Maniacal Laughter Heard on the Distant Horizon

Many prophets, seers, and oracles sense a sinister presence looming on the Horizon. No, I am not referring to the ominous force that was felt during the Sunspear training event some weeks ago, but rather a more mischievous, humorous, and—perhaps to some—familiar villain.

I am, of course, referring to the maniacally insane, and yet surprisingly social, Mad King Thorn of Tyria. This madman gained his notoriety for atrocious deeds while amongst the living, but has since earned a more amusing reputation in death, after visiting Lion's Arch and Droknar's Forge during last year's Halloween season. Spewing jokes that make the citizenry groan with more vigor than the souls of his tortured victims and playing games that exploit the mortality of his audience are just two of his favorite pastimes.

However, despite his rough edges, the Mad King is also rather generous. Should he return this year, it might be assumed that the moon-touched monarch will bring with him the many ghostly-themed gifts that made last year's event such a success. These ghoulish party favors included Witches Brew, which, when consumed in excess, left many party-goers looking for an appropriate place to expel the concoction. I do not envy the man tasked with cleaning the marvelous fountain in Lion's Arch the next day...

Other gifts included the famous "Ghost in a Box" which released a small spirit that quickly evaporated into the night. Individual portions of another beverage were also handed out. "Squash Serum" temporarily covered the user's head with a spectacular, seasonal squash. Party participants also might have received the ever-popular Absinthe, which summoned a beautiful green flame to radiate around the drinker.

The most prized gift, however, came in the form of a rather abstract piece of headgear. Not to be confused with the squash serum which placed a temporary "aura of squash" around the consumer's head, the "Pumpkin Crown" was a permanent headpiece—much like the Tengu or Dragon masks given recently—that continues to be worn with pride by those who received it. In fact, for many citizens, this particular holiday memento is treasured above all things in their possession, and the Pumpkin Crown is much-coveted by those who missed the event.

Keep in mind, however, The Mad King is not one to spoil his own surprises. He has not confirmed what prizes—if any—he will bring with him. In fact—befitting his personality—The Mad King himself has not even officially announced his attendance this year. With that in mind, we can only base speculation on the events that transpired last year. While we have a strong belief that the king is returning—complete with a near-confirmation from a certain omniscient amphibian—the details are unclear. Thus, please take these words as a prediction, and not a guarantee.

If the predictions are correct, we should expect another year of ghostly beasts, eerie scenery, and most of all, really, really bad jokes. Watch for more definitive information to come, and as always, may Dwayna watch over you.

Halloween Art Contest Ending Soon

The art contest commemorating the upcoming Halloween celebration is nearing its end. With the deadline looming in the next few days, every Canthan and Tyrian who has not yet submitted an entry is scrambling to complete a work of art.

A great success last year, this annual contest is now becoming a popular tradition. Many artists are paying homage to our fine world with symbolic pumpkin carvings, while others are creating special Halloween Costumes. Some are even making Canthan, Tyrian, or Elonian themed Halloween treats, or decorating their abodes in a related theme.

No matter how you wish to honor the Halloween season, be sure to send in your submission by the deadline if you wish to be in the contest. May Lyssa fill you with inspiration, and bless you with luck so that you may claim the prize!

Random Acts of Kindness

Another week has come and gone, and with the week's end comes another list of kind souls I have encountered during my travels.

While gathering my gear before setting out on a journey, I witnessed a fearsome Assassin with the alias C H O B I T S giving away the valued Tahkayun's Pincers to the first Assassin trainee to inquire. It goes to show that even the most dangerous looking citizen can indeed have a heart of gold.

After a pleasant journey crossing the sea to Tyria, I encountered a Canthan Ritualist named Sage Spirit Master offering an expensive Elementalist offhand item to a newer recruit in need of such a tool. Bringing valued wares to the scarred lands of Ascalon is certainly a noble endeavor.

Along with my usual travels, I also engaged in combat against an honorable guild known as Guerre De Roi [GDR]. Even though they ultimately fell, Guerre De Roi fought gallantly and showed great respect and honor towards me and my compatriots.

Thank you to all of these individuals and guild members for acting and behaving with honor and respect for your fellow citizens.