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June 2007 Tournament Championship Skill Usage Charts

The charts below provide skill usage data for each game of the June 2007 Tournament Championship. Each chart shows the team rosters with each player's skills. "Executes" are successful skill uses while "Fizzles" are skill attempts that failed (for example, due to interruption, canceling, or going into recharge).

All facts are only for Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals. Playoff matches are not included.

Interesting Facts

  • There were 149 unique skills used across all three chapters.
  • The Top 5 most equipped skills were: Glyph of Lesser Energy (43), Resurrection Signet (42), Reversal of Fortune (27), Aegis (24), Dismiss Condition (24).
  • The Top 5 most used skills were: Reversal of Fortune (1510), Dismiss Condition (1206), Glyph of Lesser Energy (1163), Light of Deliverance (1034), Blinding Surge (927).
  • The Top 5 most interrupted/canceled skills were: Diversion (124), Signet of Devotion (60), Resurrection Signet (59), Aegis (57), Light of Deliverance (53).
  • Only 1 Monk primary used Mending Touch.
  • Every team used Light of Deliverance.
  • Teams used 24 unique elite skills.
  • No team used a Ritualist elite skill.

Skill Usage Charts