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Guild Wars Community News Archives - 2007

Community News 20 December 2007
  • Wintersday cheer abounds at Guild Wars Holland. They're hosting a wallpaper contest, so get artistic! Prizes include gold, mini-pets, and other holiday treats. Read here for the rules in English, or here for the rules in Dutch. Good luck!
  • We just can't give enough love to the Guild Wars Wintersday Calendar. Each day between December 1 and Wintersday features a new piece of original Guild Wars fan art.
  • It's snowing at Guild Wars Brazil! Visit this Portuguese-language site to enjoy their seasonal decorations. You can even contribute to the holiday cheer in the chat box on the main page.
  • Guild Wars Realm has two new builds submitted by Sabrewolf. First, there's the Way of the Sword/Axe build, which combines Warrior and Assassin skills to create a high-damage, melee machine that dishes out critical hits. Second, there's the Diseased Blood build for Necromancers, bringing a mix of high degeneration and Energy gain.
  • Guild Wars Vault is always a great place for community content, and their gallery of player screenshots is no exception. Browse the selections and then submit your own. But, don't forget Wintersday! The Vault has wintery wallpaper up for grabs as well.

Happy Wintersday! 20 December 2007

Community News will be on hiatus over the holidays. However, please continue to email your updates, news sections, staff news, and other items of interest to us at The next Community News will be posted on Thursday, January 10. This means we will need to receive any news from your site by Sunday, January 6. For the coming months, submit news by Sunday for that week’s Thursday CN publication.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a very merry New Year from the Guild Wars Community Team!

Community News 13 December 2007
  • Guild Wars Vault brings us more fan fiction this week. Read suner45's Diseased Blades: Chapter 1 for the start of an epic tale. The site also has a brand new Skill Spotlight—Crossfire. Want to make the skill even stronger? Declanlangfaeder suggests trying it with Beast Mastery to increase your chances of an unblockable hit.
  • Another week gone by, another seven days added to the Guild Wars Wintersday Calendar. Check out some fan-tastic Wintersday themed art while counting down the days to the big day itself.
  • Did your guild miss the first GuildCafe RAWR Cup? Weep not, for it's not too late to register for the next tournament. Register before January 1, 2008 for your chance to win big in the next round of competition.
  • TC fish's Aquarium, one of our Specialty Fansites, still seeks to complete its collection of high quality shots of Guild Wars armor sets. Perhaps during the holidays, you can add to the shots! Head over to the site to view what they have and find out what you can contribute to this fine community project.
  • The Journal of a Cartographer has brought an end to the year-long fictional adventure of Guild Wars character Hezekiah, who documented his journey across the continent of Elona. Start with his first entry to catch up on what you've missed.

Community News 6 December 2007
  • This week, we're giving a big shout out to the folks at Guild Wars Vault who bring us a regular Skill Spotlight feature. Agonderae, SasukeDarkfire, Alphagold3, Falcon176, Bubbinska, and declanangfaeder, we salute your effort and love of the game. The latest featured skill is Burning Arrow, and it offers the typical excellent insight into this particular skill. Keep 'em coming, team!
  • It's Wintersday time again! The Guild Wars Wintersday Calendar has a piece of fantastic fan art for every day from December 1 till December 24th. This is one to bookmark.
  • Guild Wars Realm has a new Ranger/Paragon build. Conditional Spear uses a combination of spear attacks, Conditions, and a pet.
  • Guild Cast is back with Episode #87, which features an interview with Jackie of Rebel Rising [rawr]. They chat about the 2008 RAWR Cup. For more information on the event, you can check out the Rawr Cup site.
  • The first Rawr Cup Tournament, coordinated by Rebel Rising and sponsored by Guild Café, featured some very exciting matches. Hope you caught them on Observer Mode! Congratulations to the following teams:

    Dragon Division

    1st: Esoteric Warriors [EW]
    2nd: Whats Going On [sup]
    3rd: Revive Teammates [rezz]

    Phoenix Division

    1st: Die Keller Kinder [KK]
    2nd: Xxx Final Thrust Xxx [RIP]
    3rd: I Disposable Heroes I [DirT]

    Titan Division

    1st: Mundane Fabulous Guards [MfG]
    2nd: Charr In My [Car]
    3rd: The Euphoria Of Gold [gold]

  • Also, congratulations to the winners of the miniature contest giveaway, who over the course of three weeks won a Water Djinn, Mallyx, or Naga Raincaller.
  • Rawr reports there will definitely be more competitions and tournaments to come for those of you who missed out. The tentative date for the next Rawr Cup is March 2008! Guild Cafe is currently accepting early bird sign ups for anyone who wants to get a jump start. Hope to see you in the next tournament!

Community News 29 November 2007
  • Don't forget to catch the action—or take part in it—in this weekend's Rawr Cup Tournament, organized by the Rebel Rising and sponsored by Guild Café. The December 1st tourney offers three levels of competition and fabulous prizes. Head here to learn more! Registration ends tonight (29 November) at 3:59 PM Pacific time, (11:59 PM/23:59 GMT. And hey, they've increased the number of prizes per winning guild to nine, so your guild can line up an alternate and that player can get in on the goodies, too. Very cool!
  • Guild Wars Vault is ready for December. They've got two brand new Guild Wars December Calendars to ensure you never lose track of the day and forget something important—like a guild event. Continuing in the artistic line of thought, they've also got a "Nika at Night" wallpaper, submitted by Sara Schirman.
  • Necromancers rejoice! Guild Wars Realm member SabreWolf has a Life Stealer build for you to try. With the elite skill Reaper's Mark, you combine damage with Energy regeneration.
  • Lord of Mythos invites you to check out their new features. They've got a section for Elite Maps that will point you toward all the tasty elite skills in the area. They also have a Build Database and would love to see your contributions.

