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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
Europe Match 5 Report

Lamer’s Ultimate Majority (4) vs. Grim Monolith (5)
Battle #1 in Lamer’s Ultimate Majority Guild Hall (Warrior’s Isle)

LuM build: Mixed damage
Grim build: Mixed damage

  • The battle started off evenly with LuM scoring several Grim Monk kills around the two-minute mark, followed by a quick turnaround by Grim.
  • The skirmish continued for the next few minutes without any casualties, each team alternating in the lead spot.
  • After a death-free stretch, LuM nailed another kill at the 10-minute mark forcing Grim to fall back.
  • Grim pushed back at the 12-minute mark, but soon lost a several more players and were forced to retreat.
  • At this point, the match was over. LuM pushed Grim back into their base and finished them all off in a blazing finish.

Victor: Lamer's Ultimate Majority

Lamer’s Ultimate Majority (4) vs. Grim Monolith (5)
Battle #2 in Grim Monolith’s Guild Hall (Warrior’s Isle)

LuM build: Little to no changes
Grim build: Mixed

  • LuM quickly scored a kill on Grim player number 5 early in the game. A huge fight ensued in the middle of the map between members of both guilds.
  • The fight raged on for quite a while, though few deaths were reported on either side.
  • In an unexpected turn, LuM dropped the hammer on a few of Grim’s monks, turning the tide of battle.
  • Grim was chased back to their base by LuM, who moved in for the kill taking out Grim’s NPC’s and ending the match.

Victor: Lamer's Ultimate Majority