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Java; High-ranked Hero Battle player

Player Profile Series

How do we select players to interview? Sometimes a title run catches our eye. Other times it's a player event, a real-life story, or a special something we witness in the game. Mostly, we just want to know about our players. What do they eat in the morning? Why do they like Guild Wars? How do they play the game? What do they enjoy doing in their free time (other than playing Guild Wars, of course)? Do they prefer to play male or female characters? And so on. We figured you'd like to know too, so we put together this player interview, with plenty more to follow.

Who is Java?

In our first player interview, we offer congratulations to Java, who has consistently held a high position on the Hero Battle Ladder. In the first couple weeks of April, he was in first place. He has a fascination with Tahlkora, doesn't trust Tengu, and hails from the guild [RenO].

Like so many of the college-bound population, Java has no firm plans about the future or his major. In the meantime, he finds satisfaction in pursuing the immediate here and now—mostly, friends, games, and photography. "I like to take lots of pictures of everything. My second hard drive is completely bogged down with them." Besides taking pictures and Guild Wars, Java likes to "play other games and go out with friends . . . that's about it." Maybe someday we'll see Java turn his talents to professional photography.

A typical morning for Java goes like this: "I wake up, get my daily dose of Spongebob Squarepants and Cheerios, then check how my buddy Sabaku is doing. I take an hour nap, watch several minutes of CNN to get myself angry at the world, then I sit down at my computer once more for some epic PvP adventures! Then I go to sleep. Occasionally, there's some eating in between those moments."

Even though some of Java's friends don't understand his love of Guild Wars and e-sports, he has learned an important lesson already in his young life: "You shouldn't be friends with people who don't accept you for you are." Well put, Java. Well put.

Java likes to listen to music while playing, and says he usually sings along to it. This can be hazardous to the ego, however. "Whenever I don't have my push-to-talk button down, I'm always singing," he said. "It's sort of funny when I press it by accident, sometimes."

When asked what super-elite hardware he prefers, Java's answer was surprising, but sensible (and, quite possibly, not completely serious): "Boxers."

But when asked about his favorite skill, Java was almost all business "Shadow Prison. Because it's Pamel's favorite." You might ask who's Pamel? We don't know either. But we do know and love good old Shadow Prison, so it evens out. Anyone who likes Shadow Prison knows a thing or two about the game.

Java in PvE

As good as he is in Hero Battles, Java has fun in PvE as well. "My favorite quest is the one right after Grand Court of Sebelkeh, where Morgahn says 'you won't regret this . . .' and your character yells out 'WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!'"

His favorite Hero is Tahlkora, a fascination that began long ago. "I've felt bad for her ever since Koss told her off in the Gate of Desolation cut-scene. I figure, if I don't love her, who will?"

When not advancing the story, Java hooks up with Danish, a fellow guildie, for farming runs. Of all the Guild Wars deities and Heroes to represent him, Java would choose Prince Rurik, though he doesn't indicate exactly why.

His favorite update so far is Hard Mode. We like to think it's because of the challenge it presents to top players, but according to Java, he just likes being able to type, "We're In Hard Mode!" into chat.

Java in PvP

Java's favorite motto for PvP comes from a friend of his named Andy, and it's: "Let's not suck." Succinct yet sound advice applicable elsewhere in-game and in real life.

To prepare for a Hero Battle, Java has a unique method, though it may be a bit hard to replicate. Java said, "I give my Heroes all waffles. My friend Danish makes awesome waffles. She's a pro chef. I guess you could say she's my Lulu."

Even though the waffles come in handy, there are other tactics. For example, he likes to "Converge on their shrine cappers one at a time . . . For some reason, people think I'm going to send one person to every shrine when they do. Sorry, nope."

Those at the top still suffer their share of losses, and Java is no exception. Though rare, his losses usually come at the behest of a single tactic. "Running in circles like your head is cut off..." he said, jokingly. "Hook Master's really good at it," he added with a chuckle.

Java urges others to watch out for Tengu, especially one named Avicara Assassin. He believes this particular player could make it into the top 100 soon, or start placing high in tournaments.

In team roles, he plays his best as Assassin, but lately everybody has been making him play Monk. Sometimes you have to do what the team needs. Another lesson Java has learned through playing Guild Wars.

Congratulations, Java

We congratulate Java for being the first player selected for our profile series. His daily PvP practice has placed him high on the Hero Battle Ladder, and we hope to see him focus this dedication and commitment to ongoing success, both in-game and in real life. And, of course, we hope he continues gaming well into the future.