Fansites—Holiday Plans?

Fansite operators, if you have special plans for the holidays, drop us a line. Whether it's a new website skin, a special holiday feature, or a seasonal wallpaper, we'd like to hear about it. Well, actually, we'd love to hear from you about any of your news! Send your community news by Monday Noon Pacific for that week's Community News column to:

Community News 21 November 2007
  • Guild Wars Vault had a busy week! They've got some spiffy Monk wallpaper for your desktop and a new Skill Spotlight on Hunter's Shot. As always, their forums are a good place to go for news, advice, and the topic of the week discussions.
  • Guild Wars Realm has a new Assassin build. Check out the Critical Interrupter for a PvP build that can switch to PvE use with the quick exchange of a couple skills. If direct damage is more your style, give the Warrior/Paragon Spear Chucker build a try.
  • Caught up on the Journal of a Cartographer recently? Follow the adventures of Paragon and cartographer, Hezekiah Kidron, in this epic, ongoing, fan fiction.
  • Congratulations to the winner of the Presearing Community Next Top Model Round 2 contest, I Snack Dead People.
  • The first week of the Rawr miniature giveaway has come and gone! Congratulations to Deelundra Edge for winning a mini water djinn! If you missed signing up, don't worry! You still have two more weeks left for your chance at a mini Mallyx and Naga Raincaller! All you have to do is make one post with your IGN and you are entered for the other two drawings. Go here to check it out:
  • The Rawr Cup tournament is still open for any competitors who want to take a chance at cool prizes. There are a lot of top level guilds already signed up, but there are also separate divisions for guilds with little or no GvG experience. Be sure to get your guild signed up for your chance at fat loot before it's too late!

Community News 15 November 2007
  • Guild Café and Rebel Rising [rawr] announce the 2008 Guild Wars RAWR Cup. The December 1st tournament will offer three levels of competition, and a great set of prizes! Vie for 22" widescreen LCD monitors, computer hardware, gaming merchandise, and more. And if that's not enough, to kick off the build-up to the December 1st event, Rebel Rising [rawr] will be holding weekly mini-pet giveaways. Find out more here.
  • Guild Wars Vault wants to know about your gaming history in the Topic of the Week. The latest Skill Spotlight is the classic, well-loved Distracting Shot Ranger interrupt. But that's not all—Chronicles of the Eremite: Chapter 4 is available for your reading enjoyment.
  • Guild Wars Online invites all Mesmers to participate in the second annual Weekly Mesmer Meets. Compare skill bars, discuss the latest Mesmer-fashion, and see what an all-Mesmer team can do in some of the game's most challenging areas.
  • Guild Wars Realm is collecting information and screenshots of all the Eye of the North dungeons. If you're interested in contributing, visiting their forums and see what needs to be done!

Community News 8 November 2007
  • Guild Wars Vault does some decorating this week. They've got two calendars for November and a new wall paper to make your desktop spooky.
  • Ataneruo from Guild Wars Realm has posted a Paragon/Necromancer build called Burning Toucher. Try it for countering teams who bring a lot of Conditions to the fray.
  • And a warm welcome to Kanna, who has taken over site management at Guild Wars @ GameAmp. We hope to see even more great content and news from the Guild Wars GameAmp team.

Community News 1 November 2007
  • Last week's Community News may have been a bit confusing, as we sent you to the 2006 Halloween comic from Healbot Blues! Oops! However, fear not, for our Monk friend was in action for Halloween 2007, as well, in a strip with a decidedly GW:EN-ish theme. Find the new holiday comic here.
  • Episode #84 of Guild Cast focuses on Eye of the North and more. In particular, the show takes a look at new dungeons, skill balance, and Hard Mode.
  • Guild Wars Vault has a new Skill Spotlight: Disrupting Accuracy It may be a Ranger skill, but this guide informs you about why your Assassin might want to carrying it.
  • We have a double dose of Lost in Ascalon goodness for you over at Photics. Get caught up with Episode 45 now, and then check out Episode 46 to continue the saga of Tank's search for Gwen.
  • Did you miss the in-game Halloween event? Guild Wars Guru sure didn't. Check out their comprehensive event guide for a list of activities, and be sure to mark the date on your calendar for next year!

Community News 25 October 2007

Community News 18 October 2007
  • Guild Wars Vault has a brand new Skill Spotlight about Barrage which can bring some AoE damage to your bar. The site also has a new chapter in BelzanFuru's fanfiction, Chronicles of the Eremite.
  • But that's not the only new fanfiction update this week. Journal of a Cartographer brings us a new entry in the epic story of Hezekiah and his journeys through Tyria and beyond.
  • Guild Cast gets chatty with Episode #83. The topic is Guild Wars 2.
  • NukMRadio invites you to tune in, and offers as special inducement the chance to win a Guild Wars miniature. They also accept requests, so check 'em out.

Community News 11 October 2007
  • TCfish's Aquarium is forging ahead with a commendable effort to complete a gallery of every armor in the game. Currently, they're nearly 87% complete. If you can lend a hand, contact the administrator.
  • Chapter Seven of the Assassin Chronicles is available at Guild Wars Vault for some fan fiction fun. The site also has some fall themed wallpaper with which to adorn your desktop.
  • Guild Wars Realm is a great source of builds for all kinds of game play, but they also keep a very handy Green Items Database. Use it to find the ideal accessory for your character, or get involved and contribute statistics and screenshots!
  • Guild Wars Guru invites you to visit their newly-moved Eye of the North forum for tips, chatter, and advice on the game. Congrats on the new server, guys!

