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Elite Lords of Chaos [LoC]

The Elite Lords of Chaos [LoC] originated in Starcraft in 2002, and were first known as just the Lords of Chaos. The guild is a gaming community designed to bring people together to have fun, talk, and make new friends. In 2006, the guild ended its Starcraft division and moved to Guild Wars. The guild is now 65 members strong.

Weekly Game Events

[LoC] has weekly guild events, both in-game and out. Larger events have included vanquishing challenges, where teams of guild and alliance members compete against each other to vanquish an area. The first group to do so wins a prize valued at about 10k in-game gold. This was a four week event, and they vanquished four areas.

When asked about an embarrassing moment, guild members respond: "Trying to vanquish Dry Top. We could not kill the group consisting of a couple of Maguuma Protector's. Even after spending an hour or two, we could not find a way to kill them. They were the last group, too!"

Another popular event for [Loc] is called "naked mission." The guild selects a mission, then members group together and do the mission naked, without wearing any armor. They do surprisingly well on some missions, while on others they are turned into a sea of bloody corpses.

PvP Fun

The Elite Lords of Chaos also participate in Alliance Battles (Luxon side) and organize scrimmages. They often seek guests and emphasize that everyone should join their groups, because it is a fun time. This PvP also reinforces how much they enjoy each others' company, and how well they get along as a guild.

Once, after the completion of a naked mission, they traveled over to Alliance Battles. Of course they forgot to put their armor back on and immediately discovered it's a lot harder to win AB without armor than some of those early missions.

Events in Real Life

The guild has an [LoC] book club, where members read a book every month and discuss events, plots, and themes. They do this all on their forums, and it is open for anyone in the guild, alliance, or even random strangers. As of this writing they are reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

Besides literature, [LoC] members even turn to education and sociological pursuits. One member, I See No Tomorrow (ISNT), teaches a nightly class. The guild hall is transformed into a classroom where ISNT instructs on aspects of Guild Wars, the internet, or general life situations. For example, one upcoming class, "The Internet: a Mask Anyone Can Wear?", examines the different social masks people use when they are online and how their behavior may differ from face-to-face, real-world interactions.

LoC Members

Handle: NoTomorrow or ISNT
Location: USA
Position: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A Charr, not only because of how classic an enemy they are, but because they have claws and fangs in addition to weapons. I'd then be able to attack my enemies even if I lost my weapon!
PvP or PvE: I prefer PvE to PvP. I really like the Guild Wars storyline and although fighting other people is fun, I find that cooperating together gives me a better gaming experience.

Handle: Special Sam
Location: USA
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: My main character has a feather stuck in his hair/headband. He has died countless times, saved nations, survived treks through burning lava, almost taken a bath by walking through a waterfall, and never lost the one feather.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: I was doing the Razah quest with a few other people. We had nearly finished, but everyone in the party except one of my Heroes and I had died, with a mob of monsters separating me from the quest reward. Using only Troll Unguent and sacrificing my Hero's life (he distracted the monsters as I ran by), I rezzed the people in my party so we could all get the reward.

Handle: Backup Benchwarmer
Location: USA
Position: Officer
Funniest PUG experience: I distinctly remember one of the Monks during the first time I ever tried Hell's Precipice. The Monk was Mo/Me with a sword, but actually attacked in melee with it every battle. Needless to say, he died many times because of this, and did not listen when people told him to stay out of the middle of battle. He was supposed to be a healing Monk, but the only healing skill I ever saw him use was Word of Healing.
Gaming background: Before Guild Wars I mostly played sports games, especially the EA series. I also played some single player RPGs and RTSs, such as Age of Mythology and some of the Fire Emblem series.

Handle: Slayer Essence
Location: New Jersey
Position: Leader
Gaming background: Mostly three games: Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft. I bought Guild Wars the first day it was released and, overwhelmed in Ascalon, I put the game back in the box, rediscovered it six months later, and got hooked on its glory.
Preferred character: My primary characters are Elementalists, using fire builds such as Echo Nuker or Searing Flames. I can inflict massive damage to enemies, and since you are told not to play with fire in real life, I can satisfy those urges on Guild Wars. I also like any ranged unit, such as Necromancer or Ranger. I do not like playing melee characters.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Creating this guild from the Starcraft guild.

Handle: Miss I Pwn Joo
Location: California
Position: Officer
Humorous gaming incident: The first time I tried doing the quest Unwelcome Guest it was the longest thing I'd ever attempted in Guild Wars. I was so confused, and no one in my group knew what to do because Factions had JUST come out and that bug was there where the star directed you to the middle, and not to the other miasma parts. Anyway, long story short: 3 hour quest, 60 DP, five million attempts.
Gaming background: Thanks to the influence of my brother from age nine, I've played Everquest, Anarchy Online, Earth and Beyond, Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Team Fortress Classic, Rune, Dark Age of Camelot, Diablo II, Warcraft III, and probably more, but I'm drawing a blank. Anyway, never much of a PvP person, or an FPS person other than TFC.

Handle: Doodle
Location: Washington State
Position: Officer
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: It was EPIC! I was a low level character doing the Great Northern Wall Mission for the first time and at the end where the Charr break through the wall and rush you, I stayed and told my party members that I would hold them off while they ran. I was quickly surrounded and before I could press space bar to attack, Charr axes took me down while my comrades ran off to alert Ascalon. If I could choose how I'd go out in RL, it would be while protecting my friends.
Gaming background: I play everything, but I enjoy RTS games the most. If you haven't tried the Total Wars series you should. Picture five thousand men at your fingertips as you lead the greatest armies and nations into the heat of battle with realistic emotions, effects, animations; there's just a special feeling when you use superior tactics to completely wipe out an army twice your size.

Handle: Equinox Daggerstorm
Location: Washington State
Position: Member
Humorous gaming incident: I was using my 55 Monk when I died in the middle of an explorable area and my Heroes began to try to rez me. But the DP gave me negative 17 Health, so every time I stood up after a resurrect, I'd collapse back on the ground again.
Real life experience from gaming: In LoC, I found a friend from school whom I haven't talked to in five years!
Funniest PUG experience: The person was obviously new to Prophecies but had played Nightfall; he entered the explorable area instead of hitting the "Enter Mission" button and it took three of us about 15 minutes to convince him it wasn't really the mission. He kept demanding we find Prince Rurik.

Handle: Alexi
Location: Georgia
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: I'm the "old man” in the guild and a U.S. Navy submariner in real life. What more is there to say?
Humorous gaming incident: There was that time the guild put together a Rotwing farming party; it was my first time out, and in the end we all pretty much got handled.
Why your guild is the greatest: We all really care about each other, not just in the game but in real life also, even though most of us have never met. We all pretty much just enjoy playing and having fun with guild events or whatever seems to be going on at the moment.


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