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Guild Wars Community News Archives - 2004

Fansite Approbations 23 December 2004

We've finished a recent fansite review and are delighted to announce that two members of the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program have reached a new level:

  • Knight Templar Official Site
    The KT Site has proved an excellent source for up-to-date skill listings and other great content.
  • Guild Wars Online ( Elite Site
    The GWOnline team has poured many hundreds of hours into providing a remarkable variety of resources about the game. From guides to bestiaries to character profiles, they truly offer something for every Guild Wars fan.

Congratulations to these two fansites. We will be conducting more reviews after the New Year.

Fansite Kit Updated 22 October 2004

The Fansite Kit now contains the skill icons for all six professions. The basic skills for each profession, with name and image, can be found here.

Fansite Kit Expands 14 October 2004

The Guild Wars Fansite Kit has grown over the last several weeks. The latest addition is a section dedicated to the icons for each profession's specialized skills and abilities. Recently we added a section that contains Character Art, as well.

Another Official Fansite 28 September 2004

We'd like to extend our congratulations to, which has attained the level of Official Guild Wars Fansite. This site's long-time support of Guild Wars and the excellence of their coverage places them amongst the best of our fansites.

New Fansite Status 23 September 2004

We are pleased to announce that two Guild Wars Fansites have been moved into the Official Fansite category. These are:

Both sites offer exceptional news coverage and excellent content. We are proud to have these fine sites serving the Guild Wars community. Fansite reviews are an on-going process, and we will be appraising other fansites in the near future.

New Art Assets Available 20 August 2004

Due to popular demand, we are making available high-res in-game models of a male and female from each Guild Wars profession. These are high-resolution PSD files, zipped individually but still very large in size. The uses for these images are up to the imagination of the Fansite community, but they might serve as art on fansites, as material for the creation of fansite wallpapers, and more. Fansites have an exclusive on these assets until August 25th, after which they are available for use by others. Click here.

Fansite Program News 20 August 2004

We are delighted to announce that three Guild Wars fansites have reached new levels of recognition within the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program. Two sites have proven themselves to offer unique coverage of the game and the company, and we're proud to place Guild Wars Ogaming and at the Elite Fansite level.

A newer site,, has become an excellent source for Guild Wars news and content and is now designated an Official Fansite for Guild Wars. Other sites are currently under review for ranking within the GWCFP, and we will announce changes in the very near future. We will also be revealing details of how we'll be working with our Official and Elite Fansites as we move forward with another level of planned expansion of the Guild Wars Alpha/Beta Test Team.

And lastly, we'd like to welcome the following recent additions to the Guild Wars Fansite Community:

Latest Guildmaster Photics Issue 01 August 2004

The latest issue of Guildmaster Photics e-zine can be found on this link.

Community Day Report 29 July 2004

ArenaNet hosted representatives of five major Guild Wars Fansites at their offices in Bellevue, Washington. The fansite reps spent the evening socializing, and the next full day and evening in the ArenaNet offices, meeting the team, getting game development demos, and playing Guild Wars during a busy All Call Session. Find our full report here.

First Guild Wars Community Day 9 July 2004

ArenaNet is pleased to be hosting our first Guild Wars Community Day. Webmasters from five of our fansites will be visiting today, taking a tour, meeting the staff, conducting interviews and joining us for some Guild Wars action. Look for their reports over the next several days on The Guild Hall, TheGuildWars.Net, Guild Wars Ogaming, Guild Wars Warcry, and RPG Stars.

Community News Update 23 June 2004

There's quite a bit to catch up on in a Guild Wars community sense. First of all:

  • We'd like to offer a hearty congratulations to the newest GWCFP Official Site: Guild Wars OGaming. Thanks to THX and the rest of the staff for a job well done! Oh, and all members of the Guild Wars community are invited to stop by and vote in the current Guild Wars OGaming Fan Art and Fan Fiction Contest.

