More Challenge, More Glory

Over the last month many adventurers have reported a greater ferocity in the beasts, villains, and creatures that menace the civilized world. It is as if evil itself has gotten its second wind and is beginning to push back. Though this renewed opposition threatens our very way of life, it also means new opportunities for countless adventurers.

The Sunspears have reported that since this change, many of their order have achieved quite prestigious ranks. Sunspear leaders applaud their members, noting this degree of bravery has not been seen since the Scarab Plague. They have sent me a list of their highest ranking members in hopes I would share it with the public.

Standing Points Name
1 133166 M B End
2 123884 White Wasabi
3 120896 Lana Grefer
4 119479 Phillip Mecrevous
5 118985 Starborn Marjia
6 118653 Spaxter Angel
7 115345 Poisoning Desire
8 114866 Letzte Lude
9 112694 Tiffa Celeste
10 107868 Der Sensenmen

The Order of Whispers has also reported that members of their brotherhood are now climbing the ranks at an incredible rate. While it is the duty of all members to protect the innocent from the forces of evil, the Master of Whispers showed obvious pride and uncharacteristic emotion in declaring the following heroes as true beacons of light in a dark world:

Standing Points Name
1 159435 Miss Martinez
2 150988 Chantou La Jumelle
3 138408 Yuki Kukaly
4 135653 Frere Fou
5 133280 X Docteur Jekyll X
6 127283 Lys Des Indes
7 123146 Loose Changxtrem
8 122059 Veronell Vanden
9 115211 Archer Dragon Rouge
10 111986 X Kangofu X

Congratulations to these esteemed members of both organizations. With your diligence we will continue to ward off any evil that arises—no matter how powerful it may become.

Lucky Pick

Merchants have begun selling lockpicks that open locked chests across the world. The man responsible for these useful yet dubious tools is a member of the infamous Am Fah Brotherhood that terrorizes the populace of Kaineng City. Luckily, the revenue he generated from his invention has allowed him to retire from his life of crime, and he has since moved to a quiet village on Shing Jea Island just a short hike from my home within the monastery.

With his help, the elders of the monastery have completed a ritual that doubles the boost to your luck every time you use a lockpick and successfully retain your pick. Unfortunately, there was an unforeseen consequence and you also earn twice the bad luck each time lockpick gets destroyed. Regardless, this weekend will be a great opportunity to work on your lucky title. If you are unfortunate enough to lose a lockpick in the process, at least you will also be working toward the unlucky title—despite how unappealing it may seem. The effects of the ritual will wear off after this weekend, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity before it fades away!

Random Acts of Kindness

In my recent travels I have come across many kind souls that I wish to praise.

Venom Mnn spent much of his afternoon in Augury Rock helping those seeking ascension reach Thirsty River in one piece. My Red Dervish was also visiting that sacred landmark offering assistance in hunting a particularly dangerous foe that roams nearby.

While testing my might in Heroes' Ascent, I came across The Avenger Of Wes who showed great honor in combat.

Over in Droknar's Forge, Dark Patrician offered free assistance to anyone braving the treacherous Talus Chute. When I returned home I witnessed Chief Myyr Tbota and Motoko Susuban also offering free help to those in need. It is nice to see kindness in every corner of our world.

Near the dark entrance to Urgoz's Warren, Vanessa Wrath regaled newcomers with tales about the dangers lurking beyond. She gave them numerous tips that very well may have saved their lives! Jude Phailin also helped people find the remote entrance at no cost—which saved them the trouble and cost of hiring a guide.

I thank all these kind souls, and I wish them a long life of prosperity.