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We have selected the nine challenging guilds who will be participating in The E3 Challenge. Guilds from around the world—from America, from Europe, from Korea—are getting the chance to take their best shot at winning a GvG match against The Last Pride [EvIL]. Now, this won't be a walk in the park, because EvIL is the winner of Season 1 of the Guild Wars Factions Championship and is also the Guild Wars World Champion, crowned in Taipei, Taiwan in February! But while the champion team is tough, we're sure that these noble challengers are up to the task. And to the victors go the spoils: Honor, fame, medals, and other prizes!

All this excitement takes place on May 10 through 12. The Last Pride will be accepting specified guild challenges from the floor of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, California, and each match will be broadcast on a big screen there at the show to the more than 50,000 show attendees.

Be sure to watch these exciting GvG matches in Guild Wars Observer Mode. The matches will begin their display 15 minutes after their scheduled start time, as shown on the schedule below, and will remain viewable for up to three days after the match ends. Join in and root for your favorite guild!

E3 Challenge Schedule

Date Time GMT Time PDT Challenging Guild Tag Region
5/10/2006 19:20 GMT 12:20 pm No Clue emt Eu
5/10/2006 21:20 GMT 2:20 pm Bring Back The Rifts Rift Am
5/10/2006 23:20 GMT 4:20 pm I Guild I iGi Am
5/11/2006 18:20 GMT 11:20 am Peace and Harmony PnH Eu
5/11/2006 20:20 GMT 1:20 pm Be Team be Eu
5/11/2006 22:20 GMT 3:20 pm Saihatsu Ashi sai Am
5/12/2006 17:20 GMT 10:20 am The Benecia Renovatio RenO Kr
5/12/2006 19:20 GMT 12:20 pm Hellas Team Gr Eu
5/12/2006 21:20 GMT 2:20 pm Guild Wars Latino GWL Eu