Community News 4 October 2007

Community News 27 September 2007

Community News 20 September 2007

Mondes Persistants Named Recommended Site 20 September 2007

As you may be aware, the Guild Wars Fansite Listing carries a special notation that points out a site that's working particularly actively on community-building activities as well as expanding and improving the offerings on the site itself. We're happy to announce that Mondes Persistants is the most recent Guild Wars fansite to be awarded this distinction. Félicitations, MP!

Community News 13 September 2007

Fansite Kit Expanded

We've expanded the Guild Wars: Eye of the North portion of our Fansite Kit to include all the player character skill icons for GW:EN. We will continue to add other assets to the kit from time to time, so check back in the future to obtain additional materials.

Community News 6 September 2007
  • Guild Wars Vault invites you to participate in the Topic of the Week. This week's discussion is about Eye of the North, so share your opinion! They also have a new installment in the Candid Conversations with Torgas Prim series—an interview with Gaile Gray!
  • With the release of Eye of the North the community is busy solving challenges and sharing tips. Crossing Tyria welcomes newcomers to their Question and Answer forum.
  • Congratulations to Lanfear, who recently won a contest at Keep an eye on the site for future contests and opportunities to win! Meanwhile, why not check out their blog library.
  • As always, a new expansion unlocks a whole world of comic potential. Trust Healbot Blues to be on top of the action with an update, even if the artist doesn't even have their hands on the game yet!
  • Have some pity for the folks at TC fish's Aquarium; they just hit 100% with their gallery of armor from Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall—and then we had to go and ruin that completeness by releasing another chapter. They're now down to 85.1% completeness! We wish them the best of luck in fleshing out their gallery of Eye of the North armor.

Community News 30 August 2007

Community News 23 August 2007

Community News 16 August 2007

Community News 9 August 2007

New Fansites

We have two new addition to the fansite roster this week.

Fansite News

  • Guild Wars Vault has some fun new fanfiction for avid readers. Check out Chronicles of the Eremite, Chapter 1. The site also has a new addition to the series of community interviews, Candid Conversations with Torgas Prim.
  • has under taken an unusual new project, and would love to have your help. They're creating a "visual novel" about Guild Wars, written and crafted by the community. Head on over to the project forum for more information.
  • The Healbot Blues Blog is a great way of checking for updates of the popular Guild Wars comic and to keep up on other additions to the artist's project.
  • Huge congratulations to TCfish's Aquarium, which recently hit 100% with its impressive gallery of armor—just in time for Eye of the North to bring a whole new set of armor for them to chase down!

Community News 2 August 2007

New Fansites

We are delighted to include two more sites in the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program:

  • A new fansite from Russia has joined the family. Welcome to Guild Wars RPS!
  • A site from Brazil, aptly named Guild Wars Brazil, joins us a well. Cumprimentos!

Fansite News

  • Guild Wars Hispano has posted a new episode of their Podcast for your listening pleasure. It's the longest episode yet, so we hope your Spanish listening skills are up to the task!
  • is bringing back blogging! Check out recent Guild Wars-themed blog posts or register to start your own blog.
  • This week's Guild Cast episode, #77, takes a look at the tricky topic of addictive gaming and how non-gamer friends and family may view your gaming habits.
  • Guild Wars Realm has a new Elementalist build posted. Designed for play in Hard Mode, the Terrafarmer uses Earth Magic to bring down its enemies.
Community News 26 July 2007
Community News 19 July 2007
  • Photics is back with a spiffy new look, fresh from renovations. The site also has part #12 in its series of Nightfall video guides, Dasha Vestibule bonus.
  • This week, we welcome Miss Signoritas, a French fansite, to the roster. Have a look around this beautiful website and visit their forums while you're there.
  • In the Guild Wars Online forums, the DVDF alliance has announced the DVDF Lockpick Celebration. On July 22nd, they'll be selling lockpicks at the price that only a town owner can get—12k, rather than 15k. Check out their post for the details of this event.
  • Guild Cast Episode #76 is up this week. It discusses ways to pursue the Vanquisher title, and covers some of the recent news about Eye of the North.
  • is hosting their second Pre-Searing's Next Top Model Contest. Have you (or your character!) got what it takes?
  • is having a "site feedback" contest. The poster who makes the best suggestions has a chance to win a Guild Wars Campaign, or a copy of GW:EN once it becomes available. You can find the contest here.
Community News 12 July 2007

Community News 5 July 2007
  • This week, we welcome two excellent sites to the fansite roster. Representing the German community, Guild Wars Evolution features mostly content "auf Deutsch" but includes some English content.
  • Our other new addition is Presearing Community, a celebration of the "quaint little corner of the game" that so many players overlook in the rush to high levels and elite gear. The site is a great resource for new players, and experienced players who want to revisit the first chapter in the now-epic story of Guild Wars.
  • Guild Wars Vault has a new build for Mesmer/Assassins to try. Combining Fast Casting with Deadly Arts produces this quick, dagger-throwing support character who brings anti-regeneration abilities to the table.
  • Guild War Guru break out the history books in GW:EN and Now, an article that reflects on the changes in Tyria over the last several years.
  • And they're not the only ones with Eye of the North on their minds. Guild Cast Episode #75 focuses on the upcoming chapter and the news releases popping up this summer.
  • But wait! Healbot Blues weighs in on GW:EN with a comic strip about what everyone's favourite monk, Healbot, wants to see in Eye of the North. Hope springs eternal, Healbot.