Welcome to the newest Guild Wars community sites:

  • Guild Wars Vault. We're delighted to join the family of excellent Vault sites, and look forward to everything that the staff -- Mavi, Mongo, Mythran and Phil -- will bring in the way of news, information, and in-depth coverage of Guild Wars.
  • Guild Wars Mondes Persistents. This site provides information and news updates for our French-speaking fans.

Community Growth 08 June 2004

We are excited by the growth of our community and by the worldwide appeal of Guild Wars. Over the last several weeks, we have experienced a substantial increase in the number of fansites and forum sites joining the fold. We would like to welcome the following:

Although we do not plan to list guild sites at this time, a few guilds have constructed fansites, such as:

And in addition to fansites, a few Guild Wars forum sites have opened as well. Some precede what will be a companion fansite, and some are stand-along forum sets. Please welcome:

We encourage others with fansites in the works, or fansites up and running, to get in touch.

Welcome Warcry! 05 May 2004

We'd like to welcome Guild Wars Warcry to our fansite community. Find their site on this link and give a big "hello" to webmaster Bluewolf and his staff.

New Fansites Join Community 28 April 2004

We'd like to welcome the following fansites to our growing family:

Guild Wars Ogaming, a Guild Wars fansite on the Ogaming network. Welcome to webmaster THX and network administrator Warnock.

The Italian Lair, a Guild Wars fansite presented for Italian-speaking fans. Welcome to webmaster Miserabile., a German-language fansite. Welcome to webmasters Boris and Eduard.

As an additional update, you may want to reset your links for The Guild Hall and RPG Stars, both of whom recently have changed URL's.

Another GWCFP Program Member 12 April 2004

We would like to acknowledge Guild Wars Stratics, the latest Guild Wars fansite to achieve Official status in the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program. Congratulations!

Photics #4 Online 1 April 2004

Issue No. 4 of the Photics e-zine is now available. Head on over to to pick up your copy.

Program Membership Expands 4 March 2004

We'd like to congratulate two fansites -- Guildmaster Photics and RPG Stars -- for attaining placement in the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program. Both are now Official Guild Wars fansites. Such recognition signifies the sites' commitment to the community and excellence of presentation. Congratulations to both sites!

Guild Hall Joins GWCFP 22 January 2004

We are pleased to announce that our fansite, The Guild Hall, has joined the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program. Because of the site's extensive and prompt news coverage, an impressive depth of unique content, and support offered via well-moderated community forums, we are conferring "Elite Fansite" status upon The Guild Hall. Everyone at ArenaNet congratulates the staff, and we look forward to several other sites joining the program in the near future.

Fansite Kit Expanded 21 January 2004

We've expanded the Fansite Kit with lovely renders of the five characters portrayed on the Guild Wars Poster from E3 2003. The images are available in PSD format, for highest quality. Find them here.

More Art! 15 January 2004

We have expanded the art offerings with looks at a new monster, the new male player character model, and even a new sky. Find three new images in the Gallery and they have been archived into the Fansite Kit, as well.

Art Added to Fansite Kit 08 January 2004

The second batch of Guild Wars screenshots, from January 7th, have been zipped into an easy-to-download bundle, and are now included in the GWCFP Fansite Kit.

New Screenshots & Updated Fansite Kit 07 January 2004

As all the fansite staff members are no doubt aware, the screenshots released on January 2nd are garnering remarkable commentary all over the 'Net. We're delighted with the response, and are looking forward to our future updates with great anticipation. More images are coming very soon!

As we said in December in our mail to the fansites, we will be increasing general releases of information, and will be letting you know about major media coverage in the weeks and months to come. We've also updated our Fansite Kit to provide you the latest in content, and we'll make it a pledge to continue to expand that frequently.

Fansites on board the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program will be recipients of special treats in the coming months, so all webmasters are encouraged to contact Gaile Gray, our Community Relations Manager, to obtain the GWCFP Application Form. We're not bound up in red tape here at ArenaNet, but we do need to have certain information on file, so let us know when your site is ready to apply and we'll forward that form to you.

Lastly, we'd like to thank all the fansites for sticking with us through a long drought of information. You're the best!