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Guild Wars Community News Archives - 2006

Community News 21 December 2006

Community News 14 December 2006
  • Photics returns with Lost in Ascalon #35, a three-page episode. What will happen on the quest for Gwen? The only way to find out is to read on! Are you anxiously waiting for the next installment? Fill your time with Photic's Guild Wars Arcade. Try GvG Pinball today.
  • Feeling lost? Guild Wars Guru recently added 16 new maps to their gallery. Shed some light on the Gates of Torment, the Domain of Anguish, and much more. The site also has some new Word Find puzzles for you to try to unravel.
  • For another look at the humorous side of Guild Wars, visit Healbot Blues for the latest comical adventures of everyone's favorite fictional Monk.
  • Guild Wars Portugal has a bunch of new updates. Read part three of their feature on GvG. The site has several new content additions, so take a few minutes to look around.

Fansite Updates and Changes 7 December 2006

We are pleased to note that several new fansites have joined the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program.



We're also pleased to announce that Lore of Mythos has earned the designation of Official Fansite. Congratulations to everyone at Lore of Mythos!

Community News 7 December 2006
  • GameAmp has been very busy for the last few weeks and has an impressive assortment of new content. They've added a section on Insignia, another on Inscriptions and a Comprehensive Hero FAQ.
  • Still curious about Insignias and Inscriptions? Fear not. Guild Cast has devoted part of Episode #57 to clearing up any confusion.
  • announced the winners of its Octember Contest. Congratulations to Aralas, Yoshiel and Mephis for their winning entries. It's not too late to enter the Nocember Contest, so hurry up and submit your entry.
  • If you're just starting out with Guild Wars, then pop on over to Guild Wars Cold Front to check out their recently-updated Newbie Area for game-play tips.
  • Guild Wars Guru is highlighting its fanart section this month. There are some truly phenomenal artists showcased in the gallery, so don't hesitate to have a look.
  • Guild Wars Zhong Guo, a Chinese fansite at Official ranking, is celebrating its second birthday on December 10th. Many congratulations, and here's to future years of success and fun with Guild Wars! They're planning lots of updates in the near future, so if you have a grasp of the Chinese language, check them out.

Community News 30 November 2006

Community News 23 November 2006

Fansites Updates & Changes 16 November 2006

We are pleased to announce the following update to the official Guild Wars Fansite Listing:

Guild Wars Vault: Elite

Guild Wars Vault was formed in June of 2004, and has been doing a splendid job ever since. They work diligently to keep fans current on the latest Guild Wars news and to create an impressive amount of new and unique site content. Guild Wars Vault has stepped into a well-deserved position as one of our Elite Guild Wars Fansites.

We also announce the addition of the following sites to the Fansite Listing:

Note: Fansite webmasters and others who wish to learn more about the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program can find a newly-revised program information page here.

Community News 16 November 2006
  • Happy birthday, Guild Cast! One of Guild Wars most popular podcasts is celebrating its first birthday this month. In fact, the folks behind the show are so excited about it that they're throwing a party. They've extended an invite to anyone who would like to join the celebration on Sunday, November 19th. Check out the directions to the party.
  • Guild Wars Guru has jumped into Nightfall and is happy to share all that they've learned. They've collected a list of answers to Common Nightfall Problems to give you a hint if you get confused during missions. If you're eager to join some chit-chat about the game and where it's going, you can join in the recent Spotlight Concept discussion, Expansion and Evolution of the PvE World.
  • Guild Wars Online is making some changes and additions to their trading system. They have a new trade moderator, and have provided a new Trader Statistics page to help you find out who the major and trustworthy traders are.
  • Guild Wars Hispano has been industrious over the last several weeks. They've added new maps, guides and dictionary terms, plus lots more.
  • In other international news, Guild Wars Poland has done some layout upgrades to the site. They also have a Guide to Minion Masters and a new contest where you can win a t-shirt.

