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The Lore School [GWen]

First, tell us about your guild history.

We started as a small group of friends in a guild first built by Zilken Zatin called the Carlton Way [TCW]. As we played more and more and delved deeper into the lore of the game, ZZ created Lore School [GWen] to be a Luxon guild for the release of Guild Wars Factions.

Coins dropped to spell out the guild tag
Coins dropped to spell out the guild tag.

How large is the guild?

We've always hovered around the 30 player mark and the roster is maintained to ensure all players are active.

How do you see the guild evolving over time?

We have a dedicated core of players that have been playing a long time and will most likely move into GW2. Our goal in the meantime is to get as many rank five or higher title holders as possible by the release of GW2, then take our merry band into a new future.

Does your guild have a favorite region/part of the world? Why?

We love the Underworld, because it always keeps you on your toes. One small slip and it can fold in an instant. Communication and patience win out, and the deeper you go the better the rewards. We've played together for quite a while now, so we know each others' play styles and much of the play is done without a word typed or spoken.

Guild members pose in the Underworld
Guild members pose in the Underworld.

Can you share any tips or a build for beating a particular mission at Master level?

A popular build within the guild lately is the 600/Smite duo. With this setup we can Vanquish much faster and scythe through areas that give other builds a headache. And it's fast. For working people with little time, it's a great way to get the job done without losing the entire evening and pounds of sweat to stress.

Do you have any tips for defeating specific monsters?

Pain Inverter has become a must-have skill since it came onto the scene. In particular, the Great Destroyer suffers mightily at the hands of this single skill. Other bosses should beware any Hero packing it. You should try using Pain Inverter on a Jotun. It's funny when they smash themselves to death with one blow!

Member information

Handle: Divine Foor
Location: Belgium
Position: Officer
Gaming background: My dad was a programmer when I was four or five, so I started gaming on a really old Macintosh. Pong was the first game I ever played. Then it only improved, going from RPGs to RTSs and FPSs. However, since my brother bought Guild Wars, I bought it too, and I'm still playing it. Since that day, I don't play many other games, because Guild Wars is just way too much fun.
Skill Bar:

Spell BreakerProtective SpiritSpirit BondShield of AbsorptionMantra of ResolveBalthazar's SpiritEssence BondBlessed Aura

This is one of the best builds to farm with. Actually for doing everything! My brother and I make a strong team together, and we farmed a lot this way. As long as enemy groups are less than 50 enemies, we can handle it! Of course we also take guildies or alliance members with us for a powerful backup line. Greatest Guild Wars triumph: FoW armor. After months of playing and farming together with my brother and fellow guildies, we got a guild team together to get my FoW armor. After some serious fighting (600 Monk or Ursanway didn't exist back then), we finally got to the armor crafter. When I bought it and changed my old armor for this new and shiny armor, it felt like I had conquered Guild Wars!

Handle: Zilken Zatin
Location: Cambridge, UK
Position: Guild Leader
Preferred character: Necromancer. Armor-ignoring skills, self heal while damaging, and a mini army at my disposal, what part of being a Necro isn't enjoyable?
Skill Bar:

Parasitic BondSpiteful SpiritNecrosisInsidious ParasitePain InverterProtective SpiritHealing BreezeRebirth

This is one of the most survivable PvE builds I've found. You can cause some hefty damage and cover the backside of not only yourself but anyone else under pressure.
Greatest Guild Wars triumph: Lots! Completing UW for the first time, the Deep for the first time, storming Tombs when it was new; they're all valid and felt like enormous accomplishments at the time. But attaining R6 KoaBD must stand out as the triumph above all others.
PvP or PvE: Without doubt, PvE, mainly because it's more relaxed and more sociable. Yes it can get hectic, but you can always set your own pace. And with the wonderful environments, beautifully-made monsters, and overall cool story, PvE is a great way to have fun.

Handle: Unyielding Anguish
Location: Kansas
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Sharing information with other players and making their characters stronger. Knowledge is power, and I like to spread the wealth whenever I can.
Preferred character: My Dervish, Unyielding Anguish. He has completed all three campaigns (and Eye of the North), just recently attained the I'm Very Important title, and can be a great damage dealer (with or without Ursanway) while healing himself.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would have to say a Jotun. Who wouldn't want to be a 15-foot-tall giant that only wears shorts?