Community News 28 June 2007
  • Congratulations to Mondes Persistants, which joins the ranks of French Elite Guild Wars fansites this week. Keep up the good work!
  • Guild Wars Vault has been busy this week designing builds for you to try. Paragon fans might like Fu Yuan's Heavy Spearman, while Mesmers may prefer his Machine Gunner build.
  • Guild Cast brings us Episode #74 with a new twist—video! This episode takes advantage of the visual format to go over the User Interface, and spotlights a solo Assassin Zaishen faction farming technique.
  • When Eye of the North comes out, there will be new sets of armor to collect. Until then, however, TC fish's Aquarium is 95.5% finished its gallery of armor pictures. The site is still missing some Mesmer sets, so contact the site if you think you can help.

Community News 21 June 2007
  • Russian players, rejoice! Guild Wars Skills has designed a GvG ladder for Russian guilds. Want to know who the best Russian guilds are? Check out the Ladder. That's not the only update the site has been working on, either, so pay them a visit too see what else they've been up to.
  • This week, Guild Wars Vault reflects on questing in an article about questing, free choice, and the future of gaming. You can read and comment on Looks May Be Deceiving, by Nafergo. The site also has some additions to their fan-made Wallpaper. List section.
  • If you're looking for a new and creative build, you might want to visit PvX, a resource containing nothing but sweet, sweet builds. The database includes both PvE and PvP builds, and has ambitious plans to improve the structure. One of the currently featured builds is an A/W Shadow Prison Assassin.
  • You might recall that Guild Wars Online recently hosted a set of armor dye guides by Enko. Now he's asking for help with screenshots to finish guides for the Ranger, Warrior, Dervish and Paragon professions. If you're interesting in giving a hand (and some screenshots!) visit the forums for more information.
  • Healbot Blues didn't forget Father's Day. In fact, the site has a hilarious commission piece about the joys of fatherhood in the Guild Wars world.
  • Guild Wars PT is currently in the midst of Guild Wars Awards event honoring players from Portugal and Brazil. There are numerous categories as well as some really great prizes. You can check it all out here.
  • GameAMP has recently completed their Creatures Screenshot Contest. Check out the winning entries here! They have moved right on to their next screenshot contest featuring Guild Wars Architecture.

Community News 14 June 2007
  • A well-earned congratulations goes out to Guild Wars Tactics, a German-language site which rises this week to Honored fansite status. Visit the site and see all the great things they have to offer!
  • Guild Friends has announced the Summer 2007 Guild Wars Photography Contest. Enter your best screenshots for a shot at winning a prize. The contest begins on June 15th and runs to June 30th. The site is also happy to announce two new moderators for the Guild Friends Wiki, Viking Berserker and Goldenore.
  • Check out the forums at GW Online for news about the 2007 Mesmer Highland Games, a player-run event to celebrate all things Mesmer-y. This year, the party will take place on July 7th.
  • Guild Cast ends its run of beginner-themed shows and jumps to a more advanced topic. Episode #73 tackles the Domain of Anguish, discussing the story behind the area, as well as some tips on beating it.

Community News 7 June 2007
  • For a taste of humor, Guild Wars Vault features Part Three of the Assassin Chronicles, by Nightcraws. The site also has a new addition to the Skill Spotlight series. Learn more about the uses of Auspicious Incantation and make the most of your Mesmer.
  • Guild Wars Online brings out the dead with a Necromancer Armor Dye Guide. No more worrying that your leggings will clash with what your minions are wearing! But they're not the only profession with a flair for fashion. The site also features the Elementalist Armor Dye Guide.
  • And if that's not enough armour goodness for you, you should visit TC fish's Aquarium, which now boasts a 99.3% complete armor gallery, and a 95.6% head piece gallery.
  • Speaking of style, Healbot Blues is back with a cautionary tale about spending too much time in observer mode.
  • Are you curious about the faces behind the fansite? The Ranger's Beacon recently added an About Us section to introduce you to their staff, complete with silly pictures.
  • Guild Wars Holland has a great new feature on their site made by Yannick of Avo which will allow people to add their builds in the Guild Wars Holland database. If you're looking for a place to post your builds, be sure to check it out!

Community News 31 May 2007
  • Guild Wars Vault plays with Paragons this week. They've got Parrying Paragon, a build that uses Spear Mastery, Tactics, and Motivation to form a strong secondary support role. Vault is also looking for more writers and artists, so check out their volunteer page to see where you might help.
  • Congratulations to CrazyHorse, who won the recent "Kearien's Bone Competition" on The Guild Friends site.
  • Photics brings us Lost in Ascalon #43. In this issue, Koss decides to get creative in his battle strategies. The "real" Photics also reminisces about the good old days of alpha testing Guild Wars.
  • Guild Cast is back this week with Episode #72. This episode takes the time to answer the questions of listeners, so tune in to get an equal dose of answers and silliness.