Community News 9 November 2006
  • Guild Wars Online has updated and improved its Blog Section. With over sixty blogs to browse, you will find a lot to read, and many opportunities for you to contribute!
  • Meanwhile, Guild Wars Vault has had a busy week. Congrats to ZStalker, who won the Screenshot of the Month Contest for October. There are a couple of new guides to help you along in Nightfall, as well as an update to the column Running Amuk.
  • As usual, Guild Wiki has oodles of information to light the way through Nightfall, along with tons of helpful resources for the previous chapters. Check out their recently-updated information, or browse for tasty tidbits of knowledge in their massive database.
  • Episode 52 of Guild Cast is up for grabs this week. The hosts use this week's episode to discuss their experiences with Nightfall as well as the recent Halloween event.
  • And they're not the only ones with fond memories of the grimmest holiday of all. Lore of Mythos updated their gallery with screenshots of the Halloween event, along with shots of Alliance Battle zones.
  • OGaming opened a new section of their forums. In Evolution and Lore you can discuss the evolution and growth of Guild Wars over the years.
  • Healbot Blues has an amusing update to the adventures of our favorite Monk.

Community News 2 November 2006
  • Photics returns triumphantly from a hiatus with Issue #32 of the popular electronic magazine. This issue delves straight into Nightfall with a detailed review of the game and the Collector's Edition contents.
  • Halloween has come and gone, alas, but we can always look forward to next year. Although it's too late for the Halloween Event 2K6 Guide that Guild Wars Guru put together, it's never too late to sigh with nostalgia and look forward to next year. The site is also celebrating its two millionth post. Congratulations, folks!
  • Knights Templar has a new article for those with an eye on improving their PvP play. So You Are a New GvG Guild and Want to Get Better offers advice about strategy, philosophy, and attitude.
  • And they're not the only one with new guides this week. Guild Wars GameAmp has several additions to their library, including a detailed guide to the Aurora Glade mission, and a "Spongeworthy"Assassin build for you to try.
  • If you enjoy screenshots, particularly ones of the recent Halloween event, Guild Wars Vault has been adding new pictures to their gallery on a daily basis.
  • Episode #52 of Guild Cast is available for you to download. We're all aware of the big updates and changes that came to the game along with the release Nightfall, and this episode discusses them with an eye towards game play and the future of Guild Wars.
  • Guild Wars Comics, who provides regular updates to a continuing dramatic Guild Wars comic, has Issue 7 available for your perusal. Available in French, it's worth a visit even by non-Francophones for the lovely artwork.

Community News 26 October 2006
  • Do you love Halloween? Well, so do we! And on the off chance that you didn't see the news on the main page, we want to point out that The Pumpkin Lady has thoughtfully provided us with more than 40 Pumpkin Patterns so that you can carve your very own Guild Wars themed pumpkin.
  • If you read French at all, head on over to Guild Wars Comics to read issue six, L'Ombre des Traitres. Even if languages are not your strong suit, you can still enjoy the impressive artwork in this dramatic webcomic.
  • ¿Usted habla español? Guild Wars Hispano has published Episode #10 in their podcast series.
  • Guild Wars Poland has been busy this month. They've got a new weekly series of articles about must-see locations in the game. And for those of you looking to explore the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, they've got a guide for that, too.
  • In an impressive effort to reach out to the international Guild Wars community, the folks over at Black Moon have started translating their databases into multiple languages. Check out their listing of elite green items to view their efforts.
  • Congratulations to Minywheats for winning the Crossing Tyria contest by writing an essay about Why I Love Crossing Tyria. Further kudos to the runners-up.
  • And don't forget,'s Ocvember Contest runs until November 15th. Hop in and win a chance for a nifty prize!

Community News 19 October 2006
  • Guild Wars Guru has some fun games to distract you from useless and silly things like, say, work. Have a look at their Wordfind puzzles if you have some time on your hands.
  • Have you missed Photics' Lost in Ascalon comic? We have too! But take heart, the new comic—a double edition—is online now.
  • Guild Wars Online recently created a new forum especially for the discussion of Heroes. You can discuss strategy, equipment, and skills with other players.
  • has a brand new contest for those who have a way with words. Enter their Ocvember Contest to win a copy of any Guild Wars campaign.
  • Congratulations to GuildCast, who just hit their 50th Show, and who have their first anniversary right around the corner. Way to go, guys!
  • Continuing this week is TyriaMarket's contest to win a copy of Guild Wars Nightfall. To participate, check out the rules and start auctioning!
  • The Guild Wars Nightfall Launch Party took place this Tuesday. A number of fansites had representatives present, either in the form of staff members or site regulars. In fact, a number of the Guild Wars Super Fans first learned about the contest through their favorite fansite. We look forward to reading the various articles and journals about the Release Party, and will link those next week.

