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The Dragons of Eisengard [DOE]

The Dragons of Eisengard [DOE] takes a relaxed approach to gaming, preferring to simply enjoy every minute of Guild Wars time and play the game with a constant smile. DOE members do all they can to make each other feel at home and experience the game with a deep sense of belonging. As such, recruitment is an open process, and membership stretches from Europe to America with very young gamers and grandparents alike. Several family members have even recruited one another. The guild started in Guild Wars and does not have an organized presence in other games, though there are plans to move into Guild Wars 2.

One of DOE's in-game triumphs is the first time they finished the Tomb of the Primeval Kings with a team of five members. It is now a favored area, and DOE groups enter it regularly. Lion's Arch is a popular place for them to get together for online radio broadcasts and parties, while the Fissure of Woe and Eye of the North dungeons are other favorite game areas. The guild enjoys additional replayability in any mission in the original Guild Wars campaign.

Most of the guild members have gamed together since Guild Wars released, so they are intimately familiar with the tricks and builds required for the first chapter, and those missions have nostalgia value. Guild members agree: Thunderhead Keep is a particular favorite. Kelras Stonebrood, guild leader, remembers doing it six times in two days to help different guild members complete it after they found little success with pick-up-groups. What better way to spend your time than killing Mursaat?

The Dragons of Eisengard recalls that their most embarrassing moment was a journey to the world of GvG.

"We had, at the time, a couple of players really interested and experienced in GvG, but with our guild being mainly a PvE-based guild there were not many other experienced members. However, in the true spirit of DOE, we formed a team of eight willing volunteers. After talking tactics and sorting builds we ventured into one of our first GvG matches. All went well and we proved victorious against what turned out to be a similar guild with little GvG experience. With spirits high and thinking we could now take on the world we attempted a second match. The rank of this second guild was much higher than the first (top 100, in fact) but our spirits were not to be dampened by this or their comments of 'for 50k each we will let you guys win.' It took all of four minutes and 46 seconds before we were defeated, bringing us back down to earth. The victorious guild members were actually very gracious afterwards in their victory. This was certainly a lesson in the way some guilds approach GvG, but it was not our greatest moment."

Member information

Handle: Steep Hill
Location: Wales, UK
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: When you feel proud and happy to have accomplished something, like saving enough money for an armor set or finishing a title, after such a long time of trying to get it.
Build you have trouble with: I hate coming across Elementalists, mainly fire Elementalists/nukers, because they can get rid of most of my Health before I even get near them.
Gaming background: Mainly FPSs; my favorite FPS must be Half Life. Then I found Guild Wars and started playing RPGs, both offline and online.

Handle: Amethyst Delore
Location: West Yorkshire, England
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Glint. She may be an enemy and a dragon, but she's a beautiful dragon. I really feel sorry for her whenever we kill her.
Humorous gaming incident: Recently about four of the more senior members of our guild went along to help a newer member in the Wilds mission. My sister took charge, and as usual got us well and truly lost. While wandering around we killed some enemies below the level we were on and a gold truncheon fell for my sister, so the rest of the mission was spent with her saying "Where is my truncheon, nobody else get it when we get there, it's mine!" We never did find her truncheon but eventually reached the end of the mission.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Finally completing our first Tombs outing, after five hours! Now it's down to a fine art, and usually completed in about an hour and a half.

Handle: Antonio
Location: UK
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: First is the community aspect—the fact that to really succeed and get the best from the game you need to play as a team. A well-oiled team really brings rewards, both material and in gaming pleasure. I also love that many of the settings are outdoors with gorgeous scenery.
PvP or PvE: I much prefer PvE, progressing through the storylines, discovering new areas, and achieving all the little side quests. It keeps me out of trouble in the evening without building the stress levels too high.
Preferred character and play style: Antonio De La Cruz, my first character. He is a Domination Mesmer, pretty good for damage although of course on a different scale than nukers and warriors. The Mesmer is a great character to play because you need to think about the order and timing of skills. As for playing style, what's one of those and where do I get it? I kind of bumble along at the back and try not to die, that's why I need a guild!