Community News 24 May 2007

Community News 17 May 2007
  • The Guild Friends site is having some fun ribbing its moderator, Kearien, whose pack-rat ways have become a bone of contention among the visitors. Can you guess how many bones Kearien has stashed? Check out Kea's Competition Corner for more details on this spine-tingling event.
  • Enko, dye-specialist extraordinaire of Guild Wars Guru has posted pictures of the female Elementalist armor in a full range of colors, so you can see what your Elem-ette would look like before spending all your pocket-money on dye. You can find the Female Elementalist Armor Dye Guide in the site's forum. The site also announces the winners of the WTB Commission 870k contest, so be sure to check out the fantastic artwork in that competition.
  • If you still have a craving for more fine art, Guild Wars Vault is showing off the latest and greatest of their Community Art, which even includes sculptures with a Guild Wars theme! However, if art isn't your thing, don't look away yet, because there are three new builds for you to test out in combat.
  • Guild Cast is back with Episode #71, which dives right into the terminology of builds and classes.
  • A new fansite from Holland has emerged. Guild Wars Holland is joining the GWCFP at the Listed level and is a great source for news, forum discussions, and guides in the Dutch language.
  • We're pleased to announce that TcFish's Aquarium has been promoted to "Specialty" status in the GWCFP. Check them out for high-quality images of just about every piece of armor in the game!

Community News 10 May 2007
  • Photics has some fun new content this week. Lost in Ascalon #42 has the adventurers pursuing new goals, while this week a new guide will help you Take Better Screenshots. Start snapping!
  • has added a number of helpful new guides to their site. They have a DoA Guide, a Hero Armour Guide, and a new guide about Ranger Pets. Be sure to check them out!
  • Guild Wars Guru staff has been busy recently—they've done a complete overhaul of their Auction section. New features include the ability to block users, make swap offers, and post wanted ads. The site also hosts Sjeng's Collector Finder, which was recently updated to include new information.
  • Guild Wars Vault has a new interview. This week's Candid Conversations with Torgas Prim spotlights Unicron, a familiar face on the Vault forums. If you're more interested in improving your ability to annoy your enemies, you might enjoy the new Skill Spotlight for "Go for the Eyes."
  • And if you're interested in winning a copy of the Guild Wars campaign of your choice, plus a pre-order for Eye of the North, be sure to enter the Maypril Contest, which ends soon. runs a lot of great contests; you might stop by and show your support by giving them a high five in their forums.

Community News 3 May 2007
  • Congratulations to Nyctal, an Italian player who recently won a Siege Turtle miniature in a Guild Was Italian Community contest. We wish you and your new pet a long and happy life together.
  • And that's not the only congratulations we have to offer this week. Congrats to Guild Wars Chambers, who have put together such a great fansite that we're including it in the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program. Pay them a visit and see what they have to offer.
  • Guild Wars Noob, another fine Italian-speaking player site, was welcomed into the Fansite Program last week, and already they are quite busy. They're currently sponsoring a contest that invites Italian players to write game guides for the site. Prizes include an Asura minipet and a Varesh minipet, so enter today!
  • Photics is back again this week, also with a new challenge: a Site Robot Avatar Contest! Confused? Don't be. Photics needs an avatar to represent its RSS feed program, and is turning to you for help. The winner will receive skill pins.
  • It's back to the basics at Guild Cast, where Episode #70 delves into Pre-searing Ascalon and provides a discussion of the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title.
  • Guild Wars Gameamp is hosting their second screenshot competition. This month's theme is "creatures." Gameamp has also launched their sister site that they hope will become the one-stop source for all your Guild Wars data needs.

Note to Fansites: Contact Info Checkup 3 May 2007

ArenaNet occasionally sends emails to our fansites. Unfortunately, for some sites, the information that we have is very old; in fact, some sites haven't updated their info since 2005! Things change, such as email and street addresses, site managers, and staff members, too. Write for a copy of the GWCFP Application Form, and return the completed form to us to assure your place on the mailing list. Or write that address if you simply want us to update the form we have on file. If you haven't submitted a GWCFP form in 2007, you should take the time to submit a new form, or update your existing form, right now. If we do not hear from a fansite, we regret that it will be necessary to remove the site from the mailing list.

Community News 26 April 2007
  • Congratulations to Crossing Tyria, who reached the venerable age of two this month. In fact, they're so excited, they're having a Contest to celebrate. With lots of prizes up for grabs, this one is worth checking out.
  • Photics chimes in with Issue #34 of its webzine. This issue does a great job of compiling info about all the upcoming changes in the Guild Wars universe, and includes a discussion of Guild Wars 2. Also new this week is the comic, Lost in Ascalon #41.
  • Guild Wars Guru is proud to announce a new forum category: Guild Connections. This community resource is a place for you to announce events, recruit new members, or find the perfect guild.
  • It's been a busy week for Guild Wars Vault, which has a lot of exciting new content. Surviving Guild Wars is an article about the pursuit of titles, and Message from a Friend reminisces about playing Guild Wars for the first time. They also have a new Wallpaper of the Week, plus more!
  • Guild Wars Online offers Ritualists the Spirit Born Sword Build, along with a detailed guide to using this unusual strategy.

Fansite Additions 26 April 2007
  • Guild Wars Tournaments has recently joined our fansite program in the Listed category and will be offering many great features, including—as their name suggests—tournament hosting for Guild Wars.
  • Guild Noob is an Italian fansite joining the program in the Listed category. Be sure to check out their build creator! È molto buono!