News about the Fansites 12 October 2006

Several community sites have been added to the Guild Wars Community Fansite Listing. We would like to welcome aboard the following sites:




In addition, we're delighted to announce the promotion of a fansite from Listed to Official Ranking:

  • Black Moon Fansite: This excellent French-language site has produced exceptional news cover and a great amount of up-to-date game information including that on Nightfall.

We will be publishing revised program information for the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program in the next week or so. In the meantime, if you have questions about fansites, or the program, please contact us at

Community News 12 October 2006
  • TyriaMarket has a contest! The top three auctioneers who reach a feedback rating of 50+ on October 27th will receive a copy of Guild Wars Nightfall. Auction fairly, have fun, and tell all your friends about the contest.
  • And they're not the only ones with a contest this month. Crossing Tyria is giving you a chance to win a copy of the Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition. All you have to do is write a short essay to enter. Read about the Why I Love contest to learn more.
  • GuildWars Hispano has been busy developing a great new site design and undertaking a major reorganization. They also have a new listing of emblems and... well, you'll just have to visit the site to see all they've been doing!
  • Issue Five of the French Guild Wars Comic is online for you to enjoy. Even if your French is rusty, hop on over and check out the great art.

Fansite News Update 5 October 2006
  • Guild Wars Poland has some new features for those who read Polish. They've completed a momentous task and provided guides for all the Guild Wars: Prophecies Missions, which includes maps and information about bonuses. Just as impressive, they have a new guide to Fort Aspenwood to help you find your way around Alliance Battles. They're also home to a Polish-only guild ladder which shows the rise and fall of Polish guilds on the official GvG ladder.
  • Guild Wars Guru recently hit the whopping mile stone of 100,000 members. Congratulations! As usual, they're on top of things with some new Nightfall content. Have a look at their new map of Isle of Ishtan, and take a peek in their new forum section, the Elonian Explorers' League.
  • Looking for more coverage of Nightfall to get excited about? GameDaily has an article that discusses their first Impression of the new chapter during the recent preview weekend.
  • Guild Wars ZA also has a report on the Nightfall World Preview Event which gives the perspective of a long-time Guild Wars player.
  • And last but by no means least, a wonderful Fanart Contest took place recently on the forums of GWOnline. Head to the Forum Thread to see the winners, and be sure to look at all the entries – a very exceptional group of images!

Community News 28 September 2006
  • Picture time! Guild Wars Vault has started a screenshot of the day feature. You can browse the shots (check out that Nightfall content!) or submit your own.
  • Guild Wars ZA has been busy lately. Hey have a brand new heap of Preview Event screenshots and lots more for you to browse.
  • The gang at Guild Wiki are, as usual, quick to tackle new content. Read their information on the recent Nightfall World Preview Event and have a look at their constantly expanding section on Guild Wars Nightfall.
  • Want to reflect on the fun of the Nightfall World Preview Event? Did you miss it completely, and want to find out what happened? The theme of this week's Guild Cast is a review of the event and opinions about the upcoming chapter. Download Episode 47 to listen.
  • Guild Wars Realm has been doing some renovations and housecleaning. They're proud of the changes they've made, and would like to show off their new site template, navigation features, and Nightfall-themed motif. Check out their list of changes
  • A member of the forums has written a great set of first impressions of Nightfall. The article discusses new features as well as a reflection on the game.

