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Guild of the Week Nominations

Within the world of Tyria, battles rage as surely as forge fires burn, tempering warriors into heroes. There are those who fight for power, for honor, for glory or for salvation. No matter the call, what they seek is greatness; and amidst the din of warfare there are those that will rise from the ashes to stand above all others. Do you have what it takes to stand with those whose names echo throughout the Hall of Heroes?

The Nomination Process

Each week we will be featuring one exceptional guild on the Guild Wars site with our "Guild of the Week" feature. These articles spotlight the guild's history, their members, and their play style before a global audience.

How can my guild take part?

If you are interested in submitting your guild for consideration as a Guild Wars Guild of the Week, the following is a list of some of the qualifiers we consider when assessing a guild for possible inclusion in the feature. Certain qualifications are required, and others are supplementary. It is not necessary for a guild to meet every one of Supplementary Qualifiers in order to be considered as a Guild of the Week.


The following are requirements for consideration as a Guild of the Week:

  • A Guild Website — the site must be updated at least twice a month, with either Guild Wars news or guild news in general.
  • A good standing with the community — (guilds that are active on fansites, submitting articles, etc.)
  • At least 12 members for a PvP oriented guild, 25 for a Cooperative/Social guild.
  • An established in-game presence: Guilds must have both their cape, and guild hall.

Supplementary Qualifiers

The following are additional factors that will be considered in assessing a candidate guild:

  • A Guild Forum or other means of conversing — such as a chat room, Ventrilo, or TeamSpeak server.
  • A good standing on the ladder — (ranked #300 and above).
  • Recognition for having made a unique or original contribution to the Guild Wars community.
  • A mature and positive attitude. No inappropriate Guild names or tags, and no inappropriate character names.

While some of these qualifiers are more important than others, guilds are not expected to meet every single one of the Supplemental Qualifiers in order to be considered as a potential Guild of the Week. For example, a guild that focuses on cooperative gameplay may not hold a position on the Guild Wars Ladder. This does not mean that the guild cannot be featured in a GotW article. Likewise the guild's possession of a TeamSpeak or other communication system, while helpful, is not a requirement for consideration.


If you feel your Guild meets the criteria to be a Guild of the Week, then we want to hear from you. Please write to us at using the subject line of "Guild of the Week Nomination," and include the following information:

  • The name and tag of your guild.
  • A little bit about your guild, and why you feel it deserves to be Guild of the Week.
  • The listed qualifiers that your guild meets — please expand on them! For example, if you are ranked, what is your ranking? If you have made contributions to the community, what were they? The more details you can provide us, the better!
  • If you are submitting as the leader of the guild, please include your in-game character name.
  • If you are submitting on behalf of your guild, or are nominating a guild to which you do not belong, please include the in-game character name of the guild leader, and their contact e-mail address.