Community News 19 April 2007
  • Photics has two updates this week for your enjoyment. Lost in Ascalon #40 has our hero heading straight into the teeth of danger. Nightfall Bonus Mission #10 is also available. This episode walks you through the bonus for Tihark Orchard.
  • Healbot Blues has bounced back, to the delight of the many fans of this excellent Guild Wars comic. Today, you can find a new mini strip in which Healbot catches up on some of the recent changes to the game.
  • The Maypril Giveaway is underway at By completing a survey, you could win a copy of the Guild Wars campaign of your choice, plus a pre-order for Guild Wars: Eye of the North.
  • Guild Wars Hispano is excited about new developments in the Guild Wars universe. If you read Spanish, check out their articles about Guild Wars 2 and Eye of the North.
  • The Guild Friends have been busy doing some reorganization. Congratulations to Aiwazz, Kearien, Nedly, TheVoiceInMyHead, Ursen, and Faerowyn who have all been promoted or have accepted new positions on the fansite. Good luck, folks!
  • Beginning Saturday April 21st, Crossing Tyria will be celebrating its second anniversary and will be having a contest with prizes ranging from a CE edition of Nightfall, Ideazon gaming keyboards and an Asura mini-pet. Be sure to check it out!

Community News 12 April 2007
  • Photics is back this week with another video mission guide, this time to the bonus for Moddok Crevice. The host walks you through everything from finding the mission to completing the bonus.
  • The Guild Wars Vault topic of the week is Eye of the North, the upcoming Guild Wars expansion pack. Get your voice heard! What do you know about Eye of the North? What do you want to do know? What do you hope to see in it? Be sure to share your thoughts.
  • GWOnline has a new Guide to Useful Secondary Profession Skills for those who favor Monks as their primary class. The guide lists handy skills for each subclass along with their pros and cons.
  • Time for a tour of the three lands of Guild Wars, as Crossing Tyria provides descriptions and pictures off all of the Guild Halls offered in Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall.
  • Guild Wars Realm is proud to show off its library of Guild Wars Fiction. There's a stack of new submissions, so get comfortable and start reading.

Fansite News 5 April 2007
  • Guild Wars Online is happy to announce that bellissima has taken on the job of Forums Administrator. Congratulations on the promotion from moderator to administrator! Visit the Guild Wars Online forums for all kinds of information and chit-chat about the game.
  • Congratulations also go to Mournblade and Fallen Hunter, who both scored big by winning the wide screen monitors Guild Wars Guru gave away in a recent contest.
  • Get out your bow, because the Guild Wars Vault skill of the week is Barbed Arrows. Learn to combine Barbed Arrows properly and you can really make your point on the battleground.
  • This week, Guild Cast welcomes Kristen Salvatore from PC Gamer to the show. Tune into Episode #67 for discussion of the future of Guild Wars.
  • Portuguese and Brazilian players rejoice! Guild Wars PT is holding a two week long GvG Tournament for Portuguese-speaking guilds. Of the 18 guilds participating, one will walk away with both victory and the prize of eight Guild Wars PT t-shirts and there may be some Guild Wars skill pins in the prize pool, too.
  • Guild Wars Poland is also organizing a regional league. Fluent in Polish? Check it out.

Community News 29 March 2007

Fansite Reminders 29 March 2007
  • Please note that fansites must have a current Guild Wars Community Fansite Program form in our files in order to receive our various communications. To submit a form or to find out if yours is up to date, please write us!
  • Community News is made up primarily of news reported to us each week by the individual sites. While we do occasionally find the time to visit sites and report their news, that is a courtesy that we regret we are not able to offer on a regular basis. Your site can be featured any week if you will email to tell us what's new on your site! The weekly deadline is Monday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time.
  • You can get more information about the program and news forms by writing

Community News 22 March 2007
  • Photics is back this week with a video guide the Kodonur Crossroads bonus. The host walks you through killing the cruel taskmasters in order to score the bonus for this challenging mission. Photics also has a nifty Web Game Design Contest on the go. You could win a game code to unlock Nightfall, or skill pins for runner-ups.
  • Guild Wars Guru is also running a contest this month. The site has teamed up with to kick off Guild Wars Guru Contest #10. The prizes include two wide-screen LCD monitors, so don't miss this chance.
  • Guild Cast tunes in again with Episode #66, focusing on prioritizing targets, plus some Guild Wars gossip about Chapter Four.
  • The Guild Wars Vault Topic of the Week is all about what you do when you log into Guild Wars and none of your usual gaming buddies are around. What do you do? Guild Wars Vault wants to know.
  • The Guild Friends has been busy making improvements. Their forum now boasts a new optional skin based on concept art of Melandru and Grenth. They're also pleased to announce their wiki.
  • If you are looking for some new builds, or if you have a wonderful build you just have to share, check out GW Templates.
  • Guild Wars Realm also has a new build index, as well as a lore index! You can find info on their forums.

Community News 15 March 2007
  • Guild Wars Italian Community is putting on a unique contest. On each day for the next few days, they will present a scrambled screenshot of one of the towns from one of the three Guild Wars Campaigns. Visitors are then asked to guess what town the image was taken in. Those who guess correctly will receive one "point" and the contestant with the most points at the end of the contest will receive a Minipet as a reward. This is well worth it just for the fun, and you can never have too many minipets!
  • Be sure to stop by Guild Wars Vault to take a look at some of their latest Fan Fiction.
  • Over on GWO the latest addition to their guides section comes in the form of a pestilence farming guide. While you are there, be sure to check out their many other useful guides.

Fansite Additions 15 March 2007

Guild Warriors has joined the program, and offers a wide variety of tools and statistics in a very attractive format. Be sure to pay them a visit!