Community News 21 September 2006
  • If you've got a membership at GW Online, or don't mind taking a minute to register (for free) then why not try to solve this brain teaser? If you're good at coming up with creative solutions to bizarre problems, here's your chance to shine. Enter the Nightfall pre-sale contest for a chance to win prizes and glory!
  • And that's not the only contest going on right now! has a Short Story Contest running until the 15th of October. Can you write a 500 word story? If so, start scribbling.
  • The folks over at the Italian site, The Italian Lair, are organizing a tournament called Lords of the Lair #2. If you're proficient in Italian and interested in participating, check out the information on the site.
  • Guild Wars ZA has some new content for you to peruse. Just like us, they're getting excited about the release of Nightfall next month. Check out the new Nightfall shots in their gallery and their Nightfall Preview page.
  • Are you a fan of fanfiction? Guild Wars Vault has a new update to the ongoing saga of young Illiandra Mordenkai and her quest to save her family from illness. Read the new chapter of Haunted, or head there to catch up on what you've missed.

Community News 14 September 2006
  • Sometimes, nothing is as satisfying as a good story. Guild Wars Guru has a spotlight on fan fiction this week.
  • Are you considering starting a guild? You may want to read through Guild Wars Ogaming's Making Your Own Guild first, to get helpful tips on making a guild "the right way." The site also has some brand new fan art for your enjoyment.
  • Guild Wars Realm has a guide to Frozen Isle. The guide includes lots of pictures and tactical information to help you dominate the battle, including the time it takes to run a flag, body-blocking opportunities, and info about the NPC defenders.

Community News 7 September 2006

Over the last week, our fansites have been busy, diving into coverage of the GWFC, of the Nightfall presentation at GC and PAX, and more! Here is a long list of communicate updates; we're sure there's something for everyone here!

  • Versus has uploaded more than a dozen of the recent GWFC tournament matches. If you missed your chance to watch the games on Observer mode, you can browse the match library available at Versus.
  • Sure, the GWFC was the most exciting thing going on in Leipzig this summer, but ArenaNet was showing off more than just high-end PvP during the Games Convention. Wolf Gaming were in Germany along with our reigning PvP heroes, and they spent some time in the Guild Wars booth during the event. Go read Games Convention 2006 for their detailed review of Nightfall.
  • Meanwhile, Guild Wars Knowledge Base has been busy updating their skill sections. Have a look at their shiny new listings of Paragon and Dervish skills.
  • Over at Guild Wars ZA, they've been busy, too, adding more information to their list of Factions elite skills.
  • Lore of Mythos have also added the Dervish and Paragon to their skill listing.
  • GuildCast launched Episode 44 of their podcast series about Guild Wars. The episode focuses on the titles your characters can earn in game, as well as some talk about current events and news in the community.
  • Do you have a way with words? Guild Wars OGaming is holding their 28th Screenshot Caption Competition. Provide the best caption for the provided screenshot and you could be immortalized in the OGaming gallery. GWOG also offers an update to their Comic Gallery.
  • Time to get technical. The folks at Guild Wars Guru along with their friends at Guild Wiki have been working on a list of Guild Wars Err's—Explanations and Solutions to guide you through most of the problems that occasionally pop up for players. Some problems, however, go right back to your hardware. If you are wondering if your computer is up to snuff, or find yourself uncertain of hardware terminology, go read Your Hardware and Guild Wars for help.

Community News 31 August 2006
  • Guild Wiki jumps on the GWFC bandwagon with their contribution of a very detailed page of information all about the Guild Wars Factions Championship. Check out their awesome coverage.
  • Curious about a slightly less exotic event? Our friend Clamatius has a write-up about the recent 10k tournament at the Penny Arcade Expo. Go visit his blog, to find his thoughts on Guild Wars sealed play at PAX. He explains how the tournament worked and what it was like to play.
  • Check out GWFC coverage on several of the European fansites, including the following:
    We will add more links as we find 'em!

Community News 24 August 2006
  • Are you artistically inclined? Or just happy to appreciate the efforts of others? Our friends over at Guild Wars Guru have added a variety of new pictures to their Fanart Gallary as well as one new wallpaper.
  • For those of you who have finally reached the "end" of the game and aren't quite sure what to do next, have no fear; the folks over at the Guild Wars Vault are looking out for you. Check out their new article, zOMG, There's End-Game Content?! for a look back at where you've been, and a few suggestions of places you can go.
  • Of course, one of the first things you might want to do as a newly-minted "end game" player is start collecting elite green items. If so, Guild Cast has just the show for you. Go listen to episode 42 to enjoy a discussion of the newest unique items introduced to the game.
  • Over at Cold Front, there are some updates in their section for Ritualists. If you're fond of throwing around spirits and boggling minds with your cool Ritualist-dance, then go take a look.

