didn't lag, so it was funny.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: The first time I was in DoA. I grabbed some Heroes with a friend. We went into the Foundry and lasted about as long as it takes to put the gate up—about two seconds.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: The first time I did Gate of Madness with just hench and Heroes. It took forever to beat Shiro but I got it done.

Handle: Bruenor
Location: New Hampshire
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: How versatile the game is compared to most others.
Humorous gaming incident: I was messing around, trapping in UW. I got five ectos but died before I could pick them up...
Why your guild is the greatest: Because it is big, friendly, and helpful. It feels like one family that is just the right size, not too big to get in the way of getting things done.

Handle: Captain Band Aid
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Position: Head Officer
One interesting fact: My favorite character to play is a Monk so I can heal people. This is totally reversed for me, considering that my job in the Army is to destroy the enemy.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: I like to think it was when I killed Rotscale, because I killed Rot before Factions was released. A guildie and I took the henchmen from ToA and managed to kill Rot and all his spawns.
Preferred character: My favorite character would be my Monk, Captain Band Aid. I usually play Mo/E and run a low Energy bar with Glyph of Lesser Energy for low-cost Heal Parties.

Handle: Sidorak Vatamier "Sid"
Location: Oklahoma
Position: Leader of the Brotherhood
Humorous gaming incident: When the game comes out in real life. Sometimes people that live around me or people I'm close to accidentally call each other by our handles. My wife calls me Sid all the time. When I went to Wisconsin for a friend of mine's wedding, I referred to him as "Blu" at the reception during the toasts.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because of the dedication and loyalty we have with each other. For example, I once had an officer in the hospital. His wife got on Teamspeak for him and told us he wouldn't be on for a few days, but not to worry because he was getting better.
Preferred character: My primary character is my Warrior, which is also the first one I had. I was in the infantry when I served in the Army, so it seemed right to make it the first. I can do anything with it and being on that one helps me lead groups better because I can watch everyone and not just myself. Roughly half of my Guild Wars play time is on that character, and is the origin of my handle.


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