Handle: Elf Forest Ranger
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Definitely a Destroyer. Their cool looks and resistance against my Searing Flame Heroes really made them one of my favorites.
Preferred character: So far, Ranger has always been my favorite, with Monk coming right after. My Ranger is my first character and he's the one I use for PvE the most. I always prefer to be more defensive than offensive in a fight, and for that purpose I think Broad Head Arrow is the best Ranger skill around, especially against caster bosses.
Real life experience from gaming: About a year ago I had an all-nighter with some guildies. After we had completed the Deep four or five times, we all managed to get about an hour of sleep. When I went to college that morning the only thing I had in my notebook at the end of the class was a beautiful picture of the Word of Healing icon.

Handle: Rurik Reborn
Location: United Kingdom
Position: Officer
Humorous gaming incident: I turned up at work thirty minutes late. Knowing my boss was a fan of online gaming I gave him my excuse for being late: "I've been defending Kryta from invasion by an Undead army." He looked less than impressed, but later found it funny.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: A while back my local store had a sale on Ben & Jerry's ice cream. For days, every time I logged in it seemed like I was tucking into a nice fresh tub. I ended up with the nickname, "Tubby," not that I am. Now even my own girlfriend has started to call me that in guild chat.
Greatest Guild Wars triumph: Being in the first team to complete a Tombs run in an hour with a balanced team. That was before the barragers found it, though. We had so much fun rushing that area, and the feeling when everyone in town wanted to get into our team was awesome.

Handle: Xuie (Ceaser)
Location: Victoria, Australia
Position: Disciple of Zilken (member)
Humorous gaming incident: One that stands out was trying to do Eternal Grove in Hard Mode with our guild leader, Dwaynas. We started and all was going smoothly; Dwaynas even commented about how easy it was this time through. I agreed and went on killing those poor Luxons until Dwaynas said "OMG Xuie!!!! You forgot to turn on HM!!!"
Guild Wars monster you'd be: One of the Charr. I love the new artwork for the Charr and something draws me to the race that destroyed Ascalon.
Real life experience from gaming: I used to be in an Aussie Luxon guild called SDg, which was a great guild and I hope they'll read this. A new guy by the name of Sir Maximus Plus joined the guild and we started playing and doing missions together. That was about two years ago now. He left and so did I. Three months ago I went to my friend's house and met his little cousin who also plays Guild Wars. He showed me his character, Sir Maximus Plus.

Handle: Dwaynas "DB" Beloved
Location: Belgium
Position: Member
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Titles! We at GWen are quite competitive when it comes to achieving titles to add to our Kind of a Big Deal list. We're always ready to help each other reach the next goal, and have fun doing so. Of course, displaying your new or biggest achievement on your character often leads to many "Ooohs" and "Wows" from the people you encounter, which is always funny to witness. And how many players can say they have a God (r6 of the KoaBD) as their leader?
PvE or PvP: You'll occasionally find me in RA or AB, but I'm mainly a PvE player. With the introduction of Hard Mode I think PvE also has many competitive missions/areas that require a team effort. To me, Vanquishing an area or clearing places like FoW or UW while having a good laugh over TS can be just as rewarding as fighting others in PvP.
Preferred Character: My Monk. When I first started playing Guild Wars I had a Ranger as my first character, and I was one of those people always in a group looking for a Monk. So I decided to try it out myself, and it turned out to be my favorite class to play. It also yields the highest amount of titles. I'm nearing 27 maxed titles and thus good for rank five and a very smelly mahogany hall.

Handle: Yoghurt Drink
Location: Netherlands
Position: Member (Fruitcake)
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: When I got kicked out of a PvP guild for taking the wrong weapon. I was playing a healing Necromancer but forgot to change my Blood Magic staff to a Healing Prayers one.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A spined aloe, lurking underground to hit you for 1 damage when you come near. The fun thing about these creatures is that they deal so little damage that many players leave them alone, even while under attack by them. That´s what makes them the ultimate Assassin...if there is enough time.
Greatest Guild Wars triumph: Attaining My Guildhall Smells of Rich Mahogany title on my Necromancer, Angelic Girl.


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