Community News 17 August 2006
  • Guild Wars Guru has new resources for guilds and guild leaders. Introduce Your Guild allows guilds to advertise their philosophies, goals, and cool cape designs.
  • GWOnline has also been doing updates. The Guild Wars Items Database is now designed to fit with a new site layout. They're continually updating the database, so if you find any exciting items, submit descriptions to the site.
  • Bringing us a flurry of activity this week, Guild Wars Vault has some new content for you to browse. Ever heard of the Hot Necro Chick and Fluffy? The article Enter the Player Part V can answer your questions. However, that's not all. They've also got a brand new guide entitled Moderate Madness: The Mid-Level Game which will walk you through the middle levels of your Guild Wars journey. If you're in the mood to look at some pretty pictures, there are new updates to the FuYuan Gallery.
  • Craving a taste of ear-candy instead? Then go download the newest episode of GuildCast. This week's episode focuses on weapon upgrades and mods as a tribute to the recent Double-Your-Fun weekend.
  • Guild Wars Realm join this week's line up of new content with some exciting information for players. Their Build Database now has over 75 builds available. Did you miss the recent Nightfall preview weekend? Here's an excellent Event Overview that covers all the highlights of Nightfall's first public appearance. If that isn't enough, they've also written reviews of the new Paragon and Dervish classes.

Latest News from the Fansites 10 August 2006
  • Guild Wars Hispano has updated their skill database to include Paragon skills. They also have a brand new guide to The Deep for anyone in the mood for some elite spelunking.
  • The summer is almost over, but there's still a lot of fun to be found. has posted the terms for their August contest. All you have to do is write a creature guide to some of the native fauna of Cantha or Tyria. The deadline is August 31st, so get cracking and enter for a chance to win some cool swag.
  • Looking for a laugh? Guild Wars Guru has updated their ongoing comic. Check out the latest comic and catch up on what you've missed so far!

Community Update 3 August 2006

Community News 27 July 2006
  • GW Guru has a concise but useful guide to How Deep Wound Works. Are you not quite sure how Deep Wound and the temporary increase in Health works? Then take a minute or two to read Warskull's contribution to GW Guru.
  • Some of the folks from GWOnline attended and covered last weekend's ComicCon, and they've scouted out news about Guild Wars. Go check out their article to read more about the upcoming Guild Wars game, Nightfall.
  • For those of you who are taking your first steps into the world of Guild Wars, Guild Wars Vault takes a look at The Lowbie Game. Sure, you're weak, poor, and lost—but that doesn't mean you have to be confused, too!
  • If you like your Guild Wars to come with a sense of humor (we know you do) then go check out The Gear Trick. This web comic pokes light-hearted fun at the game we all know and love.

Fansite List Updated 21 July 2006

After an extensive, global review of all member sites in the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program, we're happy to provide players everywhere with an updated Fansite Listing. This listing includes a new, prestigious ranking—Specialty Fansite—which is awarded to sites that do an extraordinary job of presenting one or a handful of focused feature types or services. Congratulations to all our exceptional fansites who, no matter their ranking, make a valued contribution to our global community!

All sites who are ranked at Official, Elite, or Specialty should receive a new "seal" for their fansite. If you are a fansite webmaster and have any questions or comments, you are invited to write If you have a new fansite for Guild Wars, or are ready for a review during the next review cycle, please write us at the same address. We will be releasing a new list of GWCFP rules within the next few weeks; these rules will assist fans in building the best sites possible, and in attaining the rankings that they desire.

Fansite News 20 July 2006
  • Is your character a budding photographer? has a Screenshot Contest this month. You could win a copy of Guild Wars Factions or Prophecies, so start snapping for a chance at cool prizes.
  • If you're more interested in looking at pictures than taking them, or passionate about your Guild Wars movies, GWOnline has a shiny new image and movie gallery. Go take a look, or better yet, start contributing!
  • Congratulations to Guild Wars Realm who just hit the milestone of having 700 registered members. Way to go, guys!
  • For those who prefer their Guild Wars "en francais", the folks over at Black Moon have a great listing of green items from Cantha. Even if you don't read French, they have great pictures of all of these elite weapons and artifacts. Check out their Item Listing today.
  • Guild Wars Poland has made a large number of updates, including an overview of the minipets, discussion about Campaign 3, maps of Cantha and of The Battle Isles, and much more! Visit the site to see how splendidly the site is keeping up on Guild Wars news, events, and articles!

