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The Charter Vanguard [CV]

Guild Information

The Charter Vanguard [CV] aims to provide a friendly social circle to the sometimes overly competitive environment of online gaming. Formed about three years ago, CV is proud to be an oasis of calm escape for those wary of the real-world craze.

To promote group bonding, CV holds fun and unique events, including regular forum competitions where members can express themselves in writing, art, guild history, and more. In game, CV organizes both officer and member-led events, like random relay races, hide-and-seek, Simon Says, scavenger hunts, 3-point races, a Valentine's day "give-a-person-a-red-iris" event, Christmas outpost caroling, guild hall "fright-night" Necromancer sync dancing, and live role-plays in public areas.

The Charter Vanguard can be a hard group to embarrass because they love making fools of themselves. For instance, they went to the Temple of Balthazar dressed as Mesmers without armor, formed a chain, and did a synchronized dance. After enough exposure in the temple, they moved the chain dance into GvG, and rewarded enemies who infiltrated the base with the gifts of song and dance. The little surprise stunned some into inaction, though they eventually rallied to kill off the dancing Mesmers. Ultimately, it was good fun all the way (which was also documented by a couple of video clips).

With CV's main function anchored in the social aspect of the game, the guild does not actively seek skilled players. Instead, they focus on people and the growth process of becoming skilled. With the more "serious" side of gaming taking a backseat, CV's infectious sense of humor acts as a channel for myriad talents such as machinima (making movies out of in-game footage) and attracts those who just want to have fun.

PvP Discussion

To counter spell-casters, the Charter Vanguard causes exhaustion and Energy denial by using Mesmers. They follow up with melee pressure damage, strengthened by ice snares to prevent kiting. If facing a spike build, CV splits up, aims for the Guild Lord from an exposed side of the guild hall, causes the spike team to split up, and then attacks from the flag stand.

For practice, CV sets up Heroes with basic builds such as Zealous Benediction Monks and Shock Warriors. They then take those Heroes and fight each other to identify weaknesses in their own character builds. If necessary, they modify their builds and have re-matches until everyone is satisfied.

Member Information

Handle: Fezz
Location: Alabama
Position: Leader
Humorous gaming incident: Family visits. I don't really know why or how it started, but for whatever reason a few of the guildies decided to log in as my "family." They would log in with names like Fezz Mommy, Fezz Brother, Fezz Cousins, and so on. I think they even brought Fezz Wife and Kids. And they are all just like the dysfunctional families you see on TV; they can keep you laughing for hours.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because it is; we might not be the highest ranked or whatever, but I can play for hours and have tons of fun without ever leaving the guild hall. I don't think I've ever found another group of people who can have as much fun just goofing off like the people in this guild can.
Gaming background: I've always been a fan of good RPGs, and even some bad ones. I just enjoy the development possibilities in RPGs. I also love a good strategy game, real-time or otherwise. Any game that actually makes you think is good to me. But my favorite has to be console RPGs, especially multi player ones—the stories and inner workings are usually so much more intriguing and getting to enjoy that with friends next to you makes it all the better.

Handle: Talia
Location: Singapore
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: Being one of two Singaporeans, one of nine females, and one of six officers in the guild, I tend to be a uniquely miscellaneous member in CV, and very proudly so. While I'd initially debated the idea of being part of a guild that operates in a time zone twelve hours behind me, I've never regretted the decision. CV is most definitely the best part about Guild Wars.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The absence of a pay-to-play environment, random player kills, and kill steals. Guild Wars also has the best graphics I've seen in an online game.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Turning a two-year old Guild Wars-based role-play into a machinima video series on YouTube that spanned 13 episodes and gathered a collection of faithful followers. It has given the game new depth for me.

Handle: Harith
Location: Maryland
Position: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A Druid, as I would live peacefully and get a lot of sleeping done, and I would protect and be protected by the awesome jungle! And I am already at home in the Frozen Forest and the Kurzick forests.
Favored tactic: I love being a Necromancer against an Assassin, they rarely notice Spiteful Spirit and Empathy outside of GvG/HA, so if I cast Insidious Parasite or Spirit of Failure, they will happily cut their life away!
Preferred character: I mainly play a Necromancer, typically without minion use, and I always mix the three mainline Necro attributes, so I have Curses/Blood builds, Blood/Death, and Curses/Death. I especially like the Enfeeble/Virulence/Vile Miasma combo, as it works quickly and is strong in Fort Aspenwood.

Handle: His Royal Highness the Great Strider Howlfang of Bonnie Scotland
Location: Bonnie Scotland
Position: Euro Officer, Voice actor, TS Karaoke singer and resident nutter!
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Oh Charr definitely! It would be so cool to walk into Ascalon and scare the living daylights out of everyone as they try to attack me or run away.
Guild Wars deity: Hmm... Have to say Melandru. In Guild Wars there is nothing I like more than wandering through the beautiful landscape. Plus, by living in Scotland I get to appreciate natural beauty here as well.
Funniest PUG experience: The Villainy of Galrath quest. After fighting pretty much everything on the way with two Warriors with the combined I.Q. of a burst balloon we get back to Lion's Arch to find out that neither of the Warriors had even taken the quest!
Why your guild is the greatest: Everyone's friendly and helpful. Great bunch of live and forum-based role players. Karaoke singing on TS and great videos that are available on YouTube.

