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Pirates of the Searing [YoHo]

What is your guild philosophy?

To never discriminate or put down. Everyone was once a 'newbie' to the game and not everyone focuses on the same aspect of Guild Wars or has the same commitment level. In YoHo we require dedication and a shared responsibility to help and teach one another where possible.

What in-game activities does your guild organize?

We have strange yet fun events, like the tradition of clearing the Fissure of Woe each Saturday, but with different variations. One week we would all be candy corns, the next all Paragons. These events are planned and documented by our E-team (E stands for Events) to reward members with points they can turn into prizes.

One of our many event twists, clearing Fissure of Woe as a bunch of candy corns!

"Guess the location" is an ongoing forum competition where we post a screen shot of a location from Guild Wars. Members earn points by guessing where the screenshot was taken and taking a screenshot of themselves at that location.

Our recent Paragon event saw two teams of Paragons rush through the beginning of Nightfall, all starting at level 1.

YoHo paragon training camp in preparation for the Paragon Nightfall event.

We recently had a "Who has the worst armor combination" competition in our guild hall to see who could look the most horrific. The unfortunate individual won 1k and was the target of laughter from fellow guildies.

Can you share any tips for vanquishing foes in Hard Mode?

When doing anything in Hard Mode, make sure you have a source of Daze. During many dungeons this was the key to defeating the end boss and speeding up the mission.

Use a main damage tank to lure mobs. Remember not to bite off more than you can chew. The best bet is to use a Warrior or Dervish to round up one or two groups. Wherever possible, pull the groups along a wall. Next get the rest of your party quickly to the location. Keep the tank alive while he/she body blocks the foes against the wall. A Ranger with Broad Head Arrow should hit a target followed by Epidemic to spread Daze. Immediately have Elementalists use high damage AoE attacks to bring the mob to a quick halt.

Any other mid-line characters should concentrate on finishing off foes that have scattered. Monks should be kept behind the group with the possibility of one Monk bonding the damage tank. It sometimes helps to use Vow of Silence or Spell Breaker on the tank while that person rounds up the foes. Elementalists are favored damage dealers due to their large damage output and AoE skills; Ritualists are also a good source with skills such as Spirit Rift.

Does the guild have a favorite area?

We jointly agree that the Charr Homelands from Eye of the North is a spectacular place. Here we feel Guild Wars' graphical capabilities are used to the max, and with the uncanny pre-Searing atmosphere,, this area is the place to be. Not to mention all the Charr that we love pounding, just like our pirating back in the day during the Searing. In addition, the burning forest in Sacnoth Valley has an eeriness about it; the place feels enchanted and completely contrasts the surrounding area. The storyline from GW:EN here is extremely thrilling; for the first time we get to see the place where the foul creatures who ruined Ascalon live. Gwen herself is particularly amusing in this area when teamed up with Pyre—a true twist on the story!

What missions do you replay?

We enjoy various missions, either to help each other out or in the pursuit of titles, but a favorite of ours is the Dajkah Inlet. This is our chance to strike against our rival pirates and show 'em who's boss by demolishing their ranks and chasing them all out of their bases. It also gives our Heroes flashy new armor.

What unique approach to PvP does your guild have?

Hero Battles are a favorite amongst YoHo, because they are an easy way to jump straight into PvP. Builds are commonly shared among the guild, helping others break into the scene. Because it's just you and Heroes, you must rely totally on your own initiative and skill to be successful. If you mess up, you have no one to blame. Obviously, frustration is a common factor associated with HB. One member, who shall remain nameless, is famous for screaming down Ventrilo and almost eating his headset after losing!

The YoHo Crew

Handle: Guardian
Location: Newcastle, England
Position: Guild Leader
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Recently I shared a build of mine with the Guild Wars community through various websites. After receiving loads of PMs regarding the build, I made a forum signature out of the comments I received. It was a triumph to give something back and feel equally rewarded.
Gaming background: I really wanted to get into online gaming. After trying the original Halo, I realized FPSs weren't for me. Later I discovered Guild Wars and have never strayed far. I have given some other games a try recently, but being used to the standard that Guild Wars delivers, it's hard to play much else.
Build that gives you trouble: As a Warrior, you rely upon your melee attacks to deal damage. Fighting Rangers that use Stances and throw dirt in your face is a real pain; similarly Mesmers that strip your precious Energy and restrict your movement are tough to play against.

Handle: Mrs Kickas
Location: England!
Position: The almighty Officer!
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A corsair because I could be a true pirate, although I wouldn't be in the Searing. I wonder if the Asura can build me a time machine?
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Well out of the 4,936 (and counting), it's hard to say which one was the best. Maybe the time when Tainted tested his new Assassin build on me? I didn't die, of course, but it would have been a great death.
Preferred Character: Elementalist. What's better than sitting back and watching enemies burn while they run around screaming, and then planting several meteors on top of their heads? The best and most fun build for PvE would have to be a renewal nuker, combining meteors with Burning.