Community News 13 July 2006
  • Guild Wars Guru has a new contest. Submit a list of suggestions for forum ranks, and you could win a Guild Wars Guru custom fleece jacket. Winter isn't all that far away, so go try to win yourself some stylish cold-weather gear. Read more about the contest here.
  • You can find a new forum section on GWOnline that offers profession guides. Looking for information aimed towards your favorite profession? Despite being less than two weeks old, you'll already find beginner's guides, strategy builds, and information about everything from armor to skills.
  • Photics, home of e-zine and comic, offers a tribute to the Canthan Dragon Festival. Saucy Brooklynite meets regal Emperor? Check it out in Lost in Ascalon #30.

Community News 29 June 2006
  • Do you find yourself out of touch with your spiritual side? Are you met only with silence and indifference when attempting to commune through a Ouija board? Don't give up the ghost just yet – you may wish to check out this guide to Ritualist spirits over at Guild Wars Guru.
  • Members of the Guild Wars Community in the Philippines report via a forum thread on the site that they recently held a major fan event that was subsequently featured on television there in the Philippines. Check out the event via the numerous photographs in the thread.
  • Have you ever found yourself with ambitions on taking over the world, but didn't know where to start? Perhaps it's best to set your sights on a more achievable goal – conquering a city. Over at Guild Wars Latino, they have a guide on how you too can claim a city for your alliance. Additionally, they had added the locations of all Elite Skills in Factions, and a guide for defeating Urgoz - the final challenge in Urgoz's Warren.
  • Guild Wars Poland has been active in their updating once again, and many new features and articles have been added – you can find a listing of what's new located here and here.
  • And of course, as the Dragon Festival gets underway tonight, be sure to post your thoughts on the event on your favorite fan forum!

Community News 15 June 2006
  • Interested in playing your own sealed deck style of Guild Wars matches? Not sure how to get started? Then this bit of news might be just what you're looking for. The Servants of Fortuna are hosting the Sealed Deck Project – a generator that will allow you to create your own sealed decks or skillbars based on parameters that you define. You can find it on their site, here.
  • Guild Wars Zhong Guo has made several new and noteworthy additions to their site, which include a completely up-to-date skills listing for all professions, a new series of articles on PvP tactics, and an updated collector's guide. Be sure to check out their site to see the rest of their updated content!

Fansite Kit Expanded 9 June 2006
  • For fansites and other interested parties, the full set of Factions Skill Icons is now available in our Fansite Kit! You can download the icon set in web-ready form by heading over to this link.

Latest News from the Community 8 June 2006
  • Esoteric Warriors, victors of the Guild Wars Factions Season Two Playoffs, are offering a unique opportunity for guilds to share in their prize! You'll find an explanation of the who's and how's on their guild website, on this link. They even provide a means to develop the build with their build creator. We are looking forward to seeing wonderful new guild builds in the near future!
  • Are you in search of that perfect accessory necessary to complete your character's killer ensemble? Have you traveled from the Saoshang Trail to the Maishang Hills, but still haven't found what you're looking for? Then perhaps the new Canthan Collector's Guide over at GWOnline will be of assistance to you. You can find the guide in spreadsheet format here.
  • A chance for prizes
    For Guild Wars poets to take
    Tyria dot net
  • ¿Habla usted español? Looking to participate in a Guild Wars tournament? Then GuildWars-Hispano may have just what you are looking for, with their tournament for Spanish-speaking guilds. You can find out more information on their tournament page, located aquí.