Community News 8 March 2007
  • Guild Wars Vault has yet another Skill Spotlight for your eduficational purposes. Read Bubbinska's profile of Glyph of Sacrifice and Glyph of Essence. The site also has a new Dervish-themed Wallpaper to decorate your screen.
  • Over at GW Online, some enterprising folks are putting together an all-Warrior PvE group for fun times in the Underworld. If you've got a level 20 Warrior and an interest in unusual strategies, sign up with your play-times on the forums.
  • Episode 65 of Guild Cast is so impressive that it comes in both a video and audio section. The show includes a round-table discussion in which seven listeners join the host and tackle the Gyala Hatchery mission in Factions.
  • Attention girl gamers! The Guild Wars blog community is organizing a ladies-only army to march forth into Heroes Ascent. Girl Power Hour is a chance for inexperienced players to explore the world of PvP with friendly companions, and an opportunity for skilled players to teach their fellow females. Girl Power Hour will take place on Sunday, March 11.
  • Lost in Ascalon #39 is now available on Photics. Also be sure to check out the Venta Cemetery Video Bonus Guide while you're there!

Community News 1 March 2007
  • Guild Wars Guru and Healbot Blues offer congratulations this week to Bamm Bamm Bamm and Edge Martinez for their victory in the recent cooperative contest.
  • Guild Wars Vault invites you to participate in their Topic of the Week discussions. This time around, it's "guildmates." Check back every week to share your opinion. They've also got a new Skill Spotlight on Purge Signet.
  • Getting into the spirit of things with a Rituatlist? GWOnline has a brand new Pain Free Way to a Level 20 Ritualist guide for your enjoy enjoyment. If you prefer your companions to be a slightly more mobile flavor of dead, check out the new Minion Guide for Necromancers.
  • It's undeniable that the armor sets in Guild Wars are works of art. TCfish's Aquarium pays tribute to that with a gallery aspiring to collect pictures of every armor set in the game. Lofty goal? Yes. However, the database of pictures is 97.4% complete!

Fansite News 22 February 2007

Fansite Promotions & Additions 22 February 2007

We're happy to announce a few more updates to the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program this week:

  • Luna Atra (news, forums) is a French site that has been promoted to Elite Guild Wars Fansite. Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!
  • GWfacts (news, forums) is a German site that joins the Listed category. Welcome to the family, folks!

Community Sharing Events 16 February 2007

Due to an earthquake in Taiwan, many players in that part of the world were unable to participate in the Wintersday Festival. Players in other regions learned of this and helped us by donating Wintersday Gifts that were distributed during a mini-event held on the Taiwanese server in late January. Here is a report of the event and a series of "thank you" posts from players who were touched by the generosity of their fellow Guild Wars players.

Community Updates of All Kinds 15 February 2007
  • Guild Wars Poland is teaming up with the guild Brotherhood of Steel to put on a Polish-only tournament. Read more about this exciting event on the Polish forums.
  • Congratulations to the winners of the Guild Wars Hispano Fanart Contest! Check out the phenomenal artwork that winners Yaheira Naieth, Nier, Kei Sha, and ruth2m submitted for the contest. In addition, we're happy to note that Guild Wars Hispano has begun to translate The Scribe into Spanish, so that its many visitors can enjoy the weekly news scroll.
  • Photics is back this week with Lost in Ascalon #38. They've also got a very spiffy video guide to Jokanur Diggings. The detailed guide brings insight and a sense of humor to the mission.
  • The Ranger's Beacon has a new PvE build posted for anyone eager to try their hand at a three man (or woman?) Stygian Gem Farming team.
  • Italian players rejoice. The Italian Lair is spearheading an effort to build a comprehensive Italian GuildWiki. They'd love to get more Italian-speaking players to read, enjoy and contribute to the project. So far, there are over 300 pages of information. Good luck, folks!
  • European guild Clan Detained (dT) is holding an 8-guild invitational tournament on February 25th. You can visit their forum to learn more about it. They are looking at plans to hold such events in the future, too.

Fansite Roster Promotions & Additions 15 February 2007

There are a flock of new additions to the Fansite Listing this week. Congratulations to all the new additions and promotions!


  • The Guild Friends — (News, Forums, Guild Listing) makes the move up into the Honored category.
  • Guild Wars Realm — (News and Forums) is promoted this week to Honored status.


  • Guild Wars PT — (News, Forums, Local Ladder, Guild Registry, Armor Database) has proven worthy of Honored status.


  • GWSkills.Net — (News, Skill Listing) joins the Listed roster.


  • Guild Wars Jadee — (News, Forums, Guides) also steps into the Listed category.

More Community Day News 15 February 2007

MMORPGS, a French site, has completed their contributions to the growing list of Community Day reports. If you're looking to brush up on your French reading skills, check out this article about the trip or simply check out the comprehensive photo album.

Community Day News 8 February 2007
  • Guild Wars Vault was one of the sites invited to participate in the recent Community Day at ArenaNet. They compiled a list of Community Day editorials for your convenience and enjoyment.
  • But don't think that English sites were the only ones involved with Community Day. Guild Wars Hispano chimes in with their own perspective on the event. If you read Spanish, read the editorial. If you don't read Spanish, go look anyway, because they included lots of pictures!
  • Guild Wars Guru has two editorials written by Billiard, who attended the big event. He covers all three days of the trip, and includes lots of pictures.

Community News 8 February 2007

Fansite Program Changes 8 February 2007

We are making two changes to the fansite program:

  • All sites that have been designated as "Official Fansites" will now be known as "Honored Fansites." We feel that this change reduces confusion and more clearly indicates the accomplishments of the sites achieving this level. The rankings now are: Listed, Honored, Elite, and Specialty. Sites that have been in the program at the "Official Fansite" Level should contact us to obtain the new "Honored Fansite" Seal. Write for information.
  • The Guild Wars Fansite Listing has been renamed to the Guild Wars Fansite Roster.

