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United Jedi [UJ]

United Jedi [UJ] may sound unusual for a guild name, but it began six years ago in Star Wars games, and members grew attached to it. They brought that name with them into other games, such as Age of Empires III, then moved into Guild Wars two years ago and have been a steady presence ever since. The guild leads a Kurzick alliance of five guilds with members spread across the world. The international membership is appreciated by all because it helps everyone learn from each other and broaden their views.

The United Jedi website features an awards system linked to the guild roster. The awards are partially based on Guild Wars titles, but UJ invented other awards: Member of the Month, a Loyalty Cross for long-time membership, and a Heraldic Cross for special achievements.

Various events are another specialty of the United Jedi. Currently, members are fighting a Risk-type Guild Wars game in which all moves need to be fought in scrimmages. They also have a "Find the Place" contest continuously running, a signature of the week, inter-guild tournaments, and sing-a-longs of "kill the Luxons in AB" on Ventrilo. One major event recently held was a "design our new cape" contest in which all participants could present a cape design for a small Guild Wars gold entrance fee. This made it possible to offer the winning designer and runner-up big Guild Wars gold money prizes.

Perhaps UJ's most defining feature is the rotating leadership. Instead of having just one Guild Wars leader, UJ rotates the leadership between officers every two months. This change of leadership renews the guild, brings in fresh ideas, and enhances every officer's capabilities.

The United Jedi doesn't consider itself as either a PvP or PvE-only guild, but it does tend to excel more in PvE. Many UJ members own all Guild Wars campaigns and have more than a thousand hours of gameplay and more than two million experience points on their various characters. Some members are close to logging three thousand hours.

In PvP, UJ members have drifted toward Team Arenas, earning Gladiator points with home-made builds. Recently, they amassed an impressive consecutive win streak of 19 victories. They then modified some team builds for GvG battles and jumped in rank from about 5,000 to about 1,500 after playing three GvG matches with four or five players and Heroes.

United Jedi members recognize they have much to improve on in all PvP/GvG competitions, but they are experiencing a healthy learning curve and setting up PvP training. Even so, the guild has no strong ambition to climb the GvG ladder, though members wouldn't mind a better rank. For them, PvP is simply another way to have fun. All in all, they aim to keep a healthy combination between PvE and PvP gameplay.

Meet some Jedi

Handle: Mad Wook
Position in the Guild: Current Leader, officer
Location: Canyon (a small town in west Texas)
Gaming background: RTSs such as AoE3 and Company of Heroes; FPSs such as Counter Strike: Source; MMORPGs such as City of Heroes and Guild Wars.
Favorite profession: Ranger is my favorite with Warrior coming in second. I'm currently learning how to play a Necromancer.
Why I like my guild so much: I've made lots of friends. I've been in this guild for five years and feel like it's a part of me. I don't know what I'd do without it.
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: How you can use Heroes and henchmen, PuGs, or your guild and alliance to help you with every aspect of the game.
Humorous gaming incident: When we all met in town to help someone with a mission and first danced in our underwear for 10 minutes.

Handle: Almighty Wakslag
Position in the Guild: Full-Time Slacker (officer), occasional leader
Location: Northern Ireland
Favorite profession: Ranger all the way! Although Monk can be fun, too.
PvE or PvP: PvP because it rocks; PvE for buying cool stuff for my PvP chars.
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: The amount of combinations you can have with the builds, especially in PvP. Also noticing how a skill that sucks in PvE rocks in PvP.
Best memory in Guild Wars: Talking to myself in Guild chat.
Humorous gaming incident: Taking screenshots of my own character's bum.

Handle: Andor Caron
Position in the guild: Officer, occasional leader
Location: Connecticut
Gaming background: The first game I played online was StarCraft. I moved to RuneScape a few years later. After that I went into WoW for a short period of time and then ended up in Guild Wars. I play many first-person shooters like F.E.A.R. or UT2004.
Favorite part of Guild Wars: Playing with so many people all over the world without being charged a load of money each month.
Biggest triumph in Guild Wars: The first time I got ten consecutive wins in RA.
Best memory in Guild Wars: The first 15k armor set I got (Gladiator's).