News from the Fansites 1 June 2006
  • How about a treasure hunt? Crossing Tyria and Zboards have partnered to offer a fun contest with excellent prizes. Head over to CT and visit their The Hunt Begins Contest page for details!
  • Is your character tired of waiting tables at the local Lion's Arch bistro, wistfully dreaming of the day he or she will be a star? Then this might be your big break! Guild Wars Guru is hosting a new contest where two winners will be given professionally commissioned portraits of their Guild Wars characters. You can find the rules and further details for the contest located here.
  • has released the 30th issue of its titular webzine. This time around it's taking a deep look at strategies for... The Deep. You can find the latest issue on this link.

News from the Fansites 25 May 2006
  • Over at, episodes #23 and #24 of Lost in Ascalon are now available. These episodes raise an interesting point of contention: Can you still be lost in Ascalon if the setting is in Cantha?
  • Guild Wars Guru has taken the time to shed a little light on what's in a name – or more specifically, a title. If you're curious about these recent additions to the game and how to get them for your characters, then you may feel entitled to visit the new section here.
  • RPGStars has updated with several new additions to their site, which include a section for all you ever wanted to know about bows (the arrow faces away from you), a new addition to Baranor's editorials, as well as a new section for character builds, which can be found here.
  • Guild Wars Norge recently celebrated its first birthday in a generous fashion – by adding a wealth of new features to their site! Some of these new additions include free Teamspeak and Ventrillo servers for site members, the ability to have your own Guild Wars blog through the site, and even specialized BB code for sharing your builds with others.

Community News 4 May 2006
  • Are you new to the lands of Cantha? Do people often mistake you as a Tyrian tourist? Then perhaps what you need is a map to better acquaint yourself with these exotic new lands. You can find one available for your perusal located here at Guild Wars Guru.
  • Is your Ranger looking for a companion with moa attitude than your standard pet? If so, then you may want to head over to and check out this guide to finding the elusive Black Moa Bird. Consider yourself forewarned – those that run a-fowl of this feathery fiend may not live to regret it!
  • You have traveled the world from Ashford Abbey to the Zin Ku Corridor. You have undermined the Undead, and turned back the Titans. You won't talk to new people in life unless they have a green exclamation point over their head first. You must think this makes you a pretty big Guild Wars fan, right? Then why not prove it! Crossing Tyria is hosting a contest with to find out just who the biggest fan really is. You can find more information on prizes and rules here.
  • There's just something about Eve, whether it is her steely-eyed gaze, or the way she holds her skull. For a lucky few, RPGStars has three Eve standees available as prizes in their Guild Wars Caption Contest. You can find the source pictures, as well as all of the rules, here.
  • In the gamer's lexicon of feng shui, few items add harmony like an oversized Guild Wars Prophecies box. For those in need of a new display piece, you're in luck, as Guild Wars @ TenTonHammer is hosting a contest with the chance to win one. The catch? You'll need to write a persuasive piece on who your favorite Guild Wars NPC is, and why. You can find out more information here.

Community News 20 April 2006
  • Foreshadowing and heavy metal attire abound, as Photics presents the 20th installment in his comic, Lost in Ascalon.
  • In search of facts about Factions? Then RPGStar's newly added Factions FAQ may be just the thing you're looking for. You can find the newly added section here.
  • A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what are the words to a picture worth? Guild Wars Vault attempts to solve the riddle by presenting a Guild Wars caption contest. You can find the contest rules and information on this link.

Fansite Updates 13 April 2006

What's new amongst the fansites this week? Read on!

  • Guild Wars Poland had expanded their FAQ with quite a lot of new content.
  • RPG Stars has finished up a starter map of Cantha, based on research during the FPE.
  • Photics offers installment #18 and installment #19 of his Lost in Ascalon comic series.
  • Spotted on Guild Wars Latino is a handy acronym translation list: If you wonder how to say such handy phrases as "FTW" and "ROFL" en Español, click here.

Community News 6 April 2006

Here's the latest from the Guild Wars Fansites:

  • RPGStars has added a new section to their site containing a database of the newly released Factions skills, in addition to original sections detailing the culture and history of the two titular factions, the Luxons and Kurzicks. You can find this fresh content here.
  • Guild Wars Latino informs us that they have developed a "custom dynamic signatures" service. You're invited to create a dynamic signature with your name, nickname, handle, or character name in the image, then add your guild name and position (member, officer, etc.). The image then will update dynamically to show the guild rank, rating, win/loss record, and the 24-hour change. You can even choose the signature's background; at this time, they have 16 different background images. All the signatures are updated automatically every hour. They are available in English, Spanish and Italian. And they can be used everywhere, not only in the Guild Wars Latino forum. Find this cool new tool here.

