Priests of Balthazar Experiment in Heroes' Ascent

Rumors are circulating that the winds of change are coming. More to the point, the Priests of Balthazar will be making a variety of changes to Heroes' Ascent within the next few weeks. Upon further investigation, I have found these rumors to be true, and in turn, I have acquired a few details from high-ranking Priests of my acquaintance. While the priests won't provide specific information on the proposed alterations, they assure me their ideas will be open to discussion.

In the past, the priests spent a great deal of time observing potential problems and shortcomings of Heroes' Ascent before acting,. This time, however, the priests will enact their plan temporarily at first—on a test basis, if you will—to gauge the response from intrepid adventurers. Combatants are encouraged to discuss the changes and, in turn, help guide the Priests of Balthazar to their final verdict. This will allow citizens to preview and critique the current state of affairs before such alterations are set in stone, which is sure to please many who have desired to have a greater impact on such matters.

While obviously not all ideas and suggestions can be implemented, the Priests of Balthazar have vowed to consider all opinions when making their ultimate decisions. This test will only be in place for a limited time, so make your way to the Battle Isles soon. Take part in the discussions and debates that follow. Healthy discourse will help the Priests of Balthazar make the best decision possible. If this trial turns out successful, I expect to see the priests continue on this path in the future.

The Spirits of the Rift grow restless and yearn for more exciting battles within their sacred resting place. Let us aid the Priests of Balthazar in the task that lies ahead of them, for it truly is in all of our best interests to do so.

Wintersday Festivities Come to a Close

You can already feel the rejuvenating breeze of spring replacing the bitter cold of winter. Yes, winter, and in turn the Wintersday festivities, have finally faded away, returning both Kamadan and Lion's Arch to their normal visage.

As the snowline creeps back to the Shiverpeak Mountains like a weary, old man, we can all look back at these last few weeks with fond memories of joy and merriment, for this has truly been the greatest Wintersday of all—at least as far as this humble scribe can recall.

Thank you all for making this Wintersday a roaring success! I cannot recall a time when more happy people gathered in one place, and I look forward to seeing what next year's celebration will hold.

Random Acts of Kindness

With the extension of Wintersday, the general good will and kindness this season inspires seems to have been extended as well. I share with you some of these post-holiday acts of generosity and charity in the hopes they will brighten your mood.

Within the hallowed walls of the Sunspear Great Hall, Mar Paul handed out free Wintersday items to citizens who missed the festival's finale, thinking they would not have an opportunity to acquire any on their own. Making gifts of items that could so easily be sold is truly an altruistic act.

Kamadan was its usual glittering beacon of good will. Haruman The Warrior equipped a fellow Warrior with a free shield, while Nimshi Nik Nahar doled out fruitcakes to those desiring a sugary boost. Thank you, Haruman and Nimshi, for making my visit to the Jewel of Istan all the brighter.

Haagan Braveblade traveled across much of Elona handing out a variety of Wintersday gifts to those he passed. In all, it wouldn't surprise me if he gave away more than fifty presents to the denizens of Elona.

I also had the fortune to face a particularly honorable guild in glorious combat this past week. Keepers of Chaos [KoC] fought valiantly and showed great respect toward their opponents, even in the heat of battle. Their guild is a testament to the spirit of honorable combat within Guild Battles.

My thanks to all of you for making the extended festivities sweeter and brighter this week!