Handle: Empress Celestial
Position in the Guild: Officer, occasional leader
Location: South Yorkshire (home) and Staffordshire (university), England
Gaming background: Avid gamer! I've played around on games since I was a wee kid. I got into internet gaming with Age of Empires: RoR. My next door neighbor got me interested in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. After messing around for a few years with different clans, I joined UJ and moved to AoE3 to lead that part of the clan. I then bought Factions and have become a Guild Wars addict.
Favorite profession: Ranger, I think. I have a short attention span so I tend to flitter between professions.
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: Free gaming and fun with guildies.
Humorous gaming incident: Guild chat when someone misinterprets something and then full-scale verbal warfare kicks off and results in a duel, which I then lose; I should stop yelling at those who can kick my butt.

Handle: Shiva Belleza
Position in the Guild: Officer, occasional leader
Location: Eastern Finland
Gaming background: I like GTA and the Final Fantasy series; nowadays I only play Guild Wars.
Favorite profession: Necromancer is my favorite profession, but I also like Dervish.
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: Playing hard missions like the Domain of Anguish with nice people.
Biggest triumph in Guild Wars: Collecting all materials for Obsidian armor.
Humorous gaming incident: Once, in the Domain of Anguish, we were nearly at the end of Foundry. Our Obsidian Flesh tank died and he shouted "TANK IS DOWN! TANK IS DOWN!" That was really funny to me.

Handle: Stacy Moonshine
Position in the Guild: Officer, occasional leader
Location: Somewhere deep in the forests of Finland.
Gaming background: RPGs and FPS games like Baldur's Gate and the Unreal Tournament series.
Favorite profession: Definitely Ranger, though I also like Monk and Elementalist.
PvE or PvP: I'm a PvE player. AB is the only type of PvP that I play.
Best memory in Guild Wars: Watching Almighty Wakslag get owned by a dying Nightmare.
Humorous gaming incident: Sending PMs to myself in-game (gosh what people do when they're bored).

Handle: Uj Insanity
Position in the Guild: Officer, occasional leader
Location: Londerzeel, a small town somewhere in Belgium that no one has ever heard of.
Gaming background: RTS games and strategic simulations, but since I moved into Guild Wars I haven't played any other game!
Favorite profession: Necromancer and Mesmer. I'm too old for melee characters, so I prefer to stay in the back and frustrate our enemies.
PvE or PvP: I like both as long as I can team up with guildies.
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: Using my Necro to suck the life out of foes and make minions with their leftover bones.

Handle: Todo Modo
Position in the Guild: Member
Location: Marion, Arkansas, an average-sized town that is a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee
Gaming background: So much. It all started with Diablo 2, then evolved into Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, then Star Wars Galaxies, then World of Warcraft, then Age of Empires III, and currently Guild Wars. Not to mention all the offline or console games I have played.
Favorite profession: They all have their perks, but Warrior has to be my favorite. There is just something I like about being all up in the middle of things.
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: Taking the hits and looking good while doing it!
Humorous gaming incident: Convincing a real life friend that one of my other real life friends gave me a bone dragon for free...he still believes it to this day.

Handle: B O M Chika Wah Wah
Position in the Guild: One of the three femme fatales in UJ.
Location: Somewhere in Sherwood Forest, hidden from possible stalkers
Gaming background: My boyfriend got me into gaming. Now I have all consoles ever built. I play mainly RPGs and, yes, I did like Tomb Raider. Guild Wars is just the ultimate RPG for me, and I've made a huge base of friends in this game.
Favorite profession: A nasty Necro or other casters, 'cause I like to manipulate and dominate. Not a big fan of Warriors even though they're handy at times.
Why I like my guild so much: It's fun and well organized with friendly team players who offer help and organize guild events. But we definitely need more femme fatales to invade this men's club. Sometimes girls want to talk shoes!
Humorous gaming incident: Saying something that was meant for someone special...but saying it over Guild chat. I'll never live that one down. I'm still teased now about saying it (love to my pet bear, Cuddles).


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