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You all know that many of us are down here at E3, showing off Guild Wars Factions, running the E3 Challenge, and checking out the rest of the industry. Since most of you couldn't make it, I thought I'd share some of what has happened so far.

May 11 – 2nd day
The second day of one of these types of shows is always the hardest in my mind. The first day you are excited and raring to go, and the last day you know you are tired. The second day is where you think you still have plenty of energy but learn as the day goes by that perhaps you don't.

As I last told you, The Last Pride, David, and Isaiah were up late drinking last night. David came into the room after 2am and crashed quickly as we had to leave at 9am to get over to the hall through the heavy traffic.

I crashed earlier (though it was hard with a band playing bad cover tunes on the floor above us until 1am), so I woke up before 8 am feeling awake.

After a quick greasy breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant (I think they put extra grease in the food for some nefarious reason) I went back to the room and woke David up so we could go.

Once again, the traffic was heavy and slow. I think we averaged 15 mph most of the way there.

However, I was able to buy new batteries from the gift shop for my camera, so lots of pictures for you today!


Here are some pictures from the hall where the NCsoft booth is located:


I even got to watch Space Ghost do a live interview of 2 members of the audience!

The NCsoft booth was one of the biggest booths in the hall, with Guild Wars Factions showing right up front.


Our demo area, also worked out well when any ArenaNet staff needed to log in as well.

But now it was time for the matches.

While The Last Pride plays each of their matches, Curtis (from ArenaNet and another gentlemen whose name I never caught) were providing play by play of the matches.

The first match of the day was against Peace and Harmony, a high ranked European guild. The match we fairly close for the first 10 minutes or so trading off kills and morale, but The Last Pride rallied and ended up defeating them at 19:27. If only Peace and Harmony had been able to hold out for 30 more seconds, then they could have worn the survivors prize.

After this first match, I ran downstairs to look in another hall. This one was filled mostly with companies that help support software companies. There were a few interesting game controllers that I saw that I wanted to share with you though.


I'm not sure what product this company was showing either, but the costume seemed worth a picture.

They also set up a display set up for the history of videogames including lots of classic games you could play for a quarter! See if you spot any old favorites.


Then it was back upstairs for the second match. Oddly enough, on my way back up I saw another woman in silver. Is that this year's color?

I took these shots of EvIL as they waited for the second match to start.


For this second match, The Last Pride took on Be Team, another European challenger. Be Team came out quite aggressively and had a huge morale lead for almost 15 minutes of the match. Once again though, EvIL raised their collective heads and came charging back, nearly tying the morale and pressing hard against Be. Be Team was able to hold out though and earned the first survivor's prize of the day.

Then it was off to the other main hall to go see what Playstation and Nintendo were showing (I love my console games).

On the way I saw some cool art in hall. It's from Penny Arcade! I mention them because we will be running some VERY cool Guild Wars events at their Penny Arcade Expo in August!

Then I went into the Into the Pixel art show because none other than one of our very own Guild Wars artists, Daniel Dociu, who is also our art director, had 2 pieces of art chosen for display! Here is one of them.

I finally made it to the North Hall and took a look around. The Sony and Nintendo booths took up almost two thirds of the hall. Here is what some of you may have been wanting to see.


I even ran across the Wizards of the Coast booth and talked with several of my old friends (I worked there for 7 years before starting at ArenaNet 6 months ago).

Then it was time to get back for the third and final match.

I made it back in time to watch Mutator play onstage…

...and then it was time for the last match of the day to start.

EvIL was taking on Saihatsu Ashi, the final American challenging guild. Would they also last the 20 minutes like Rifts and iGi did?

Unfortunately they didn't. As a matter of fact they didn't come close. One of their members wasn't available so they had to bring in an alternate at the last minute and maybe that was part of what happened. The Last Pride ended up demolishing them in 7 minutes and 41 seconds.

That will be a hard time for any of tomorrow's challengers to beat and take the gold medals away.

Now was the time where the "getting tired" feeling started to really set in. It probably didn't help that I had only been eating free cookies and Mountain Dew for sustenance since breakfast but have you ever had convention food?!?!

I hopped back to the Gametap booth and met George Lowe, the man who provides the voice for Space Ghost (and got an autographed poster as well!)

I wandered a bit bedraggled around the floor gathering up more swag to go over back at the office (my second full bag of stuff) and then met up with The Last Pride to head over to the NCsoft party.

We walked 4 blocks to the another hotel where we were treated to free drinks and free Greek/Mediterranean food.

I also saw several of the great folks that helped make the Guild Wars World Championship go so well in Taiwan again too.


We grabbed a passerby and asked him to take a couple of group photos as well.


Finally after a very long second day, we walked back to the van, stopped at a Korean market so EvIL could get some power adapters (their cameras were dying) and drove back to the hotel.

Right now, they are off in one of their rooms drinking again. More power to them as this reporter plans on getting some sleep before we get up early to do it all one last time.

I won't get a chance to write again before I fly out tomorrow but you will be able to see the results of the last 3 matches as well as the winners announced on our E3 Challenge Match Results page.

Hope to see YOUR guild win its way to E3 next year!

Michael Gills
ArenaNet Tournament Coordinator

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