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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
America Match 8 Report

Eternum Pariah (1) vs. Idiot Savants (5)
Battle #1 in Eternum Pariah’s Guild Hall (Warrior Island)

EP build: Split-style
IQ build: Heavy Warrior

  • At the start of the battle, IQ rushed past the flag to their back path, catching EP’s gank squad off guard and completely devastating them.
  • EP suffered heavy losses and was pushed back into their base, where they attempted an escape which was ultimately thwarted by IQ's Gale spam.
  • EP retreated to the rear of their stronghold, using their NPCs for defense.
  • IQ kept the pressure up, eliminating the other team's NPCs and Archers before finishing off the entire team, and eventually the Guild Lord.

Victor: Idiot Savants

Eternum Pariah (1) vs. Idiot Savants (5)
Battle #2 in Idiot Savant’s Guild Hall (Burning Isle)

EP build: Heavy Monk and Mesmer
IQ build: Heavy Warrior

  • The match began with both teams heading straight for the flag stand, where fierce fighting ensued. IQ took the first loss one minute into combat.
  • EP was overcome by disease and took heavy losses, which forced them to retreat while the opposing team held their ground.
  • IQ pushed ahead with their morale boost, forcing EP to retreat. They scored several opportune kills via crippling shots and Gale that eventually led to a standoff outside of EP's base. The fighting raged on for some time with both teams trading superiority.
  • IQ kept the pressure up and forced EP back into their base, killing the remaining Monks and the Guild Lord as the timer hit 13:30.

Victor: Idiot Savants