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Guild Wars Community News Archives - 2003

Fansite Program Sets Target 26 November 2003

Guild Wars fansite webmasters - and those considering coming on board - are encouraged to apply for the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program (GWCFP) soon. Although there is never a closing date for acceptance into the program, applying by the end of January 2004 offers a certain advantage, because those on board in February will be in the first drawing for an Elite Fansite Interview!

Again, this is not to say that fansites that come on board at a later date are in any way out of the loop! We will be appraising fansites on an on-going basis and you're encouraged to get in touch at any time. If you want a preliminary discussion about the possibility of a fansite, desire an initial comment or two as you begin the design and set-up process, or if you are ready for a full-scale appraisal for program placement, we're looking forward to hearing from you. And of course after your site is accepted, you will be on the list for upcoming opportunities offered to Guild Wars Community Fansites.

This is your program and we want to hear all your thoughts and address any concerns you may have. Please contact Gaile Gray, our Community Relations Manager, with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Fansite FAQ Response 26 November 2003

For questions about the Guild Wars Fansite Program (GWCFP), you may wish to start by consulting the Community Fansite FAQ. We'd also like to provide more info as it's requested, and today we'll share the answers to a couple of questions about the fansite levels. First, "What happens if I achieve GWCFP Elite status, but find that I'm better able to maintain the pace of an Official site?" Alternately, "What happens if I enter as an Official site - is it difficult to change status and move up to Elite?" The answer to those questions is "Don't worry, be happy!" :)

We realize that working on a fansite in any capacity can be a significant undertaking. Sometimes, work or school interferes with "the fun stuff" in our lives. Occasionally, someone who committed to helping out with a site becomes unavailable, creating a heavier workload for the webmaster. What we want you to know is that fansites are able to qualify at either level, and they can change levels at any time. If you want to start as Official and move to Elite, great! If you are at the Elite level and decide that the Official level works better for you, you're welcome to make a change. We believe that the GWCFP requirements are quite reasonable for both categories. Our greatest objective is to work with you, to "help you help us," as we've said before. Changing status is not a problem, and it's never too late to join the program. Do get in touch whenever you have a question or concern.