Handle: Halftoe
Location: Canada
Position: Member
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The creative diversity of Guild Wars has led me to many interesting projects which include sketching, poetry, film making, and forum role playing. I enjoy creative outlets in real life and was pleasantly surprised how Guild Wars supplied another avenue for creative expression. If I could name one unique element that I had the pleasure of being part, I would have to split it between the Guild Wars Inquirer (a satirical online article that ran through beta) and the Fire of the Covenant online video series which was taken from a forum role-play written in the Guild Wars setting.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because we focus on people rather than any specific game element. What we have built is a community of friends across the world, which will persist long after the faction wars of the Luxons and Kurzicks have ceased.
Skill Bar: One of my favorite builds: Iron Mist, Mighty Was Vorizun, Spirit Rift, Channeled Strike, Renewing Surge, Offering of Spirit, Bloodsong, and Resurrection Signet. This is very effective in various PvP settings because it combines high spike damage on soft targets with perhaps the best snare in the game.

Handle: Nuva
Location: Michigan
Position: GvG Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A Lich Lord because my favorite position is the Necromancer, and I love playing as a Minion Master. Seeing as how the Lich Lord is a monster that can summon armies of the Undead, what other monster couldn't be perfect for such a devoted servant of Grenth?
Humorous gaming incident: When everybody in the guild began to mimic me by making a copy of my main character, who happened to be a Ranger at the time, and had a slight variation in the name: Nuva the Merciless. So there would be names like Nooba the Merciful. It was quite fun when the humor began to spread into the alliance.
Preferred character: At the moment, it would have to be the Ritualist. I underestimated the class, but because it is like a hybrid of Necromancer and Elementalist, I immediately enjoyed the experience of summoning Spirits, channeling great damage, and regaining Energy.

Handle: Sizz, Sizzypoo, Sizzlars, Skittles...
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: In a game such as this, the people are what keep the players coming back day after day. The ability to instantly meet friends anywhere and anytime is fantastic.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: I teamed up with my guild leader once, before being promoted to officer, in order to complete the Ice Caves of Sorrow mission. Being a total newb to the Warrior class I acted like your typical wammo by humiliating myself in front of the party and in front of the boss man. I made it a point to learn how to use the Warrior profession since.
Preferred character: I enjoy playing support classes, but I believe people seriously underestimate the true power of the Necromancer. Necromancers work well alone since they don't necessarily need other classes for Health, Energy, or damage output. Their self-reliance must be why they are my favorites.

Handle: Anne
Location: Maryland
Position: Officer
Guild Wars deity: I'd have to choose Dwayna. I love the Monk class and healing is a lot of fun so I feel that'd fit me better than the others. (Plus the avatar of Dwayna is blue... who wouldn't want to be blue?).
Why your guild is the greatest: The people in Charter Vanguard are a charming group. Everybody ranges from being casual/easygoing to thrill seeking and full of excitement, humorous to serious, experienced to new. The people that compose Charter Vanguard are what many people look for when searching for a guild.
Skill Bar: Ranger/Warrior: Apply poison, Sever Artery, Gash, Final Thrust, "Victory is Mine!", Deadly Riposte, Healing Signet, Flurry. This is a fun build when facing melee type enemies.

Handle: Cain
Location: Tennessee
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A titan. Then, if I die, I'd respawn as something new. FTW.
Guild Wars deity: Grenth. The scales of justice for the living and the dead, the ultimate balancer. Everybody gets what's coming to them in the end; I like that.
Humorous gaming incident: Once during Dragon Arena, a guildie and I tried to sync join, but ended up on opposite teams facing each other. We convinced the rest of the people not to target us, and we did a 1v1 the entire game. It was hilarious, kowtowing to each other.

Handle: Geckoman
Location: Washington State
Position: long-time member (since Aug. 2004)
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The ease of gameplay and the overall versatility for playing any character. It is so easy to just jump into this game without poring through pages of a manual, and both the point-and-click movement and simplicity of the combat system make it ideal to just wade right into battle. What is more challenging is learning how and when to use your skills, but the skill system is also designed so that characters can be developed depending upon the situation, the player's style, or even as support while a pet does all the hard work.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would have to choose the Sand Wurm or Desert Wurm, as I have had so many difficult encounters with them. It would be awesome to be able to pop up underneath unsuspecting enemies, knock them down, shrug off their puny attacks, and then devour them with one gulp (which pretty much describes quite a few of my encounters with them!). I am a long-time fan of the Dune series of books, so I was very pleased to have an opportunity to see one of my favorite creatures brought to life.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: There are so many triumphs, considering I have played the majority of the game solo with a party of henchmen for company. This has been a challenge at times, in trying to "control" the henchies as well as my own character's strategy. I think my greatest sense of accomplishment came from completing the Villainy of Galrath quest, since I had to chip away at it piecemeal by attacking then immediately retreating in order to pull my Warriors back and attempt to break up the mobs.


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