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January Xunlai PvP Predictors

You've seen the Xunlai predictions our writers made for past tournaments. More recently, we asked you to show off your own prowess at prognostication. And you answered. From the submissions we got, we gathered several likely PvP Predictors and published their results below.

Predictor: Trecherous Echo


  1. Rebel Rising [rawr]
  2. Delta Formation [DF]
  3. United Hero Battle Players [pG]
Hero Battles
  1. X Ekelon X
  2. Cs Element
  3. Sauron The Greatest

Predictor: Axagoth Baal


  1. Delta Formation [DF]
  2. Esoteric Warriors [EW]
  3. Rebel Rising [rawr]
Hero Battles
  1. Jamesb R
  2. Canada Ftw
  3. X Ekelon X

Predictor: Damen Zrustky


  1. Supernova Jpn [SpNv]
  2. 한시간 추가요 [초딩]
  3. 한 얼 [one]
Hero Battles
  1. Canada Ftw
  2. Jamesb R
  3. X Ekelon X

Predictor: Prophet Jakal


  1. Dark Alley [dR]
    With players from famed American guilds [QQ] and [iQ], these players have ample tournament experience. Unfortunately they haven't been able to show this because of connection problems that have been plaguing them, including a last minute error that forced them to forfeit last month's tournament. If their connection is stable, expect [dR] to give a performance equal to their rank on the ladder.
  2. Close Encounter [cE]
    A guild reform including people from both [EW] and [vZ], I expect them to give any guild in the tournament a run for their money, especially if they are on top of their game. I expect them to easily deal with the Japanese split-oriented builds, but falter against [dR] whom they will have little experience facing.
  3. Supernova Jpn [SpNv]
    [SpNv] has proven time and time again that they can play with the best of them. Not only has [SpNv] been around for a very long time, but they have finished in the top 16 (seven times) in the $100,000 Tournament Series including 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes. Expect them to breeze through the Swiss rounds, but fight with lag and teams more capable of facing their play style.
Hero Battles
  1. Cs Element
  2. Sauron The Greatest
  3. De Klootviool


While never having had a high level of experience in either Guild Battles or Hero Battles, I frequently abuse the observer mechanism as well as the many forums that detail the success and failures of certain guilds. I have played Guild Wars since the day it came out, and expect to play it until another game can offer a PvP that stands on the same level.

Xunlai House in February

Good luck to everyone in the tournament, and to everyone making predictions at the Xunlai House. We'll ask for more submissions in February, as well as track the success of our chosen January Predictors.