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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
America Match 5 Report

Servite Nostrum Animus (7) vs. Treacherous Empire (2)
Battle #1 in Treacherous Empire’s Guild Hall (Ice Map)

TE build: Mixed
SNA build: 3 Ranger Pet

  • SNA put the pressure on early. Both teams traded hits at the stairs, with SNA squeezing off a few kills and pushing TE back into their base at the five-minute mark.
  • TE regrouped and pushed back hard, scoring several more kills and gaining a morale boost.
  • After exerting some muscle, TE forced their way into SNA’s base, wiped out their NPCs and Monks, and then quickly destroyed the Guild Lord 14 minutes from the start of the match.

Victor: Treacherous Empire

Servite Nostrum Animus (7) vs. Treacherous Empire (2)
Battle #2 in Servite Nostrum Animus’s Guild Hall (Burning Isle)

TE build: Obsidian Spike
SNA build: Same

  • TE pressed ahead and laid down some nice Wards, slowing SNA’s attack.
  • SNA fought hard and strong, knocking their opponent back.
  • Undeterred by the reversal, TE fired off several solid spikes and dropped a handful of SNA players.
  • TE scored a morale boost after five minutes and pushed the enemy back into their base, where they continued to hammer on the team, attacking their NPCs on sight.
  • SNA busted through the front door right past TE and made a run for the TE base, dropping guards along the way, though their efforts were foiled when the other team’s defense repelled them.
  • SNA spawned and immediately charged the line, slipping past with their Flame Sentinels. They suffered some heavy loses but squeaked a few players through.
  • The fighting raged on with SNA nearly reaching the 60-point Death Penalty when TE blazed ahead and finished off the Guild Lord for the win.

Victor: Treacherous Empire