Handle: Tainted Son
Location: Newcastle, England
Position: Senior Officer
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: My obsidian armor money-raising marathon. Back in those days I was inexperienced at farming, so to raise gold I farmed minotaurs solidly for two weeks. The amazing thing is I didn't resort to eating my own head in frustration.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: In my early days I was in the Shiverpeaks with Guardian when we encountered tundra giants. We killed them and one dropped giant's boots. I demanded Guardian give them to me so I could wear them. After a quick explanation, I hung my head in shame; now whenever giant's boots drop, everyone says, "hey, Tainted you can use these on your Warrior."
Gaming background: I've done pretty much everything; I really started to get into online gaming when I was introduced to Runescape. After much persistence and convincing, Guardian got me to try Guild Wars, and I've been playing ever since. Aside from Guild Wars I'm an avid PS3 fan!

Handle: Brutal Dracon
Location: Great Britain
Position: Member
One interesting fact: I once walked through the streets of Chester (a local city full of shops) dressed in a hazmat suit and gas mask for a friend's art project. It was a lot of fun, pretty scary, and brought the security guards out of the shops to make sure I didn't go in. One person said, "Do you know something we don't?"
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Tengu. The first time through the game these foes were difficult, and seeing a huge battlefield full of them outside of Lion's Arch was like staring death in the eye. To be the monster that caused me so much trouble when I first started playing would be brilliant! They also hold their swords in a cool fashion.
Funniest PUG experience: Two higher-level players offered to take my Monk through an early Factions mission. Upon reaching the end of the tedious mission I was very excited that I was finally finishing it. Just then the Necromancer sacrificed himself to death, leaving his minions to turn on me and kill me in some elaborate ploy of annoyance.

Handle: Blind Bill
Location: Croydon, England
Position: Officer
Preferred character: I've always loved Rangers; they are fun and versatile. Recently I've been playing R/P using a 'Heal as One' spear build; it's good in AB and not a bad tank in simple PvE situations. When playing the Ranger I prefer to stand back and provide Poison and/or Daze support.
Gaming background: I've played a fair few games, starting with FPSs such as Halo, CSS, BF2, ET and then moving on to RPGs, namely Rose Online, Anarchy Online, Runescape, and then better RPGs like Guild Wars, and WoW. I finally settled on Guild Wars. It's just a more interesting game with better graphics and a far superior story line to most.
Why you joined: I was wandering around Lion's Arch when I spotted Kickas and Guardian advertising. It wasn't a great pitch but, seeing as I liked the pirate theme and their sense of humor, I joined. When I got to know everyone, I was shown that there was more to GW than I had already seen, so I stayed for the knowledge and fun they had to offer.

Handle: Althea Quindiniar
Location: England
Position: Member
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The fact that it's online! Seriously! With a bunch of fun guildies thinking up events, I never get bored.
Guild Wars deity: Melandru. Nothing is more peaceful than sitting in a beautiful glen and enjoying the nature around me (GW is great fun but you can't always say it's peaceful).
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Getting Legendary Survivor. Definitely the hardest title I have gotten to date, but thanks to double XP on elite skill weekend I got to work on two titles at once!
PvP or PvE: PvE. I love following the story to see where it will lead. That and title hunting.
Why you joined: I was looking for an active but low pressure guild that was fun to play with. YoHo hasn't let me down. There is always someone on to chat with and they have great (and creative) weekly events.

Handle: Nicole Hamqin
Location: Sweden
Position: Officer
PvP or PvE: I go through different gaming periods. I love to PvP one month, but next month it's PvE. I like doing this so I get a break from each aspect and my interest is reenergized.
Build you have trouble with: The way I look at it, there are no professions or builds that are superior—the hard part is finding a counter for them.
Gaming background: RPG is my type of game; it's awesome to see a creator's imagination simulated in a game.
Why you joined: I came across some of the guys recruiting, joined, and never looked back.

Handle: I Am E T
Location: Turkey
Position: Member
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: We were doing GvG (for fun) when this evil and mad friend of ours fired the catapult on us. Seven people down in a split second.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: PvP, I have no doubt about this. Playing against other players is no doubt the best thing I've ever seen. Creating a strategy, using it, seeing it get beaten, and then trying to build a better's great fun.
Guild Wars deity: Abaddon! Why? 'Cause he's a god...and he dances awesome. Yup, he's a great dancer...
Real life experience from gaming: In our school there were five people who played GW. I was already good friends with them, but as we talked about the game, we found out other similarities between us and became closer friends.


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