Handle: Areoles Enysii, Cynn Morsmordre, Shinsei Iwaya, Villosa Fleetfoot, Andune Feanor
Location: Suffolk, England
Position: Officer
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: It's really pretty, it has a great structure, and it's challenging, but not to the point where I give up. I enjoy the story, the strategy, and the team-building, and I appreciate the peace and quiet (compared to other games I've played, there is much less spam in the chat space).
PvP or PvE: I enjoy PvE mostly, but also PvP in Random Arenas, AB, and Team Arenas. I enjoy PvP because it is a completely different way of playing.
Skill Bar: Power Attack, Dismember, Penetrating Chop, Low Blow, Dolyak Signet, "I Will Survive!", Healing Breeze, Rebirth
Template Code: OQMT004KVSoIqAOyUMtAuAkQmAA

Handle: Jendara Moonshadow
Location: West Yorkshire, England
Position: Officer
Guild Wars deity: Melandru, because I love wildlife and being able to have a pet and a mini pet is something I enjoy so much.
Humorous gaming incident: When I was still new and made one of my first forays into the Tombs, I had been desperate to own a gold fiery dragon sword. I opened a chest and out popped a fiery dragon sword. Unfortunately this was before the warnings about salvaging came up, so instead of identifying it, I salvaged it. Everyone was asking me what the mods on it were, but now I will never know...
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Getting a Black Moa Chick. It wasn't easy and I had to do the Luxon stuff all on my own as my guild is Kurzick (I felt a little bit like a traitor but not much). My sister gave me a hand with collecting the stuff so I took two characters for incubators in the end and got her one as well. The chicks were well worth the effort.

Handle: Offas The Most
Location: Wakefield, England
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A corsair. I've always been a seafarer at heart. The idea of pillaging and plundering and escaping to sea with the loot appeals immensely. Besides which, the characters in Guild Wars can't swim so they wouldn't be able to catch me.
Humorous gaming incident: One of our party members was perplexed as to why he was not causing much damage in melee, until it was pointed out to him that he did not possess a weapon.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Guild Wars is playable by every level of gamer, from the complete novice to the most experienced online gamer. It can be played either on your own or with others—and lots of them! It offers huge amounts of game play with hundreds of quests as well as missions following a storyline. And it doesn't require loads of cash to play.

Handle: Savanna Moonsparkle
Location: West Yorkshire, England
Position: Officer
Guild Wars deity: Melandru because we share a love of the land and all animals. Her shrines are always beautiful places and I like the way she is at one with nature, particularly trees, the true life of the planet.
Humorous gaming incident: One evening some team members were on TeamSpeak, but not all. We were in an elite area and one of the players (who wasn't on TeamSpeak) typed angrily at our Monk for being in the wrong place. She took offense, and thereafter refused to heal him. He was doing the luring and was always dead. We were laughing all the way through as he never seemed to realize why he died so often. It probably was not very funny for him, but the rest of us had a good laugh.
Build you have trouble with: The profession I fear the most are Assassins. My spells always take too long to cast to do enough damage to them, and I find the Assassin boss very hard to beat unless he is vastly outnumbered by my party. However, I do quite enjoy playing Assassin!

Handle: Damson Rhee
Location: Wakefield, UK
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Being able to look devastatingly beautiful, while being dangerously powerful and able to run around all day without even breaking a sweat. Also, my family spends a lot of time together in DOE which has brought us closer together with the fun and laughter every time we play.
Humorous gaming incident: Unfortunately, playing with my mother a lot means that humorous incidents happen too often to differentiate between them! My mum has a knack of getting lost, confusing us all and then suddenly stopping to announce that she is going to view the Wiki.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: I was playing Monk with some friends from another guild and unfortunately everyone died but me. When asked why I was still alive and several yards away from where they were fighting, I admitted that I had been struggling to heal them while feeding my baby at the same time!
Preferred character: My minion master, because sometimes you need to just play on your own but accomplish something at the same time. An army of minions helps combat any number of enemies. I loved mapping the forest and seas in Factions as it provided some light relief from the kids and gained faction for the guild at the same time.


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