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E3 Challenge Match Results

Challenging Guild Battle Winner Survivor Y/N Time of Match
No Clue EvIL No 17:47
Bring Back The Rifts N/A Yes N/A
I Guild I N/A Yes N/A
Peace and Harmony EvIL No 19:27
Be Team N/A Yes N/A
Saihatsu Ashi EvIL No 7:41
The Benecia Renovatio EvIL No 11:59
Hellas Team EvIL No 6:09
Guild Wars Latino EvIL No 9:27
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How does this work?

At the scheduled times, the challenger guild will challenge the The Last Pride [EvIL] to an unrated GvG match. As such, this match will take place in the Guild Hall of The Last Pride. As previously stated, the reigning Season One Champions will be allowed to change Guild Halls between matches if they wish, so don't expect to know in advance in which hall the match will take place.

The match will end when there is a winner OR after the match has gone on for 20 minutes.

If the challenging guilds "goes the distance" (survives for the 20 minutes) then they will have won the Survivor's Prize. If the match ends before the 20-minute deadline, then the winner and the amount of time it took to achieve victory will be recorded. In either case, the number of kills against NPCs and opposing team' characters will also be recorded as a tie-breaker.

At the end of the event, the guild that won the fastest victory will earn the E3 Challenge Gold Medal! The guild that won the second fastest victory will earn the E3 Challenge Silver Medal, and the third fastest victory will earn the E3 Challenge Bronze Medal.

In the event of ties in the time taken until victory—or if every match plays out to the 20 minute deadline—then whichever team had the greater number of NPC and opponent character kills will be the victor.

In the event that any ties remain, then the guild with the highest morale at the end of the match will be the victor.

What are the prizes?

For guilds that "go the distance," each member of their tournament roster will win:

  • A Guild Wars® t-shirt and
  • The 2 skill pins released at E3.

For guilds that win the E3 Challenge, each member of their tournament roster will win:

  • A Guild Wars t-shirt
  • The 2 skill pins released at E3
  • A copy of Guild Wars (the original Prophecies campaign) signed by the entire dev team
  • Their E3 Challenge medal (gold, silver, or bronze)