Community Day Reports 1 February 2007

Several trip reports from the recent Community Event at ArenaNet have begun to appear on the participating fansites. You will find the following reports so far:

The six sites whose representatives attended this weekend event will have much more to write about over the next week or two. We'll continue to list those updates on the Community Day Event page.

Fansite Program Grows 1 February 2007

Please welcome the following sites, the newest members of the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program:




Latest News from the Sites 1 February 2007
  • Guild Wars Guru has made their chat room easier to access. If you're looking to connect with the online community, this is a great place to start. However, mind your manners—the chat room is closely moderated and strong language will not be tolerated by the administrators.
  • Guild Wars Vault has a few fun things this week. They've posted a D/W Mystic Soldier build for all you Dervish fans. They also have a new article, titled Highs...and Lows... of Heroes.
  • As always, there's lots of content over at GuildWiki to satisfy your craving for Guild Wars info. Visit a random page in the vast library, or check recent changes to see the latest additions contributors have made.
  • A new contest has sprung up on It's a screenshot and haiku contest, and it sounds fun! Resisting the urge to write a poem in celebration of the contest, we'll simply tell you to head over to the rules post to learn more.

Community News 24 January 2007
  • Mondes Persistants has made some updates and improvements. French-reading players should check out their upcoming tournament, as well as have a look at the revamped forums.
  • Guild Wars GameAmp is excited to announce their Screenshot Competition. The competition is open to all and requires no skill or special graphics knowledge, just the ability to submit a screenshot to the site and follow a few simple guidelines. The contest will run from January 22nd until February 19th, so start snapping!
  • Over at GW Online, folks have been blogging up a storm! You can check out an extensive list of Guild Wars blogs if you have an account for the site.
  • GuildCast is back with their regular podcast. Episode #62 jumps into discussion of the Dervish. Learn more about everyone's favorite scythe-wielding spinners and pick up some tips along the way.
  • In the latest mini-strip at Healbot Blues, Healbot faces down the guardian of the Domain of Anguish. Do the indignities this poor healer faces never cease?
  • Do you like stories as much as we do? Journal of a Cartographer is going to be taking the next couple weeks off, but now is an excellent time to catch up on previous entries in this on-going roleplay journal. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy the story.
  • is offering a Guild Wars Video Guide. It's a Bonus Mission tutorial for the First Nightfall map - Chahbek Village. This video is available exclusively to Photics Forum members.

Lastly, we wish to give special thanks to many Guild Wars fan forums for providing a spot to post about a recent gift collection that we conducted. An earthquake in Taiwan knocked out Internet service during the Wintersday Festival, preventing many Taiwanese players from attending the finale. Fansite forums provided a means to organize an event that allowed us to collect donations of presents from players around the world who wanted to share with those who missed the event.

Community News 18 January 2007
  • Guild Wars Guru has a super-cool new gadget for equipment hunters to try. Sjeng's Collector Finder can help you locate the specific collector items you're after, whether they're off-hand artifacts, weapons, or kits.
  • And that's not all. Guru, along with the ever-popular Healbot Blues, is having a competition to design buttons for the comic. Think you've got an artistic streak? Visit this thread for details on the contest.
  • Episode #61 is up for grabs on the GuildCast site. This episode delves into the recent Wintersday celebrations, plus much more.
  • The Ranger's Beacon added some new meta-game builds to their PvP section. Find the popular "Thumper" build plus much more.
  • Guild Wars Dominion is thrilled to announce that they've completed their elite Elonian maps section. You can find maps of Istan, Kourna, Vabbi, the Desolation, and the Realm of Torment on their site.
  • The Guild Friends recently held a contest for a new logo design. The winner, Aiwazz, designed a new logo and produced a new forum style, as well. Stop over and see the new designs.

Community News 11 January 2007

New Fansites Join Program 11 January 2007

Two new English-language fansites have joined the fold. Be sure to visit these sites, and watch for more fansites, presenting Guild Wars news in several languages, to join the listing in the next couple of weeks:

Fansites: Update Your Contact Info!  

All fansites in the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program need to have an up-to-date program form on file with ArenaNet. Although all fansites are welcome in the program, only those sites with current GWCFP Forms will receive direct email or postal mail communications or distributions from the studio. In addition, only fansites with current GWCFP Forms are eligible for some of the benefits from the program. The GWCFP Form was updated a few months ago, and we're missing new forms from a significant number of fansites. Please contact to obtain a new form, or to check to assure that we have full and current information about your site. Thanks!

Community News 4 January 2007
  • Another great Wintersday Guide appears on Guild Wars ZA. You can find a comprehensive guide as well as an image gallery, so check it out!
  • Look to Guild Wars Guru for your Wintersday questions. Their Wintersday Guide 2006 is a helpful forum thread that will provide a continually growing list of valuable tips and resources.
  • For those of you who missed the live version of competitive play in the playoffs of the Winterfest Season, Versus is hosting 40 videos from the tournament match. Go relive the glory!
  • If you're in the market for some new armor, or if you just care to take a gander at the beautiful armors of all three campaigns, you have to check out Gameamp's recently completed armor guide. Images for all the armor from all three campaigns are now available! You can also find an interview with the photographer who provided the wonderful snapshots.
  • And for those with a quick Print Screen finger and a mind for image composition, Guild Wars Vault has a Screenshot of the Month contest. Head here for info.

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