New Site Added

We're happy to welcome the following new Guild Wars fansite:

Guild Wars Realm, which offers News and Forums

Fansite Reviews Slated

We will be undertaking a review of all Guild Wars fansites over the next few weeks. Changes in ranking will be reported, and of course it will be our pleasure to add any new sites that are ready for inclusion on the Fansite Listing. If you have a Guild Wars fansite, simply review the Fansite Program Info and the Terms of Use and if you feel your site is ready for a review for consideration as a listed site, feel free to email us.

Newest Community Update 23 March 2006 is currently running a contest that challenges players to create the best Guild Wars web game. More details about the contest can be found here.

Photics has also released episode #15 of the Lost in Ascalon comic series. You can find the latest entry on this link. Lastly, the site has also upgraded with new forums so be certain to check them out!

Guild Wars Poland has started featuring Guild Wars related internet radio broadcasts, which air Mondays at 16:00 GMT. You can find the link to the shows here. In addition, there is now a new Guild Wars calculator available which allows users to check stats such as weapon damage vs. armor, regeneration/degeneration values, as well as the effects of Fast Casting and Expertise on skills.

Latest Community News 9 March 2006 has released Issue #27 of its monthly webzine, which you can find here. Issue #27 offers seven solid reasons why Guild Wars Factions is going to be cool. So head on over and check it out!

Newest Community Update 16 February 2006

Guild Wars Europe has added a new section for Guild Alliances to their forums. These forums serve as a means for guilds to ally with each other, to make the most of the upcoming alliance features in Guild Wars Factions.

Guild Wars Poland has updated their site to include two new articles. The first focuses on describing the advantages and disadvantages and skills relating to the various "spike" builds that are popular in the metagame. They have also updated with a skill listing showing the actual Area of Effects that each skill uses, which can be found here.

Weekly Community News 02 February 2006

Guild Wars Poland has updated their site with two new articles in the wake of the Guild Wars Factions weekend event. The first article takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the new Assassin class in PvP. The other new article provides an in-depth look at the green items that can be found within Sorrow's Furnace, with updates coming for the new Hall of Heroes items.

Photics has announced details of a game design competition, complete with several prizes. You can learn about it in Issue 26 of the Photics Monthly Magazine for Guild Wars.

Latest News from the Fansites 26 January 2006

Several fansites have updated their sites to include sections on Factions, or Skill or Profession pages about the Assassin and Ritualist. Such sites include:

Guild Wars Latino informs us their new Guild Ladder Section offers information about the Top 1000 Guilds, such as ladder position, two-week history, and much more. Many guilds not in the top 1000 can be researched via this fine tool. Guild Wars Latino also offers a wealth of other new content, in a Tombs section, a GvG section, flash-powered maps, builds system, the Ritualist and Assassin skills and attributes, and they are working on a Cooperative Missions Section, as well.

Guild Wars Poland has made several new additions to their site such as an updated armor compendium, expanded functionality to their ladder, and an in-depth look at the Ritualist's role in PvP. You can find these and other updates on the Guild Wars Poland site.

Guild Wars Europe sends along word that they are now offering forum hosting for guilds. More information can be found on the application page.

Guild Wars Norge has given their forums: a major overhaul, resulting in new features and functionality, and has coupled that with an updated look for Guild Wars Factions.

Photics, the Guild Wars E-zine, has published their traditional Elite Fansite Interview to kick off the New Year. Find it in Issue No. 25 on this link. Oh, and check out their spiffy new design, a new Conditions List, and the Lost in Ascalon comic as well

Guild Wars @ Ten Ton Hammer has announced a new network policy: The entire Ten Ton Hammer Network will no longer accept second-party advertisements, that is, ads for the sale of in-game items or gold. You can read about the network decision on this link. We commend Ten Ton Hammer on making this excellent decision; we believe that it will have a positive effect across the Internet gaming community.

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